Bella Coffee Maker | 5 Best Coffee Makers from Bella

No doubt, the appliances from Bella Housewares are fantastic, not just in terms of quality but aesthetics as well! If you have decided to buy a Bella Coffee Maker, it’s an amazing decision.

Bella designs these machines with longevity in mind, and all the machines are highly durable and are environment-friendly. No chemical odors, and delicious coffee, what else do you need?

In this post, you will find the top five coffee makers from the house of Bella Houseware. These coffee machines are super impressive in terms of performance and can brew delicious java when you need it.

Continue reading, and find out the best models Bella offers.

Best Bella Coffee Maker

#1: Bella Linea Collection 12-Cup Coffee Maker: Best for House Parties and Carafe Brewing 

Bella Linea Collection has always stayed at the top, thanks to its phenomenal design and easy-to-use interface. The coffee machine looks pretty impressive, and if you are behind an elegant brewing machine, you should consider this one.

Loaded with features, the brewer has everything you need. You can select the brew strength quickly from bold, gourmet, and regular with high-quality coffee. 

Furthermore, with this coffee machine, you can wake up to delicious coffee, as you can set a brewing program. The bigger digital display is there to tell you if you have selected the right program. 

The display is round, and that enhances the readability for sure. Plus, the strong backlit helps you read the display during dark hours. 

In one go, you can brew up to 12 cups of java, making this coffee machine perfect for house parties. You get a glass carafe with Bella Linea Collection 12-Cup Coffee Maker that feels robust but doesn’t keep the coffee hot for longer. 

However, you can put it in a fridge to keep the joe fresh for longer. You can even choose to brew 1-4 cups, and that eliminates the struggles of brewing coffee. 

Craving coffee badly? Just grab the carafe, and the machine will stop brewing without spilling coffee. There’s a big warming plate down there to keep the coffee hot, and it compensates for a thermal carafe.

You don’t see the water reservoir, but the inner tank water level indicator makes it easier to find how much water there is.

Lastly, cleaning the coffee brewer is easy, and the warming plate is stain-resistant as well. However, you may find it challenging to descale the water reservoir initially.

What are the pros?

  • The machine shuts off automatically. 
  • It has a special cleaning feature that keeps the coffee flavor up to the mark
  • There’s an LED indicator on the start button
  • Reusable permanent filter basket

What are the cons?

  • Refilling the water can attract spills
  • No thermal carafe

#2: Bella Pro Series 14-Cup Coffee Maker: Best Overall 

Want to brew a lot of cups? How about a coffee maker that can brew nearly 14 cups? Well, Bella Pro Series 14-Cup Coffee Maker is the coffee maker you need to brew a huge carafe with 14 cups in it. 

This coffee maker has got every feature you expect and will use while brewing. I loved the bigger control panel, as it’s easy to use. There is a big digital display as well that shows the selected strength and shows you the timer.

Furthermore, Bella Pro Series 14-Cup Coffee Maker has a mini stature, so it’s fit for kitchen counters with less space. The coffee machine looks like a tower, with a water reservoir at the back.

You will find a water level indicator on the side with marking levels. Even the carafe has several markings, so you can brew the exact number of cups you need. 

Selecting the strength is now possible, and you can brew bold, regular, and mild coffee. You will see the strength displayed on the screen. Besides the strength button, you will find the keep warm button that keeps the coffee hot for longer.

Bella Pro Series 14-Cup Coffee Maker is a programmable machine, and you can set a brewing program for up to 24 hours. The best part about this coffee machine is that you can even brew 1-4 cups. 

Talking about the carafe, it’s a glass one with a durable build. Furthermore, it has a stainless-steel handle that doesn’t get hot at all. Bella has designed this coffee maker with a reusable filter that removes the impurities from water.

However, I recommend using a disposable filter as well for smooth coffee. On the top, there’s a lid to top up the coffee grounds and water. 

In a nutshell, Bella Pro Series 14-Cup Coffee Maker is a bang for the buck. The machine is easy to use and has an efficient warming plate that heats quickly to reheat the coffee.

What are the pros?

  • The carafe has an impressive capacity. 
  • You can brew 1-4 cups or 14 cups with this machine
  • Auto shut off turns off the machine after 2 hours
  • It comes with a 2-years warranty

What are the cons?

  • You may not find a carafe replacement if it breaks 
  • The LED indicator stops working after some time

#3: BELLA Single Serve Coffee Maker: Best Single Serve Coffee Maker 

This is another coffee maker from the house of Bella that I am absolutely in love with. If you are looking for a single-serve coffee machine, this machine has every reason to be your choice.

The design is just amazing, and the coffee machine looks compact and uniform. Furthermore, it can brew multiple capacities, and you can quickly select the brewing capacity you need.

On the side of the machine, there are three buttons, i.e., 6oz, 10oz, and 15oz. Just tap any button, and the coffee maker will start brewing. On the opposite side, there is a transparent water reservoir, with a minimum level marked on it.

There are two lids for topping up the coffee grounds and refilling the water, which minimizes spills. Bella Housewares ships a reusable filter, and a K-Pod holder with the machine, and it’s up to you what you want to use to brew coffee.

The brewing time depends on whether you are using pre-ground beans or K-pods. Coming to the safety features, the machine shuts off automatically after 2 hours. 

