Chemex Cleaning (6 Things You Don’t Know About Keeping It Clean)

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In this article, I will share everything I know about Chemex cleaning.

Chemex is a device with a filter used to make coffee. It was originally created by the American chemist Peter Schlumbohm and is now considered revolutionary in making coffee. It’s clean, simple, and designed to brew the best tasting cup of joe you’ll ever have.

Chemex consists of a conical flask with a wood collar and handles, with a filter holder that rests on top of the flask and contains a paper or mesh filter. It is differentiated from other types of coffee makers because it does not come with any internal parts such as heating elements, metal coils, or electrical wiring. This means clean-up is as simple as washing the glass! The spoon inside the carafe can be removed and replaced for easy cleaning as well.

The Chemex comes with a paper filter that doesn’t let any of the grinds into your cup. However, over time, the oils from the coffee can cause a funky taste and affect the brewing process.

Let’s find out what you can learn about Chemex cleaning.

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6 handy steps on how to clean a Chemex:

Double filters make Chemex cleaning much easier

1. Start by emptying the Chemex of any grinds and soaking the filter in warm water for 10 minutes.

2. Add two cups of vinegar to a pot and boil it (alternatively you can use soap and water too, but if you do so remember to use dish soap only). Let it cool down before filling the Chemex with it.

3. Fill the Chemex until you reach halfway up the inner glass funnel (keeping both filters out), then let it steep for about 10 minutes.

4. Remove the filters, then pour out the vinegar solution back into your pot or sink, then rinse your Chemex with water.

5. Fill your Chemex with fresh cold water, place your paper filter in, and discard any additional grinds leftover from cleaning, then enjoy!

6. Store your Chemex in an upright position.

Cleaning your Chemex is a great way to keep it fresh and flavorful while keeping the coffee oils from building up over time! The six steps above will show you how to clean your Chemex easily and efficiently. It’s a perfect addition for any coffee lover out there!


How often do you clean Chemex?

Routinely, to maintain maximum flavor and taste. The number of coffee oils build-up from brewing coffee will depend on the frequency to which it is being used.

When a Chemex is in regular use, a summary cleaning might be necessary every few days to every few weeks depending on the number of cups per brew and how much sediment has built up in-between cleanings.

How do you clean Chemex with ice?

You can easily clean your Chemex with ice and salt. Just fill it with ice cubes. Add 2 or 3 tablespoons of salt. Fill it with water and remember to leave a bit of space to breathe. Swirl it around energetically for 2-3 minutes.

How do you get coffee stains out of Chemex?

I’m assuming you mean stains on the Chemex’s carafe.

First, rinse with hot water and white vinegar to break up any leftover particles. Then fill with boiling water and add a drop of liquid soap, such as Dawn (always use soap). Soak for about 10 minutes and scrub with a brush or scouring pad if necessary. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and done.

Can you dish wash the Chemex coffee maker?

Yes, you can wash Chemex in the dishwasher as Chemex is dishwasher safe. It’s one of the easiest coffeemakers to clean. Just remember to remove the wooden handle and the tie as they are not safe for the dishwasher.

Can you clean your Chemex with dish soap and water?

Yes, you can definitely do so as an alternative to cleaning it with vinegar solution. You can for example mix water and dish soap, submerge your Chemex brewer entirely into the mixture for 10 seconds then empty. If it doesn’t bring any results try repeating it or scrubbing it with a sponge.

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Conclusion on Chemex Cleaning

Chemex carafes are popular for their quality of flavor and taste that do not come from a paper filter. Moreover, they can be enjoyed without the lingering flavors of plastic or metal. A key factor in keeping your Chemex free from staining or odor is to clean it thoroughly after each use. The good news is that while many think it’s tricky to clean it is actually surprisingly easy to do 🙂

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