8 Best Organic Coffee Pods (for Guilt-Free Cup in 2022)

My mornings are a vicious cycle, as I struggle to wake up without a cup of coffee in the morning – and then fail to make a decent cup after waking up too late. Luckily, I have found the perfect solution: organic coffee pods. These are tea bags for single-serve coffee, ready for a touch of water to make the elixir you need in the morning. 

I have recently taken to coffee pods, and it seems like a life-altering experience for me. What’s exciting is that from K cups with flavor options to arabica beans and special blend choices – you get it all with coffee pods. It’s also great that there are organic coffee pods – which means no pesticides and harmful chemicals and no harming the environment. 

Let’s look at some organic coffee pods that you can introduce to your life!

Today, I have curated a list of coffee pods that are easy to use, organic, and delicious. Take a look.

Organic Coffee Pods

#1. GLORYBREW 100% Compostable Coffee Pods

It’s not always easy to come by a brand that offers a wide range of organic coffee varieties, but  Glorybrew does. It provides medium roast, dark roast, and extra dark roast coffee, all of which are organic and come in compostable packages so that your love for coffee doesn’t harm the environment.

The good thing is that if you and your family members love different flavors of coffee, you can purchase a multi-pack that has all the varieties of single-serve organic coffee. This will help save money and time, as you will no longer have to search for and buy individual packages of each type.

It is made using beans that are grown and sourced sustainably to make your coffee organic. It is compatible with Keurig machines and other K cup machines. Using each pod of this organic pod, you can get a good coffee every time, without any hassle – and experience superior quality with each sip.


  • Each pod is made of bio-based materials
  • Coffee farmed using sustainable techniques
  • Compatible with Keurig and other K cup machines


  • Available in medium roast, dark roast, and extra dark roast varieties
  • The beautiful aroma of each variety with notes of roasted Arabica
  • Can help brew different types of coffee
  • Ideal for environment-conscious coffee drinkers


  • It May take time to adjust the settings for the perfect brew

#2. SF Bay Coffee One Cup Organic Rainforest Blend

If you are looking for an organic coffee cup variant that makes you a full-bodied brew with a rich aroma,  the Rainforest Blend by San Francisco Bay is one of the best you can get. The beans are medium-roasted, and you’ll love the hint of dark chocolate and sweet berries in every sip!

This is a USDA-certified organic coffee that’s safe for you and the environment. It is certified by CCOF. This single-serve coffee pod is compatible with all brewers designed for pods and K cups. So you can grab your coffee pods without worrying about whether they will work on your coffee machine.

For coffee drinkers who care about the source of their drink, SF Bay is an excellent brand. This family-owned company is known for its support for farmers and making an effort to improve their lives. So when you buy this product, you get more than excellent and healthy coffee – you join a much bigger cause.       


  • Naturally caffeinated medium roast coffee for great flavor
  • Keurig-compatible design to use with all types of brewers
  • Different pack sizes and flavors (only Rainforest blend is organic)


  • One of the best-tasting organic coffee variants
  • Strong and rich aroma of coffee right from opening the cup
  • Fully compostable pods made using filter material
  • Delicious, high-quality product from a reputed family-owned company


  • The explosion of cup experienced by some users in Keurig

#3. Beaniac Organic Full On French Roast Dark Roast Coffee Pod

A company developed to cater to every Java-maniac’s love for coffee, Beaniac formulates organic coffee blends. Their coffee pods are compatible with Keurig brewers and other K cup brewers. It is a BPI-certified, single-serve organic coffee to get you energized with every sip of the drink that you take.

Its rich aroma and taste are proof of its premium quality. The pods contain dark roasted Arabica beans for a fragrance that you will love, with smoke undertones and roasted praline. The smoothness in every cup will also floor you. It is easy to use – so you can get good coffee whenever you want.

Since it is an organic coffee, it follows strict standards of farming techniques that name the coffee free from chemicals and everything harmful. Each pod is entirely compostable. So, they are eco-friendly. The beans come from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms, maintaining harmony with nature. 


  • 100% organic beans from farms certified by Rainforest Alliance
  • Compatible with Keurig and other pod-based coffee machines
  • BPI-certified, 100% commercially compostable coffee pods


  • Dark, French roast coffee for a rich taste
  • Easy-to-use pods for a quick brew on any machine
  • Beans farmed using sustainable techniques
  • Ideal coffee pod for a Bulletproof brew


  • Individually packed in plastic, though it’s biodegradable

#4. Peak Performance High Altitude Organic Coffee

There are many coffee pods that are organic and come with multiple certifications. But it’s not every day that you come across coffee variants that are truly healthy. Thankfully, Peak Performance High Altitude Organic Coffee is one such Java option that you can enjoy every day without any guilt.

