Can you put Chemex on Stove? (9 Ways to Keep Coffee Warm)

Yes, you can place the Chemex directly on a glass stovetop or gas flame at low heat to keep your coffee warm. If you have an electric coil burner, place the stainless steel wire grid between the Chemex and the coils to avoid breakage. Before placing it on a hot heating element, make sure there is at least a bit of coffee inside.

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Pros and cons of putting Chemex on the stove?

Barista pouring warm coffee into 3 glasses. The Chemex was kept on the stove before that that's why the coffee has perfect temperature

-The pro is that you can make coffee overnight (e.g., for camping or work) and not worry about it getting cold

-The con is that you do have to watch the Chemex carefully and move it off of direct heat when there’s no more steam coming out of the spout (which indicates that your water is at a roiling boil).

-The other con is that if you’re having guests over, they might see your Chemex and think it’s a regular kettle and try to use it as such.

Why would you like to put Chemex coffee on the gas stove?

One of the most popular reasons to heat coffee on the stove is to make it more rich and flavorful. This is because the heat allows for the time necessary for the full extraction of flavor components.

Another reason to do this is that some people find that heating their coffee on the stove gives them more energy. How’s that possible? Very simple, water easily boils off, but caffeine doesn’t, hence a much stronger (but not necessarily tastier) coffee is the output.

It’s also possible that some people find it inconvenient to use their Chemex coffeemaker at that moment of time, or they just want to be able to store it away safely.

One negative of heating your coffee on the stove can be getting splatters of hot liquid onto your hands or other surfaces in your kitchen.

Another negative is that boiling water isn’t always as hot as most people think it is. Because you’re dealing with volume instead of weight here, boiling water might only be at 200°F which isn’t that hot at all, especially for a Chemex. In fact, some people think that heating water above 195°F isn’t the best method because the coffee’s flavor is tainted.

Now that I’ve put you off on it, let’s move on to better ways of keeping your coffee warm without having to heat it up on your stove!

9 Ways to Keep Your Coffee Warm

#1: How about a coffee cup warmer?

The good thing about one of these is that you can put it on your desk, office table, or anywhere else where you do work and have it plugged in. The bad thing is that if your electrical supply fails or you accidentally unplug it then your valuable coffee will go cold – as well as the cup warmer!

#2: Did someone mention a travel mug?

Another popular way to keep your coffee hot is using a travel mug. This works by having some sort of spout you can drink from, so there’s no need for a lid or any other apparatus, the only downside being the lack of insulation.

#3: How about an insulated carafe?

You can either buy or make one of these. For example, you may want to use some coffee tumblers that you already own and spend a bit of money on getting double-walled insulation built into the carafe.

Another option is to just get a heatable flask and pour your coffee in there before putting it inside and closing it shut.

Overall, you can just think of a durable container that you could pour boiling water into and then take your time to drink it.

#4: How about a heated serving tray?

These are very common in cafes and restaurants, but you can make one yourself. There’s not much to it really – just get a wooden board, drill some holes into it with a wood drill for the electricity cables to come through, then cover the board with felt or another form of padding.

Although this will keep your coffee warm, you can’t put the Chemex directly on it – nor the hot water. You would need to place a tray underneath the Chemex before pouring in some boiling water, then after letting it steep for a while you can take it off and enjoy!

#4: What about using a flask?

One of the most popular methods is using a flask. You can get flasks in any shape or size you want, and they work by keeping the heat in through insulation. There are also thermoses that do this as well but have the added benefit of being able to transport liquids (like coffee).

#6: Can I keep my coffee warm by using a heater?

Lastly, if you want to keep your coffee hot but don’t have any of these things around and aren’t near a stove, you can also try putting it near a heater, gas burner, or fan. It won’t be as good as an actual heater, but it should help a bit since you’re close to the source.

#7: Put it into a bowl of water

Place your Chemex in a bowl of hot water to keep it warm if you can’t use your stove or microwave oven. If you have a pot or kettle you can always place it in hot water for a period of time. This isn’t as efficient as heating it up with an oven or stove but is one of the most accessible methods for those without other appliances.

#8: Did someone say microwave?

A woman warming her coffee in microwave

Keep your Chemex in a microwave oven if you can’t use your stovetop. If you have an appliance that will heat your coffee without making it taste bad, heat up some water in a microwave. Put the carafe on top of the stove and pour the hot water into the Chemex to keep your coffee warm.

#9: What if I keep my coffee in the oven?

It’s another way to keep the coffee warm is by placing it in the oven. Some users place their Chemex in the oven at its lowest temperature (usually 200-300 degrees Fahrenheit) for 5 minutes to make sure the coffee stays warm.


How do you keep a Chemex warm on an induction stove?

I’m not sure if you can put a Chemex on an induction stove, I don’t think it will work. An induction stove needs an iron contact surface to make heat and Chemex doesn’t have that.

But if you want to keep your coffee warm and don’t have any of the other options mentioned above, you could try putting it next to an appliance that gives off heat such as a heater or fan.

What is so special about Chemex?

The coffee maker is designed to make a relatively clean-tasting cup, as the coffee has little contact with any exterior materials other than glass.

Chemex pots are often reused by coffee aficionados as a way of simulating “cowboy” coffee (also called campfire or cowboy coffee). The Chemex pot can be used to make coffee over a campfire or home stove.

Why does the Chemex have a bump?

The bump on the bottom is there for two reasons: balance and insulation. The balance is achieved by balancing the weight between the top and bottom of the glass cylinder. This adds stability when you are brewing your coffee or tea with it so it doesn’t tip over or move around while you’re pouring your water over the coffee.

The bump also serves as a great insulator to help retain heat so you can keep your coffee warm longer. You can even set a timer for how long you want it to stay hot, and drink it throughout the day without wasting a cup of coffee! 

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These are the main ways that people are known to achieve their aim of getting hot coffee without having to use the stove. Of course, if you do have a stove then feel free to put your Chemex on it.

You can also try out other methods at home or in the office, but sometimes people are too busy to even think about their coffee.

Try all the methods for yourself and see which one you like the most!

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