7 Best Pre-Ground Coffee for French Press (2022 Guide)

If you love a full-bodied and flavorful coffee, French Press is your thing! Not only does it make brewing convenient, but you can brew a cup of joe anywhere and anytime. 

The most significant ingredient of a French Press is the coffee bean, as everything from flavor to profile and richness depends on it. So here are the best pre-ground coffee for French Press reviews to help you make an informed choice. My favorite one is Two Vulcanoes Coffee mainly because its strong taste and wooden notes.

I’ve been drinking press coffee for more than five years now, and here are the top seven pre-ground options that I loved, and you surely will.

#1: Two Volcanoes Ground Coffee: Best Overall 

If you have ever tasted Guatemalan coffee, there’s no going back. And the Two Volcanoes Ground Coffee comes from the same region. You can expect to brew flavorful coffee with prominent fruity and wooden notes. 

Made with a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, this coffee has strength as well as taste. When you brew it with a press, you’ll feel the aroma oozing out from the grounds.

Grown organically in Guatemala, this best pre-ground coffee for French Press is entirely free from chemicals. However, it doesn’t come with any organic certification as proof. 

You get a caffeinated kick from this joe, while it has a smooth flavor profile to satisfy your craving. The packaging is great, and the special degassing valve on the pack keeps the grounds fresh for longer.

A Pro Tip: Add less amount of Two Volcanoes Ground Coffee if you are trying it for the first time. It’s strong and has a good caffeine level, so starting with a low dose will be great.

What are the Pros: 

  • The coffee has an amazing flavor and aroma 
  • Fruity and earthy notes will make your day 
  • It’s 100% organic and natural 
  • Made with high-quality coffee beans 

What are the Cons?

  • It leaves a bitter aftertaste 
  • Not USDA certified 

#2. STONE COLD JO: Best Low Acidity Coffee 

Don’t want to hurt your gut with high acid? Then, Stone Cold JO is your way to go! This is also an organic coffee, but it comes with USDA certification and is Fair Trade certified as well. 

Grown in higher altitudes, the grounds are high quality and result in delicious coffee. Stone Cold JO is perfect for brewing hot coffee using a French Press, thanks to its grind size.

You’ll smell the aroma at the time of stirring, and the joe will make you curious to taste it. Talking about taste, it has flavor notes of toffee caramel, and chocolate grape, so if you like a sweet coffee, this one’s for you.

Hand-crafted and roasted by artisans, the grounds have an even texture, which makes every cup taste the same. There is nothing like an over-burnt taste or smell, and there is no bitter aftertaste either.

The best thing about this joe is the low acidic level, which makes it a great choice for anyone. For a cold brew, I’d recommend a 4:1 water-to-ground ratio, and what you will get is fantastic coffee with a powerful flavor.

The degassing valve on the top is there to keep the freshness intact. Stone Cold Jo offers this press coffee in two weight options, including 2 lbs and 12 ounces.

What are the Pros?

  • You can use it for cold and hot brewing 
  • Non-GMO and entirely natural coffee 
  • It has a silky smooth flavor profile 
  • Low acidity keeps your stomach happy

What are the Cons?

  • It doesn’t give you a caffeinated kick 
  • It has a watery consistency 

#3. AmazonFresh Go For The Bold Ground Coffee: Best Full-Body Coffee

AmazonFresh Go For The Bold Ground Coffee is the best pre-ground coffee for French Press that rewards you with a complex and rich flavor. It’s a dark roast coffee with shiny black color, and you’ll love it for sure.

Furthermore, the coffee has an oily surface, and you’ll see some oil floating on the top. Grown using a natural approach, the joe is free from any chemicals. 

You can expect slight bitterness in the brewed coffee, and that’s why I prefer it to kick away laze. Roasted in the United States, the ground has the smell of perfect roasting. 

The flavor notes of chocolate strike the tongue as you take sips, and the profile is entirely clean. AmazonFresh offers this coffee in a range with different roasts and flavors. 

What are the Pros?

  • The coffee has a clean and rich profile 
  • Roasted by master roasters in the USA
  • Made with high-quality Arabica beans 
  • It has a bold and prominent flavor

What are the Cons?

  • The coffee has an intensely bitter aftertaste 
  • Not the best aromatic coffee

#4. Starbucks French Roast Dark Roast Ground Coffee: Best Dark Roast Coffee 

If you are fond of drinking dark roast coffee, Starbucks French Roast Dark Roast Ground Coffee is your way to go. Starbucks claims that this is an explosive flavor of their darkest roast, and you’ll taste it in every cup.

