8 Best Hazelnut Coffee Brands for 2022

If you have ever tried hazelnut coffee, I’m certain it should be on your bucket list! With the growing trend of flavored coffee, coffee lovers are now considering options like hazelnut, raspberry, cinnamon, and French Toast.

Hazelnut coffee has been my favorite for a long time now, and I’ve spent time trying different hazelnut coffee brands and different roasts. In this article, I’ve rounded up a list of the best hazelnut coffee from the top brands you can try to get a flavorsome experience.

Buying the best coffee isn’t about guesswork, but it is about extensive research and tasting. And you’ll get everything in this article since I’ve done the research and tasting.

Let’s get started:

Best Hazelnut Coffee

#1. Volcanica Hazelnut Flavored Coffee: Best Overall 

If you don’t want to compromise the caffeinated kick while experiencing the hazelnutty flavor, go for Volcanica Hazelnut Flavored Coffee. The coffee brewed using these beans is slightly sweet and a little creamy. 

Furthermore, it has a medium roast, and the actual notes don’t overpower the drinker. I loved the subtle aroma and the delicate flavor that makes this coffee perfect to start your day. Made with 100% Arabica bean, the coffee doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste. 

The true flavor characteristic results in a remarkable taste, and you will surely love these all-natural coffee beans from the house of Volcanica. 

More Details: 

  • Origin: Yirgacheffe Region
  • Bean: 100% Arabica Beans 
  • Roast: Medium Roast 
  • Processed: Washed 
  • Weight: 16 Oz

What are the Pros 

  • The aroma enhances the overall drinking experience 
  • The smooth and buttery taste 
  • No bitter aftertaste
  • The coffee tastes sweet 

What are the Cons 

  • A bit pricey 
  • Not USDA certified

#2. SF Bay Coffee Hazelnut Crème Whole Bean: Most Loved 

Made with German Hazelnuts, the San Francisco hazelnut flavor coffee is a smooth blend with a rich crème. The coffee you brew with these whole beans has a creamy and light flavor with a nutty finish. Furthermore, the sweet aftertaste makes it one of the most loved best hazelnut coffee beans. 

Perfect for an evening, the blend is complex, and the flavor profile enhances the overall taste. The fragrance coming from the coffee speaks for the hazelnuts it contains, and the hint of sweetness goes pretty well with every sip you take.

Sourced from Central and South America, this medium roast coffee bean is a great option if you prefer quality Arabica beans. Just get a good air-tight container to keep the beans fresh for longer.

More Details: 

  • Origin: Central and South 
  • Bean: 100% Arabica Beans 
  • Roast: Medium Roast 
  • Processed: Washed 
  • Weight: 32 Oz

What are the Pros 

  • The flavor of hazelnut is significant 
  • Made using 100% Arabica beans 
  • The nutty finish strengthens the flavor 
  • Certified Kosher coffee beans

What are the Cons 

  • It could be a little sweeter 
  • Poor packaging 

#3. Ronnoco Hazelnut Coffee: Budget Pick 

This coffee from Ronnoco offers you a sweet and smooth cup of hazelnut-flavored coffee with a rich profile. Excellent for brewing hot and cold coffee, the whole bean is an outstanding option for folks looking to experience the real hazelnut flavor.

Grown at high altitudes, the hand-selected beans have an exquisite flavor making them amazing flavored coffees. Furthermore, it is a Kosher Certified coffee, so you can rest assured about the bean quality.

The caffeinated kick you get with this hazelnut flavor coffee isn’t significant, but it is noticeable. Roasted using hand-oriented techniques, every bean packed in the bag is free from any defects, so you can quickly grind them and start brewing.

Available in a bag of 5 lbs, this is a budget-friendly pick that’s great for brewing 2-3 cups of coffee every day. Just add a pinch of cinnamon on the top, and enjoy the creamy coffee with an unintelligible flavor. 

More Details: 

  • Origin: Louisiana
  • Bean: 100% Arabica Beans 
  • Roast: Medium Roast 
  • Processed: Washed 
  • Weight: 5 lbs 

What are the Pros 

  • Hand-washed and roasted coffee 
  • It is smooth and rich flavor profile 
  • Cheaper than other hazelnut coffee beans 
  • Kosher Certified coffee

What are the Cons 

  • The bag doesn’t keep the freshness intact once opened 
  • The strength could be better 

#4. Stone Street Hazelnut Supreme Flavor Ground Coffee

With this flavored hazelnut coffee, you can enjoy a smooth and mellow flavor that’s rich and nutty. The medium roasted coffee has a complex flavor that most hazelnut flavored coffees don’t have. 