These organic coffee K cups that you can use in Keurig and other K cup brewers are full of antioxidants. The beans used in this product also come from high-altitude farms, making the beans denser and healthier. It’s also free from the chemicals present in regular coffee, which act as xenoestrogens.

Thus, this coffee is great for your mind and body. But that’s not all! This K cup is also good for the environment. It is USDA certified and completely recyclable. So you will not feel any guilt for harming the environment or worry about hurting your health. It’s also great for your energy levels. 


  • USDA certified organic coffee content in beans
  • Compatible with both Keurig machines and other K cup machines
  • Medium roast beans for a rich aroma


  • Boosts energy levels without causing agitation
  • Light and delicious taste without any bitterness
  • Eco-friendly, fully recyclable coffee pods
  • Dense and high-altitude beans that are healthy


  • Inconsistent performance with Keurig

#5. 365 by Whole Foods Market Breakfast Blend City Roast Coffee Organic

If you want your morning blend to wake you up and yet not hit you too strongly, 365 by Whole Foods Market Breakfast Blend is the perfect blend for you.  This medium roast coffee offers a special blend that will make you feel energetic every morning without feeling jittery or agitated by the caffeine.

This breakfast blend contains beans from across the world, which are then roasted evenly so that every batch of beans comes out the same and gives you smooth, good coffee. For the conscious coffee drinker, this is a great choice because the brand takes care of the farmers to improve their lives.

Each pod is compatible with Keurig K cup machines as well as other coffee machines that use pods. The nutty flavor of the coffee with a gentle yet aromatic flavor is its specialty. The best part is that this real mild Joe comes at a pocket-friendly price – and from a company that people have relied on for a long!


  • Climate Pledge Friendly and USDA certified organic
  • Light roast coffee for a smooth taste and feel
  • User-friendly, single-serve pod for quick usage


  • Reasonably priced, compared to other K cup varieties
  • Excellent flavor for those who like their coffee light
  • Perfect amount of caffeine to give you an energetic feeling
  • Premium quality organic ingredients used in the blend


  • Bitter taste noticed by some users

#6. Joe Knows Coffee, Tall Dark, and Handsome, Single Serve Coffee Pods

The very first sip of the coffee will help you realize that Joe really knows good coffee! After all, it is one of the most ancient and biggest coffee companies in the world. This K cup is a medium roast blend that offers a robust flavor. The robust and smooth qualities of Arabica beans will give you a fresh feel.

This single-serve K cup is compatible with all Keurig coffee machines, and each cup is easy to use. The Joe line of coffee is the most popular product by Paramount Coffee Company, known for providing good coffee to customers for a really long time! The single-serve pods are extremely popular.

The pods are compostable, which means you can use them without feeling guilty. The coffee is certified organic and a Fair Trade partner. This organic dark coffee is also Rain Forest Alliance Certified and comes with easy packaging to help you make your coffee in a hurry without any hassle at all!


  • Medium roast coffee from 100% Arabica beans
  • Compatible with Keurig and other K cup machines 
  • Certified Kosher and gluten-free coffee pods


  • Individually sealed pods from the extra freshness
  • Formulated keeping health and safety in mind
  • Compostable pods to make it easy to dispose of
  • Coffee made from the best stock from around the world


  • Inconsistency dripping in pods experienced by some users

#7. Boyd’s Lost Lake Medium Decaf Dark Roast Coffee

If you like decaf coffee but like the taste of dark roast coffee, Boyd’s Lost Lake is one of the best options. It is a full-bodied coffee that offers a full-bodied, balanced taste. It is free from caffeine, so you don’t have to worry about sleepless nights or getting jittery from drinking this organic dark brew.   

These pods of organic dark coffee are made using 100% biodegradable materials and are completely compostable. So for environmentally-conscious coffee lovers. This is a guilt-free indulgence. Not only the pods but also the ring holding the pouch together is made using a coffee by-product.

This USDA-certified organic coffee comes from a brand with 100 years of experience. The brand has a meticulous process in place to choose, roast, and test each bean and give you a dark roast coffee that will fill your senses. This coffee aims to bring a beautiful balance of aroma, body, and acidity. 


