Best Kenya AA Coffee Brands (Tried and Tested)

Only a handful of countries produce the world’s best coffee, and Kenya is one of them! The Kenya AA Coffee beans help brew premium gourmet coffee with promising consistency. 

Furthermore, the aroma and full spectrum of flavors make these beans highly preferred among coffee connoisseurs. However, there are plenty of brands out there offering Kenya AA coffee, so getting your hands on the best joe is purely based on luck.

Don’t fret! I’ve reviewed the best Kenyan Coffee in this post, so there’s no need to rely on your luck anymore. Just go through this post and collect valuable information about these beans.

Best Kenya AA Coffee

#1. Fresh Roasted Kenya AA Coffee: The Best Choice 

This joe from the French Roasted Coffee Store is truly the best Kenya AA Coffee. With a bright, sweet, and well-balanced flavor, the java tastes amazing. Furthermore, the notes of orange zest, peach blossom, and black tea take the flavor to another level.

The growing altitude is between 1,300 – 1,550 masl that enhances the bean quality, and helps in quick flavor extraction. Properly washed and sun dried before roasting and packaging, the coffee beans provide you a cup of full-bodied coffee. 

Furthermore, it’s a Kosher Certified product, and the producer uses an eco-friendly approach to cultivate the beans while reducing the carbon footprint.

You will get this Kenya Coffee in a plethora of options, including Dark Kenya, Organic Rwanda, and Tanzanian Peaberry. 

More Details: 

  • Roast Profile: Medium-dark Roast
  • Bean: 100% Whole Bean 
  • Coffee Processing: Washed 
  • Drying: Sun Dried on Raised Bed 
  • Weight: 5 Lbs 

What are the Pros 

  • The coffee has a bright, complex, and sweet taste 
  • It has a good strength that gives you a caffeinated kick 
  • Single origin, so you get the same quality in every batch
  • USDA organic product 

What are the Cons 

  • The packaging could be better 
  • It has a sour aftertaste 

#2. Java House Africa Kenya AA Coffee: Best Ground Coffee

Grown in the Kenyan highlands, this is one of the most amazing Kenyan AA coffee to try.  The producer cultivates the bean at an altitude of 5,000 feet which results in slower bean growth.

The joe brewed with these beans has a smooth and full body. Furthermore, it has notes of black currant and grapes that lead to a fruity aftertaste you’ll love. Perfect for brewing cold and hot coffee, these Kenya Beans get you a punchy green apple aroma.

There are no hassles of grinding, as the coffee comes in the pre-ground form. I loved the packaging, as it preserves the freshness for longer. 

Overall, this hand-roasted Kenyan AA coffee from Java House Africa is a good choice if you need something fruity and sweet. The bag is resealable, but I’d suggest keeping it in an air-tight container to keep the grounds fresher for longer.

More Details: 

  • Roast Profile: Medium-dark Roast
  • Bean: Ground
  • Coffee Processing: Hand Washed 
  • Drying: Sun
  • Weight: 13.23 Oz

What are the Pros  

  • Purely hand roasted 
  • Works well for cold and hot brews
  • Intense fruity fragrance 
  • No bitter aftertaste

What are the Cons 

  • The grind is too fine
  • Not available in whole bean form 

#3. Volcanica Kenya AA Coffee: Most Loved Kenyan Coffee 

Volcanica produces the best Kenyan coffee you need to have a cup full of flavorful nectar. The medium-roast beans deliver a wonderfully complex cup every time.

Grown between 4,900 to 6,800 feet, the beans are of super high quality. Furthermore, Volcanica roasts the beans properly, and you get the notes of cranberries and raspberries with a surprise of tartness.

Every sip will hit you with earthy and fruity tones that somewhat resembles aged wine. Some other flavor notes the coffee delivers are Fresh-cut Redwood and Alyssum-like flowers.

The aroma is subtle and makes you feel fresher every morning. This coffee comes in ground form, but you can even opt for beans if required.

More Details: 

  • Roast Profile: Medium Roast
  • Bean: Ground
  • Coffee Processing: Washed 
  • Drying: Sun
  • Weight: 16 Oz 

What are the Pros 

  • The fruity notes make the flavor more pleasant
  • Every cup has a superb complex 
  • Available in decaf form as well
  • Immediately packed and sealed for assured freshness

What are the Cons 

  • The aroma could be better
  • A bit pricey

#4. Screen 18 Specialty Grade Premium Kenya AA Coffee Beans

Screen 18 Crafted Coffee Store offers a wonderful medium-dark roast coffee that’ll surely hit your taste buds. With every sip you take, you will admire the consistency and richness followed by a pleasing aroma.

The coffee gives you hints of berry flavor and rich fruit, making it a tongue twister. Grown at elevations higher than 6,600 feet, the beans grow slower, and that nourishes them with more nutrients which you get with every cup.

Freshly roasted in Miami, the beans arrive in a thick-lined packaging that retains the freshness for longer.

In a nutshell, this Kenya Coffee delivers you a crafted cup of gourmet joe with a unique flavor. Just make sure to buy an air-tight container with it to keep the beans fresher for longer.