What makes this coffee a perfect drink for the morning is the caffeine concentration. Roasted in Brooklyn, the coffee comes with guaranteed freshness, and you can experience it with every cup.

I loved the 3-Layer natural kraft foil bag that keeps the freshness intact for longer and doesn’t wear out easily. In a nutshell, this hazelnut flavored coffee is what you should get if you are after a premium flavor that’s a little sweet and bitter.

The hazelnut flavor coffee tastes even better when topped with milk or your favorite syrup. Lastly, it is the go-to choice for folks that need pre-ground coffee beans to brew a cup quickly. 

More Details: 

  • Origin: Brooklyn
  • Bean: Ground  
  • Roast: Medium Roast 
  • Processed: –
  • Weight: 16 Oz 

What are the Pros 

  • No hassles of grinding the beans 
  • Produced with 100% Arabica whole bean 
  • It has an inviting aroma 
  • Gourmet of hazelnut flavored coffee

What are the Cons 

  • The coffee has a bitter aftertaste 
  • The coffee has a muddy texture  

#5. Coffee Bean Direct Hazelnut Flavored Whole Bean 

Bulk buyers always prefer Coffee Bean Direct Hazelnut Flavored Bean as it is available in a 5lbs bag. The coffee may look pricey than other options listed here, but it only costs 55 cents per ounce, making it one of the best cheap hazelnut coffee beans.

With freshness as a priority, the manufacturer packs the beans right after the roasting process. Sourced from Brazil, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Kenya, the beans have high quality and are perfect for making cold and hot drinks.

You can brew this hazelnut coffee using an AeroPress, a French Press, and a Pour-Over to make delectable drinks. Roasted by the experts, the beans extract a rich flavor with a strong aroma.

Loved by coffee enthusiasts around the globe, this whole bean coffee has distinct and undefined notes that hit your taste buds. The manufacturer even offers flavored coffee in the ground form. But I recommend going for the whole bean if you want to experience the freshness in every brew.

More Details: 

  • Origin: Multiple
  • Bean: Whole Bean  
  • Roast: Medium Roast 
  • Processed: Washed 
  • Weight: 5 lbs 

What are the Pros 

  • The beans are high quality 
  • Rich and nutty
  • The coffee has a perfect blend 
  • Roasted by experts 

What are the Cons 

  • You need a massive container to store the beans
  • Contains artificial flavors 

#6. Eight O’Clock Coffee Hazelnut

This pack of ground hazelnut flavored coffee deserves a place in this list, thanks to its outstanding balance of flavors. The medium roast coffee isn’t very rich in caffeine content, but it is a delicious treat to your mouth.

Similar to the San Francisco Hazelnut Crème Coffee, Eight O’Clock also uses 100% Arabica beans to ensure you get quality in every cup. Sourced from Central and South America, the beans comply with the quality standards.

Talking about the flavor, the coffee has winey notes with a beautiful aroma. Every cup you brew with this pre-ground hazelnut coffee has a full-body finish. The producer has expertly infused the hazelnut accents with the coffee that results in a buttery smooth combination.

The best part about this hazelnut flavored ground coffee is that it comes with a Kosher Certification, so you can rest assured about the quality. To sum up, this pre-ground coffee has an appealing flavor with a strong aroma. 

More Details: 

  • Origin: South and Central America 
  • Bean: Ground Coffee
  • Roast: Medium Roast 
  • Processed: Washed 
  • Weight: 11 Oz (Pack of 6)

What are the Pros 

  • Kosher certified product 
  • Easy to brew, as it comes in a ground form 
  • The winey notes and full body finish are amazing 
  • Roasted by master roasters 

What are the Cons 

  • Some users said it has a bitter aftertaste 
  • This is not a strong coffee

#7. Cameron’s Coffee Roasted Ground Coffee Bag: Best Light Roast Coffee 

This is the first light-roast hazelnut coffee on this list. It’s entirely free from allergens and gluten, so you can have two or more cups a day without catching any allergies. The uniquely handcrafted coffee has a vanilla hazelnut blend that delivers the smoothest flavors. 

Produced with zesty hazelnuts and premium Arabica beans mixed with rich vanilla, the coffee always tastes sweet, and there is no bitter aftertaste. Roasted perfectly, the coffee has a full body and bright finish. 