The coffee that you brew with these grounds has a fuller body with a bold and robust taste. Also, the joe spreads a smoky flavor on your tongue, proving that it is an amazing dark roast. 

Made using 100% Arabica beans grown in Latin America, the coffee is high-quality and is perfect to start your day with. Lastly, it has notes of dark chocolate with a slight bitterness. 

The best thing about brewing a press coffee with these grounds is that the natural oils don’t get filtered, so you can taste the real coffee.

What are the Pros?

  • It contains good amounts of caffeine. 
  • Grown and sourced ethically 
  • Made with high-quality Arabica bean 
  • It has a nice intense aroma 

What are the Cons?

  • The coffee has an oily consistency 
  • It has a bitter aftertaste 

#5. illy Coffee Drip Ground: Best Extra Bold Coffee 

Perfectly crafted for a French Press, Illy Coffee Drip Ground has the right grind size. You’ll find the plunger to work smoothly, and the water passes through the ground, and you get all the flavor extracted in your coffee mug.

This coffee ground is an amazing option composed of nine Arabica bean types if you love drinking premium coffee. 

As it’s an extra dark roast, expect the java to be full-bodied and strong. Illy uses an exclusive approach to pack the coffee in an air-tight container to retain its freshness for longer.

With every sip, you will taste the flavor notes of caramel and dark chocolate, so there is slight sweetness and bitterness. Lastly, you can use these grounds with a drip coffee maker, pour overs, and cold brew, which makes it a versatile choice.

What are the Pros?

  • It has a rich and balanced taste 
  • The notes of chocolate are prominent 
  • Compatible with different coffee brewing techniques 
  • It comes packed in an airtight container

What are the Cons?

  • The coffee has high acidity. 
  • Too strong for occasional drinkers

#6. Primos French Press Specialty Coffee: Best Medium Roast Coffee 

This medium roast pre-ground coffee helps you produce joe with a mild body and low acidity. The coffee tastes sweet and has a smooth flavor profile accompanied by citrus notes. The flavor remains consistent throughout the cup because this is not a blended coffee.

Coarsely ground followed by a slow approach, the pre-ground coffee is perfect for brewing with a French Press. You don’t have to struggle with the plunger. 

Strictly grown under the shade of trees and roasted by hands, Primos ensures their coffee matches the quality level they promise to the customers.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for an easily drinkable coffee that’s sweet, and has a pleasant taste, choose Primos French Press Specialty Coffee. It’s available in a dark roast as well, so you can choose one according to your taste palate.

What are the Pros?

  • The flavor remains consistent. 
  • It has a sweet taste complemented by citrus notes 
  • Naturally dried and processed 
  • It doesn’t taste bitter 

What are the Cons?

  • You don’t get a caffeinated kick. 
  • The packaging could’ve been better

#7. Kicking Horse Coffee: Best Value for Money Option 

This coffee comes from the house of Lavazza, so you can be sure about the taste and quality. It’s a flavored coffee with rich and dark chocolate notes. Grown in the heart of mountains, this is a natural coffee.

Furthermore, it has multiple flavor notes, including cacao nibs, hazelnut, and brown sugar. But dark chocolate has the highest prominence. This is 100% organic coffee, so if you need something that’s free from chemicals, choose Kicking Horse Coffee.

The grind size is just perfect for a French Press, and you can easily extract the sweet nectar within 4-5 minutes. I loved the aroma, and you can smell the cocoa powder and cane sugar even when brewing the joe.

Lastly, the Kicking Horse Coffee is available in multiple flavor options with different notes and roasts.

What are the Pros?

  • Fair-Trade and Kosher certified 
  • It tastes amazing with a slight sweetness 
  • It has a good caffeine content 
  • The packaging has a degassing valve to keep the coffee fresh 

What are the Cons?

  • Not very strong 
  • The grind could’ve been a little finer. 

How to Choose the Right Roast for Pre-ground French Press Coffee 

Roast for Pre-ground French Press Coffee 

Choosing a roast is pretty difficult. But you can’t go wrong with it because the entire flavor depends on the roast. The best pre-ground coffee for French Press comes multiple roasts, including:

Light Roast 

The light roast coffee is light brown in color. It has a slightly bitter taste, and you will notice some oil in it. The flavor is very delicate and soft, making this roast ideal for French Press.

Also, it has the highest caffeine level, and if you need a kick, choose light roast coffee.

Medium Roast 

The slight dark and deep color of the ground tells the coffee is a medium roast. These beans are dry, so you won’t see any oil on the grounds as well. 

Pre-Ground Coffee Beans

Furthermore, the coffee brewed with this roast tastes sweet has a fuller body, and is less acidic. I’m a huge fan of medium roast coffee. And if you also like something that tastes sweet and isn’t oily, consider this roast.