More Details: 

  • Roast Profile: Medium-dark Roast
  • Bean: Arabica Whole Bean 
  • Coffee Processing: Washed 
  • Drying: Sun
  • Weight: 1 Pound

What are the Pros 

  • Freshly roasted and packed 
  • High-quality beans, grown at higher altitudes 
  • Wine-like acidity 
  • The medium-dark roast is amazing

What are the Cons 

  • The beans are crumbly 
  • Not everyone will like the aftertaste 

#5. Peacemaker Kenya AA Whole Bean Coffee: Budget Pick 

If you love high caffeine concentration, you need Peacemaker Kenya AA Whole Bean Coffee. Packed with selected beans, every bag brings you the freshest beans roasted and packed right away. 

You can expect superb quality from Peacemaker as it’s an old brand in the market. The coffee you brew with these beans awakens your sleep, thanks to the caffeinated kick. 

Furthermore, the Italian-inspired coffee is fit for multiple brewing techniques, including French Press, AeroPress, and pour-over. The intense aroma helps you feel the caffeine, and you can enjoy the richness of its taste. 

As it’s a strong coffee with a dark roast, so expect a bitter aftertaste. However, this coffee Kenya AA will surely make your day, so brew and enjoy.

More Details: 

  • Roast Profile: Dark Roast
  • Bean: 100% Whole Bean 
  • Coffee Processing: Not Specified  
  • Drying: Sun
  • Weight: 12 Oz

What are the Pros 

  • Not complex
  • The coffee has a bitter aftertaste 

#6. Grand Parade Coffee: Best Unroasted Beans 

If you want to roast the beans yourself, consider Grand Parade Coffee. It’s a premium Kenya Coffee grown in higher altitudes in the Nyeri Pearless Estate Single Origin. I loved the flavor profile as it consists of silky caramel, vibrant orange, and rich blackcurrant. 

Furthermore, the green coffee has a chocolaty body with a taste similar to Tanzania peaberry green coffee beans. The producer recommends medium roast, as it makes the beans perfect for brewing coffee.

Overall, this joe from Grand Parade is a 100% specialty Arabica premium coffee that’s delicious and has a rich flavor profile. Lastly, the java has notes of fresh blackberry and white grapes you’ll fall in love with.

Here’s how you should roast these coffee beans:

More Details: 

  • Roast Profile: Unroasted Green Coffee
  • Bean: 100% Whole Bean 
  • Coffee Processing: Not Specified  
  • Drying: Not Dried 
  • Weight: 3 Lbs 

What are the Pros 

  • Grown in higher altitudes 
  • The sweet aftertaste is amazing 
  • Single-origin coffee bean
  • Fair-Trade certified product 

What are the Cons 

  • Roasting the beans isn’t a piece of cake 
  • The flavor could be better

How to Buy the Best Kenya AA Coffee 

How to Buy the Best Kenya AA Coffee 

I’ve picked the six best Kenya coffees in this list, but how do you choose? Well, keep the following factors in mind, and then you can purchase the best Kenya coffee.


It’s essential to buy the right roast so that you get an amazing flavor from the coffee. Kenya Coffee is available in a range of options, from light to dark roast. 

Dark roast is perfect for folks that love a strong coffee with intense flavor. On the other hand, a light roast is ideal for people that don’t like a bitter aftertaste. 


Kenya Coffee Bean

You get two options: whole bean and ground coffee. 

Whole Bean 

The whole bean is a good choice if you want to experience freshness from the coffee, and that’s why most brands offer coffee Kenya AA in the ground form. 

However, you should have a burr grinder to grind the beans before brewing. 


If you want to brew a cup quickly, consider pre-ground coffee. However, ground coffee misses the fresh-like feel you get with the whole bean.


Kenya AA Coffee Price

It would be great to have a budget in mind when purchasing the best Kenya AA coffee. In this article, I’ve listed the best Kenyan Coffees for every budget, so you can quickly make an informed choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Kenyan Coffee? Where does it Come from?

What is Kenyan Coffee

A. Known for its decadent and rich body, Kenya coffee has hints of lemongrass, berries, and bergamot. Moreover, the joe brewed with these beans has plenty of aroma that’s pleasing and fresh.

The cultivators choose Kenyan slopes’ mountainside to grow these coffee beans between an altitude of 700 and 1,800 meters. 

Nyeri Region and Nyeri Ichamara are the two regions that produce the finest Kenyan coffee.

Q: Why Kenya AA?

A. Folks always wonder why we call it Kenya AA coffee! Well, “AA” denotes the standard given to the best Kenya coffee. Or you can say that Kenya Coffee is the gold standard of Kenya Coffees.

Similar to the Hawaiian 100% Kona, there is Kenya AA. 

Q: Is Kenya AA Coffee expensive?

Is Kenya AA Coffee expensive

A. It depends on several factors, including the brand. Some brands offer expensive coffee because of its origin and organicity. However, you will find cheap Kenya coffee as well, and I’ve covered some budget picks in this article.

Q: What’s the best Kenya coffee brand?

A: There are several brands out there that produce amazing Kenyan coffee beans, and some of them are Volcanica, Fresh Roasted Kenya Coffee, and Peacemaker. 

Check out the best Kenya AA coffee reviews, and choose the right coffee to cater to your taste buds.

Final Thoughts 

Kenya AA coffee has something charismatic about it that makes it taste so good. These beans grow in higher altitudes that results in slow growth and better flavor. 

Furthermore, the warm climate and rich volcanic soil create an ideal environment for these beans. Needless to say, I’ve recommended the top Kenya coffees with a well-balanced and notorious complex flavor. 

Lastly, brew the beans properly if you want to enjoy the true Kenyan flavor. 

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