Cameron’s uses a sustainable approach and roasts the coffee in small batches for reduced water consumption. In addition to the hazelnutty flavor, you experience a tinge of vanilla.

Lastly, there can be slight changes in the quality and consistency of this hazelnut flavor coffee due to multiple origins.

More Details: 

  • Origin: Sourced from regions across the globe  
  • Bean: Ground Coffee
  • Roast: Light Roast 
  • Processed: Washed 
  • Weight: 32 Oz 

What are the Pros 

  • The coffee is smooth and sweet 
  • Lightly roast coffee with improved caffeine content 
  • The coffee has a velvety texture 
  • Free from allergens and gluten 

What are the Cons 

  • The aroma isn’t that great 
  • The quality could change due to multiple origins 

#8. Seattle’s Best Toasted Hazelnut Flavored Ground Coffee

Here’s another affordable hazelnut coffee that will leave you appreciating its creamy texture and amazing flavor. The brand recommends 1 tbsp (5 grams) of ground coffee for every six fluid ounces of water to get the perfect brew.

Talking about the flavors, this coffee has a subtle flavor of toasted hazelnuts. As you open the bag, you will get blown by the aroma. However, the ground coffee deteriorates faster in contact with air, so transfer them in an air-tight container.

Brewing with this coffee is pretty easy, as it comes in the ground form. The nutty notes, along with the balanced blend, take the flavor to another level. Furthermore, it has a sweet aftertaste that you’ll enjoy after finishing a cup of coffee.

Produced with 100% Arabica Whole Bean the brand promises decent quality, and you will experience that with every brew. Always use filtered water when brewing this coffee to get an unforgettable taste with a punch of hazelnuts.

More Details: 

  • Origin: Latin America   
  • Bean: Ground Coffee
  • Roast: Medium Roast 
  • Processed: Washed 
  • Weight: 12 Oz 

What are the Pros 

  • This is an affordable coffee 
  • Preparing it is easy as a breeze 
  • The aroma has a separate fan base 
  • The sweet and sugary notes are amazing 

What are the Cons 

  • You can easily figure out it has artificial flavor 
  • Not an organic coffee 

Best Hazelnut Coffee Recipes You Should Try 

Now that you have selected the best coffee beans or grounds, it would be great to know some tried and tested recipes. Here are some quick recipes loved by thousands. 

Best Hazelnut Coffee Recipes

Recipe 1: Hazelnut Cappuccino (Takes 15 Minutes Only)

Ingredients You Need 

  • ½ cup whole milk 
  • ¼ cup hot water 
  • 1 tbsp hazelnut instant coffee
  • 2 tbsp hazelnut flavored syrup
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder 
Hazelnut Coffee


Step 1: Pour some milk into a microwave-safe container, and put it on high mode until the milk gets hot. Make sure not to boil the milk, and turn the microwave off before it reaches the boiling point. 

Step 2: Take a blender and start beating the milk. Increase the speed to froth the milk better and to get a good foam. 

Step 3: Now pour some hazelnut syrup, coffee, and water into a microwave-safe container, and heat it. Once done! Add the heated milk to the coffee mixture and garnish it with cocoa powder. 

Serve hot and enjoy!

Recipe 2: Hazelnut Coffee with Chocolate (Takes 10 Minutes)

Hazelnut Coffee with Chocolate

Ingredients You Need 

  • ¼ cup of whipped cream 
  • 1 tbsp Nutella 
  • 4 cups of brew hazelnut coffee 
  • 1/8 tbsp ground cinnamon 
  • ¼ cup hazelnut flavor syrup 
  • 1 tbsp sugar


Step 1: Heat the milk on a stovetop or in a kettle and pour it into a small bowl. Now add sugar, cinnamon powder, and flavoring syrup to it. 

Step 2: Take another bowl and add Nutella and cream to it. Beat the mixture until thickened. Pour the coffee into four glasses and top it with the Nutella and cream mixture.

Buying Guide: Things to Look for When Buying Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

As you go through the reviews, you’ll get every essential piece of information you need to choose the right flavored coffee. From the roast to bean type and origin, I’ve mentioned almost everything you need to know.

This buying guide will help you understand everything better, and you can choose the right option.

Whole Bean vs. Ground 

Hazelnut Whole Bean vs. Ground

Folks always find it hard to choose between whole bean and ground coffee. Well, this aspect has a significant impact on the flavor and profile. Here’s what is right for you:

Whole bean 

Coffee enthusiasts always prefer the whole bean over the ground coffee because of the freshness and flavor. When you grind the beans right before brewing, you can enjoy the taste of oils and aroma.