Medium-dark Roast 

The medium-dark roast is more aromatic and has a fuller body, just like the medium roast. It has a slightly oily surface that it borrows from the dark roast. The bittersweet aftertaste makes it an exclusive roast. 

Dark Roast 

You can taste some spicy notes in the dark roast pre-ground coffee for French Press. The prominent bitterness and a full body make the dark roast distinct from all roasts. The joe is not acidic, but it has an oily consistency, as the inner oils of the beans ooze out when roasted for a prolonged time.

How to Brew Coffee with a French Press

Brew Coffee with a French Press

Even if you have the best pre-ground coffee for French Press, not brewing it right will keep you from experiencing its real taste. Using a press requires the right technique, and fortunately, you can master it with ease.

Here’s how I brew my French Press coffee:

Ingredients You Need 

Get all the ingredients ready, so you don’t have to rush open the drawers to find anything in-between the process.

  • Best pre-ground coffee for French Press 
  • Pre-ground coffee
  • Measuring cup and a tablespoon 
  • A stovetop kettle 
  • A thermometer
  • Stirring spoon 

Steps to Brew Press Coffee 

Preheat the Press 

Preheating the press is essential to avoid taste from fluctuating. If you use a room-temperature press, chances are the flavor will not be that great. So, pour hot water into the equipment, stir it gently, and then empty it in the sink.

Measure the Ground and Water 

Getting the right ground-to-water is paramount to getting the best flavor extracted by the press. It is always a topic for hot debate, as some people prefer more ground as compared to water.

Measure Pre-Ground Coffee

Let me help you with an example; I brew a 12 ounces cup of coffee with a strength of around 4. I add 12 ounces of water and five tablespoons (27 grams) of coffee ground.

It is pretty daunting to get the perfect measurement according to taste, so the first few cups will not taste the best. And once you get an idea of the coffee-to-water ratio, you can start making amazing press coffee.

Add Grounds and Water to the Press 

Add Water to the Press 

Add some water followed by ground coffee, and stir it gently. The coffee should get immersed inside the water for proper brewing. Let it sit for some time, and then add the remaining water. 

Keep stirring the mixture as you pour water for better flavor extraction. 

Put the Lid and Press the Plunger 

Now put the press lid on the container for insulation, and keep the heat intact. Get your smartphone handy, and set the timer for 4 minutes. You can adjust the time to your brewing preference later.

Put Lid and Press the Plunger 

Slowly press the plunger for even extraction. If you get too much resistance from the piston, the beans are coarse. However, if you are using pre-ground coffee, there will be less or no resistance at all.

Decant the Coffee 

Decanting the coffee is the right technique to extract the flavor. I’ve seen some people pressing the plunger over and over, but you should avoid doing it. 

Decant French Press Coffee 

Decanting allows the joe to sit in the container for longer, so it helps you extract more flavor.

Serve Hot 

Now you can serve the Press coffee, hot. I like it with a Nutella Tart and a Classic French Toast. You can also try oatmeal cookies, as they taste great with the java.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Pre-ground Coffee For French Press 

Q: Which grind is right for a French Press?

Which grind is right for a French Press

A: You can use multiple grinds with a French Press. However, I prefer a fine grind size because it makes brewing easier. Make sure the grind size isn’t too fine as well. 

Q: Is French Press coffee healthy?

A: The brewing process with a French Press is entirely natural, so the coffee is healthy. However, you should not drink too much of it. Also, the roast and organicity of the joe affect how healthy it is.

Q: How much time does it take to make press coffee?

A: Well, it can take around 4-5 minutes to make a good press coffee. If this is your first time, it can take around 8 minutes as well. Press the plunger gently, and don’t be too hard on it just to make the coffee quickly.

Q: Does French press coffee have more caffeine?

A: It depends on the strength of pre-ground coffee you are using. If you brew an espresso with a press, expect it to have more caffeine and a bolder strength.

Q: Should I stir a French Press?

A: You should stir the coffee during the making, but don’t stir it once you have brewed it completely. Decanting the joe is the best way to extract more flavor.

Final Thoughts 

These are the best pre-ground coffee for French Press to get a flavorful cup of joe at home. My top pick is Two Vulcanoes as I love my coffee strong (Illy Coffee is also a good choice as it’s a dark roast too)

Which one is best for you? Read the reviews carefully, pay attention to the roast and flavor notes to make an informed decision.

Also, read about the roasts in detail, and you’ll get your hands on the best coffee without trying a lot of options. The reason why you may prefer pre-ground coffee is that it eliminates the hassles of grinding, and the grind size is already perfect for a press.  

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