Furthermore, the drip tray is adjustable, and you can move it up/down depending on the size of the cup.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any features like programmability and keep-warm. Also, the machine doesn’t have any self-cleaning function. But it’s an affordable Bella Housewares Coffee Brewer that can brew delicious coffee just with a click.

What are the pros?

  • It is compatible with K-pods and other capsules.
  • Built-in pressurized pump for maximum flavor extraction
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Excellent build quality

What are the cons?

  • You can’t set a brewing program
  • Cleaning the machine, especially the filter, takes time

#4: BELLA (14755) 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Usually, budget coffee makers have limited features, but this Bella Housewares Coffee Maker defies all the facts and comes equipped with impressive features. BELLA (14755) is a 12-cup coffee maker, so you can either brew one cup or a carafe when required.

Talking about the features, BELLA (14755) has got the programmability function. You can set the brewing program, and the machine will automatically brew coffee at the selected time. 

The digital display shows information about the selected brewing program, and it has a blue backlit that makes it readable during the night as well. Brewing coffee is a cakewalk, when you have this machine on the countertop, just add the coffee grounds, pour water, and press the on button.

No need to buy disposable coffee filters, as the machine comes with a reusable filter basket that filters the coffee, and you get an optimum flavor. 

The water reservoir is huge and can accommodate water for up to 12 cups at a time. On the side, you will see the water level indicator to determine how much water is there.

I liked the big coffee grounds chamber, and you can add multiple scoops to brew coffee. However, BELLA (14755) isn’t compatible with K-pods, and you can only use pre-ground coffee beans to make coffee.

The carafe that Bella ships is entirely glass with a plastic handle. The quality feels great, and the carafe is refrigerator-friendly, so you can keep the leftover coffee fresh for longer.

There isn’t any warming plate, and the coffee cools down quickly because the carafe doesn’t retain the heat. In a nutshell, BELLA (14755) Coffee Maker is a superb machine for the dollar.

It’s cheap but brews great-tasting coffee, what else do you need! Lastly, cleaning the machine is easy. Make sure to buy a good-quality descaler solution to clean it properly.

What are the pros?

  • It has a built-in timer function
  • Can brew up to 12 cups in one go
  • Easy to use
  • Highly durable plastic body

What are the cons?

  • It doesn’t keep the coffee hot for longer
  • The carafe is flimsy, so handle with care

#5: BELLA One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker

Another singles serve Bella Housewares coffee brewer is here for those who need just one cup of perfect coffee. Great for small kitchens, the machine has a small stature, and it fits anywhere, so stops worrying about storage. 

This is a single serve coffee maker and brews one full cup around 12oz. There isn’t any button to adjust the brew size and strength. But you can adjust the flavour by using different types of coffee grounds.

Using this coffee maker is a breeze, as there is just one button at the side. I loved the adjustable drip tray. You can move it up and down depending on the size of the cup to avoid any spills. 

You get a bigger reusable filter that fits inside the coffee grounds chamber. Add a scoop of coffee and 14oz water to brew coffee quickly. The entire body is plastic with stainless-steel garnish, but the build quality feels great.

As there is no water level indicator, you have to top up it with water every time you want to brew coffee. I’ve used this coffee maker for about a month, and it brews coffee perfectly. 

Now my needs have outgrown a single-serve coffee maker, so I switched to a 12-cup Bella coffee machine, and that’s the only reason for upgrading.

To sum up, this is the best cheapest Bella coffee machine you can buy to savor the flavor of the coffee. The machine is easy to use, and cleaning it doesn’t require a lot of time. 

What are the pros?

  • It has a mini stature 
  • Excellent build quality 
  • Adjustable drip tray
  • It comes with a reusable filter

What are the cons?

  • No water level indicator
  • The machine takes time in brewing coffee

Frequently Asked Questions: Bella Coffee Maker 

Q: Who makes Bella coffee makers?

A: Bella Housewares is the brand that manufactures Bella coffee makers. These machines are fantastic and can brew delicious coffee quickly. Furthermore, the machines are affordable, and you can enjoy making coffee.

Q: What is a good cheap coffee maker under $50?

A: I recommend BELLA One Scoop One Cup, Coffee Maker. It’s an amazing coffee maker under the budget that can make delicious coffee. If you need a single-serve coffee maker, you can go with this machine any day.

Q: How to set the program on a Bella Coffee Maker?

A: Use the hour and minutes buttons to set the program on a Bella Coffee Brewer. The selected program will get displayed on the screen. Press the on button, and you are good to go.
The coffee machine will automatically brew coffee at the preferred time.

Q: How to select the brew strength?

A: Tap on the strength button to adjust the coffee’s strength. It’s as easy as it sounds! Also, the selected strength gets displayed on the screen, and once you tap the ON button, the machine starts brewing coffee.


Bella Coffee Makers are easy to use, affordable, and durable. Also, the machine looks great in their attractive color options Bella offers. From single-serve to 12-cup and even 14-cup, the brand offers a range of coffee makers you can use to enjoy brewing coffee.

The best Bella Coffee Maker is Bella Linea Collection 12-Cup Coffee Maker. If you are on a budget, go for BELLA One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker

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