  • Organic dark roast coffee for a strong aroma
  • Climate Pledge Friendly and USDA certified
  • Arabica beans used for complex flavors


  • Special attention is given to the balance of aroma, acidity, and body
  • Eco-friendly packaging and organic coffee for guilt-free indulgence
  • Decaf K cup coffee to keep away sleeplessness and jitters
  • Packaged to keep the flavors and quality of coffee intact


  • Slight bitterness noticed by users who prefer light coffee

#8. Caza Trail Organic Extra Bold Medium Roast Coffee

Caza Trail offers different coffee variants, but the variant that’s popular among organic coffee drinkers is the Extra Bold Medium Roast version. This medium roast coffee offers an extra bold flavor by roasting the flavor for a long time. It is a favorite among drinkers who love their Joe to be robust.

What makes this coffee even more interesting is the nutty notes, along with the toasty flavor. All users agree that it is one of the best organic coffee K cups that work with Keurig and other K cup coffee makers. If you want to start your day with a cup of good coffee, this is an excellent blend for you.

Many drinkers who prefer light roast find this coffee a little bitter and strong, but everyone has a different taste. For drinkers who like their coffee strong without feeling jittery, this special blend is a must-have. You can start your day with a quick cup of this coffee – or enjoy a cup of mocha!


  • Climate Pledge friendly and certified organic and Kosher
  • Can be used in all 1.0 & 2.0 coffee makers
  • Easy-to-brew, single-serve coffee pod


  • Pairs exceptionally well with chocolate
  • Decaf coffee to keep your sleep intact
  • Sustainable farming techniques used
  • Exquisite Arabica coffee with a nutty flavor


  • A slightly bitter taste noticed by some users

Organic Coffee Pod Buying Guide – How to Buy the Best Coffee Pods that Are Organic and Healthy

Organic Coffee Pod Buying Guide

Now that you know of my favorite coffee pods let me help you make your own purchase instead of depending solely on my suggestions. Here are a few features you should look at while making your purchase:


There are different types of coffee beans that go into a coffee pod. They may contain Arabica for mild but aromatic flavor,  Robusta for a full woody taste, dark roast for clean undertones, medium roast for a bit of sweetness, etc. You can even find a coffee pod with flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, etc.


Checking the caffeine content in your pod is essential if you prefer decaf coffee. Many people make the mistake of associating the intensity rating of a coffee pod with the caffeine content in it. But this rating indicates taste intensity, depending on dark roast, light roast, French roast, etc., and not caffeine level.

Keurig Compatible

Keurig K Elite K cup adding

Many people do not realize that not every coffee pod is the same as a Keurig K cup.  Keurig machines have a specific coffee pod, and it may not be possible for you to use a regular coffee capsule or pod in this machine. However, there are coffee pods that can be used as both K cups and regular pods.  

Recyclable Coffee Pod

If you are particularly careful about the environment, you can choose recyclable coffee pods. You have the option to select biodegradable coffee pods that you can throw into the bin – and they will break down on their own. So check if the pods are compostable as a replacement for plastic capsules.

USDA Certified Organic

There are many coffee cups that claim to be organic, but always choose one marked “USDA Certified Organic”. To get the accreditation of the USDA, farmers must follow strict guidelines and standards that protect the environment and you.  USDA organic coffee is free from GMOs, pesticides, etc.

Tips for Using A Organic Coffee Pod To Make Delicious Coffee

A lot of people drink a cup of coffee I make them – and they ask me how it’s possible to get such amazing Joe using coffee pods. Today, ll share some tips that will help you make every cup of coffee taste delicious!

Choose the right milk alternative if you wish to avoid dairy.

Can you really make a delicious cup of coffee without using milk? Can plant-based milk do justice to your coffee? Experts say that you can very well make delicious coffee with alt-milk options by using a simple trick. You just have to choose a coffee that can overcome the taste of plant-based milk.

Pouring Milk in Coffee

To pair coffee with plant milk, you just have to choose a strong roast that tastes intense and doesn’t have much acidity. If you want to use almond or soy milk, the woody coffee flavor will go well with plant milk for a cup of coffee that feels smooth and tasty. You can also add chocolate or spicy notes.

Double up to get store-quality coffee quality.

While making coffee using pods, most home users make the mistake of running too much water to get the pods to last. Unfortunately, that’s just going to harm the taste of the coffee. To prevent thin, flavorless coffee, you need an extra dose of coffee! Doubling your pods will make your Joe taste great!

You see, most baristas use pods that contain 11 g of coffee. However, at home, we mostly use 5.5g pods. Do you see why your coffee never tastes like the ones you have at a store? So, instead of using a single pod of 5.5 g coffee, you can enhance the taste of your drink by using two coffee pods for a single cup. 