However, grinding beans requires equipment and time. Also, it needs precision since the coarseness of the beans affects the flavor and strength of the coffee.

Ground coffee

If you need a cup of coffee quickly without the hassles and mess of grinding the beans, consider ground coffee. Also, there’s no need to juggle between finding the right coarseness to brew a perfect cup of hazelnut coffee. 


I’ve recommended a pod of hazelnut coffee in this article as well for those using Keurig coffee makers. There are several merits and demerits of using a pod. The biggest benefit is the convenience you get, and the biggest disadvantage is that some pods come broken, and you cannot use them.

Arabica Vs. Robusta 

Widely used in hazelnut coffee, the arabica beans have a smooth taste and better quality. Furthermore, you can expect a fruity taste as the caffeine content is on the lower side. 

On the other hand, Robusta beans have higher caffeine content, which makes them taste bitter. Several hazelnut coffee brands out there use a mix of Arabica and Robusta beans to enhance the coffee’s quality while giving the buyers a caffeine kick.


It is of paramount importance to choose the right roast when buying the best hazelnut coffee. Manufacturers use different roasting techniques to make their beans taste better. Some prefer a light roast, whereas some brands offer the beans in the medium-dark roast. 

If you go for a darker roast, the coffee will have a strong flavor but with low caffeine content. Furthermore, you will even see traces of oil on the bean’s surface. 

Some folks prefer extra-dark beans because of the smoky flavor. These beans have maximum oil, so don’t mind if you see some of it floating on the top of the cup. 

The light roast beans have maximum caffeine, and there is no oil at all. In this article, I’ve covered all the roast types so that you can pick the right coffee beans for your requirements.


All these coffee beans will have the flavor of hazelnut, but you cannot overlook the notes and the aftertaste. Some beans have notes of chocolates, whereas some have fruity and floral notes. 

Read all coffee bean reviews carefully to get an idea of the flavor. 


People also ignore the origin when buying coffee, thinking that it does not matter. Well, the origin plays a significant role in defining the quality of coffee. Some specific regions grow the world’s best coffee, including Central America. 

Hazelnut Coffee Origin

The soil in regions including Central and South America is suitable for growing high-quality coffee beans. Furthermore, check if the beans are of single-origin or not to be sure about the quality. 


Always go for hazelnut or any other coffee processed and packed by a renowned brand. In this article, I have picked the top brand that is popular in the market for the quality they offer. 


Having a budget in mind will prevent you from overspending when buying coffee. Hazelnut coffee beans are available at a range of prices, so choose wisely. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Hazelnut Coffee Beans 

Q: Can I add the hazelnut to my coffee to get the flavor?

Can I add the hazelnut to my coffee to get the flavor

A: Yes, you can add the hazelnut to the existing beans to experience a decent flavor, but brewing with the best hazelnut coffee will have a better flavor. It is difficult to decide the amount of hazelnut you should add, so go for hazelnut coffee and make your life easy.

Q: How to grind the beans?

A: Use a good-quality burr grinder to grind the beans properly. Always grind the beans depending on the brewing method you are opting for. I’m using the Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill. It works well with any type of coffee beans.

Q: Why does my hazelnut coffee taste bitter?

Why does my hazelnut coffee taste bitter

A: There can be several reasons why the coffee tastes bitter. Make sure you are using fresh beans and grinding them properly. Also, brew the coffee properly to avert the bitter taste. 

Q: What’s the cheapest hazelnut coffee?

A: Ronnoco Hazelnut Coffee is the best cheap hazelnut coffee that has the promising quality and has a fantastic flavor. 

Q: Are there any hazelnut coffee pods available?

Are there any hazelnut coffee pods available

A: Yes! You can go for Victor Allen’s Coffee Hazelnut Blend pods as these are compatible with Keurig K-Pod coffee makers. Available in a pack of 80, these pods are affordable and are perfect for brewing delicious coffee at home.

Final Verdict 

These best hazelnut coffee reviews will help you choose the right bean or ground. Everything is clear now, and you can quickly compare different coffee brands to grab the one that fits your taste and needs. 

My choice is Volcanica Hazelnut Flavored Coffee as it’s a superb single-origin coffee produced with 100% Arabica whole bean. Furthermore, in this post, I’ve covered almost all prominent brands that produce the most-loved coffee beans.

Keep Brewing!

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