Keep an eye on the cup’s temperature.

Ask any barista, and they will tell you that they never pour coffee into a cold cup or mug. Why? Because doing so can affect the flavor and texture of the coffee. The cold cup will draw heat from your freshly made coffee. On the other hand, serving coffee in a hot cup will certainly improve its quality. 

You shouldn’t pour coffee in a cold cup at home, either! How do you heat your cup? You just have to pour some boiling water into your cup and leave it for some time to let the cup heat up. Remove this water and pour your hot coffee. This will ensure that your brew tastes rich and delicious even at home.  

Clean your coffee machine.

Every coffee expert will tell you that one of the best ways to make every cup of coffee taste perfect is by keeping brewers squeaky clean. After every brew, you must give your machine a quick cleanup. With every flush, you will be able to get rid of unnecessary particles and mineral buildup for the best Java.

A clean coffee also allows you to regulate the temperature and get coffee that has great flavor and doesn’t taste bitter. To clean brewers, use vinegar and a few spoons of salt. Yes! The ingredients in your kitchen can make you a great cleaning solution. You don’t need to spend a fortune to buy one.

Measure the milk correctly.

The amount of milk you add to your coffee is crucial. It can make or break your brew. So make sure to know the proper ratio of milk and how to add it. If you want to make a latte, use one-third espresso and two-thirds coffee. For a cup of mocha, you can use one-third each of coffee, milk, and chocolate.

If you’re looking for an easy cappuccino recipe, the simplest way to get good coffee at home is one-third coffee, one-third milk, and another one-third froth. You can even step up your coffee game by trying various fun recipes and experimenting with various ingredients, from honey to spices.

Choose your pods wisely for different strength levels. 

There are different types of coffee pods, offering various levels of caffeine and flavor intensity. If you like your coffee to be strong with more caffeine, espresso pods can be a good option for you. It has less water, which means its natural sugar levels are much higher for a sweeter taste than regular coffee.

However, if you don’t want your brew to be too strong, it is better for you to try out different brands and strength levels and identify what works best for you. Some brands or stores offer samples. Or you can purchase fewer capsules of different varieties, flavors, or strength levels to find the right one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have questions about your organic coffee pod purchase? We have a few answers for you. Check them out!

Are organic coffee K cups the same as a regular organic coffee pod?

Keurig K Elite K Cup FAQ

Despite what you may think, coffee K cups are not the same as coffee pods. If you buy organic versions of both, it will mean that the coffee content inside is organic. But structurally,  coffee K cups are for Keurig brewers only. You may find some pods that are compatible with Keurig but are still not the same as a Keurig K cup. 

Does organic coffee taste better?

Organic coffee is free from chemicals, pesticides, etc., which makes it a clean and healthy beverage option. But when it comes to taste, most people think that there is hardly any difference in taste between organic coffee and regular coffee. If you are a connoisseur, you may be able to notice a subtle difference. Organic coffee tastes a little smoother. 

Why does an organic coffee pod cost more than regular coffee?

An organic coffee pod may seem like it costs more. There are some factors that affect the pricing of coffee pods, like the quality of coffee, whether the pods are recyclable or not, etc. The price jumps a little higher if it’s organic as farmers have to follow certain standards to grow coffee organically to be declared USDA certified organic. But pods also last longer. 

Is organic coffee pod better?

Is organic coffee pod better

Many coffee drinkers prefer organic coffee because it is good for you and the environment, with no use of chemicals, pesticides, or harmful products. On the other hand, coffee pods have become popular because high-quality pods offer delicious, real coffee, and they make measurements easier. Thus, when these qualities come together, you get an organic coffee pod.  

Are coffee pods and capsules the same?

Are coffee pods and capsules the same

Coffee pods and coffee capsules serve the same purpose of serving coffee, but they are not the same. Capsules are refillable containers made of plastic or metal, and you can put coffee grounds and filter inside. On the other hand, coffee pods are bags made using the filter and come filled with grounds. You cannot refill and reuse them. Eco-friendly pods are easy to dispose of. 

Final Words 

Now you know about the best organic coffee pod purchase, with complete guidance and the answers to all your questions. I hope you’ll find the right product that suits your taste buds.  My personal favorite is the GLORYBREW Coffee Pod in medium roast, dark roast, and extra dark roast varieties.

Remember that good brewers are as crucial as the quality of the coffee pods. I can also assure you that by following my tips, you will never fail to impress others – and yourself – with your fresh brew.

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