5 Best Braun Coffee Makers (2022 Edition)

When it comes to the best coffee maker brands, Braun has a preeminent place! Not only do the coffee machines look gorgeous, but they brew delicious coffee conveniently. 

However, there are several Braun coffee makers available, and most of them look the same, so buying one is challenging. 

Here in this list, I have picked the top coffee machines from the house of Braun. Furthermore, Braun fans love these coffee makers, and you can expect a superb experience with them.

Although my top pick is Multiserve Coffee Machine please make sure that you check out all the reviews as different models may be better for you personally. Ready? Let’s go

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#1: Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine: Best Overall 

If you want to brew coffee quickly and easily, you are looking for Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine. This is an amazing coffee maker that comes equipped with a plethora of features. From selecting the brew strength to choosing the capacity, you can do everything required to brew delectable coffee.

Starting with the aesthetics, the machine looks premium and is pretty impressive. The big water reservoir, touch-sensitive buttons, and carafe steal the show. You will certainly love using this coffee brewer. 

There is a big dial that lets you select the brewing capacity. From a 5oz cup to a full carafe, you can brew fantastic java with this machine. Below the display, you will find multiple buttons to select the brew strength. 

With Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine, you can brew light, gold, or bold coffee as per your taste. This device can even brew iced coffee and is perfect to beat the heat on a sunny day.

The best part about Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine is the temperature control. Depending on the type of recipe, you can adjust the temperature to brew great-tasting joe. 

The machine even dispenses hot water on demand, and that makes it a great choice for tea lovers. You get a glass carafe from Braun with up to 10 cups capacity. It doesn’t keep the coffee hot for longer, and there isn’t any auto-warm feature as well. 

However, the coffee maker is programmable, so waking up to tasty coffee is now possible. Refilling the water and grounds is a spill-free task, thanks to the big lids and superb design.

Overall, Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine is the appliance you need to brew different types of joe conveniently. The machine even has a self-clean function that takes away the hassles of cleaning it.

What are the Pros?

  • It brews coffee quickly 
  • Hot water on demand 
  • It shuts off automatically 
  • The water reservoir and glass carafe have clear level markings 

What are the Cons? 

  • No auto reheat feature 
  • The coffee drips over the counter sometimes

#2: Braun KF600 Impressions 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker: Most Loved Braun Coffee Maker

Folks love using this Braun coffee machine as it’s the easiest to use. There aren’t any complex functions, so anyone can brew fresh and delicious coffee within minutes. All you need to do is pour the water, add the grounds, and press the power button to start brewing coffee.

I loved the big stainless-steel carafe, and it can accommodate up to 10 cups in one go. The thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for longer, so you can enjoy tasty coffee every day.

What’s more? The machine uses a flavor-sealing brew-through lid to enrich the java with a wholesome flavor. Inside the coffee maker, there is a permanent gold-tone filter filtering every drop of coffee from the grounds.

Furthermore, it has got an automatic shutoff function that shuts off the machine after brewing coffee. Another impressive feature is the pause-and-serve, so getting one cup of coffee is easy without waiting for the brewing process to complete.

The big water window is visible and has clear marking levels, so forget about the hassles of overfilling it. Braun KF600 Impressions 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker is an excellent machine that makes brewing coffee a breeze.

Lastly, it has a mini statue, and the machine occupies little space on the countertop. 

What are the Pros?

  • Basket release button for easy cleaning 
  • The double-wall thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for longer 
  • One-button operation 
  • It has auto-shut off and pause-and-brew for added convenience

What are the Cons?

#3: Braun KF7175 Braun Sense Thermal Drip Coffee: My Favorite Coffee Maker

Smart by design, this coffee maker from Braun is what you need to brew coffee conveniently. The machine is compact and looks gorgeous, making it a perfect choice for kitchens and motorhomes. 

The functionality of this coffee brewer is straightforward, and you can start brewing delicious coffee on the go. The big digital display tells you everything about the coffee. From the strength to the timer option, it’s a big help for the coffee aficionado. 

Talking about the design, there are several buttons available below the display. These buttons have a soft touch and aren’t spongy at all. With Braun KF7175 Braun Sense Thermal Drip Coffee, you can adjust the brew strength quickly using the bold button. 

However, this machine can only brew bold and regular coffee, and there isn’t any intermediate option available. Another interesting feature is the 1-4 cup selector. If you don’t need a carafe full of coffee, you can brew fewer cups using this machine.

Braun ships a big stainless-steel carafe that’s thermally insulated. It can keep the coffee hot for up to 6 hours, and you won’t miss the auto-reheat function. Every drop brewed by this coffee machine has an aromatic flavor, thanks to Braun’s PureFlavor Technology.

The built-in filter extracts the nectar from the coffee grounds and pours them inside the carafe. The brewing process pauses automatically as you remove the carafe, and there is no dripping at all.

You can set a brewing timer of up to 24-hours, using the auto-on, and set button. I loved the self-cleaning function that keeps this coffee brewer clean. 

In a nutshell, Braun KF7175 Braun Sense Thermal Drip Coffee is an interesting coffee maker with smart features. It can brew around 10 cups of great-tasting java while you can sit conveniently enjoying seeing the brewing process. 

What are the Pros?

  • It has an auto-shutoff and pause-brew feature 
  • The carafe keeps the coffee hot for up to 6 hours 
  • Premium LCD display with superb backlit 
  • Compact design with a mini stature 

What are the Cons?

  • You cannot brew mild coffee with it 
  • The filter requires extra cleaning 

#4: Braun Brew Sense 12 Cup Touch Screen Drip Coffee Maker: The Value for Money Option 

Here’s another premium coffee machine from the house of Braun. This machine has everything you need to brew amazing coffee at home. It’s a 12-cup coffee maker that’s perfect for small get-togethers and brewing 1-4 cups.

The best thing about this coffee machine is the quick brewing time. It has a dedicated feature that brews the coffee quickly, and when you can’t wait to sip caffeine, you can use this feature. 

It doesn’t compromise the flavor at all, but you cannot brew 12 cups with this feature. Braun BrewSense 12 Cup Touch Screen Drip Coffee Maker even lets you adjust the brew strength. 

From regular to bold, you can choose the type of joe you need just with a click. The entire control panel is touch, and it gives you the feel of luxury. The touch response from the screen is great, but it doesn’t work that well with wet fingers.

Brewing with this machine is easy as everything gets displayed on the screen. You can see the strength, timer, and other such details required to brew delicious coffee. 

You get a glass carafe with Braun BrewSense 12 Cup Touch Screen Drip Coffee Maker. And it doesn’t keep the coffee hot for longer. Furthermore, there isn’t any auto-warming feature as well, but you can put the carafe into the fridge to keep the coffee fresh.

The bigger carafe handle makes pouring coffee a spill-free task. Talking about the filters, this coffee machine has a built-in filter basket. There isn’t any Gold-tone filter, still, it filters smooth coffee with good consistency. 

Furthermore, the machine has all the safety features required to enhance its lifespan. It shuts off automatically after 2-hours and stops brewing when you remove the carafe. 

Lastly, the water reservoir is at the back and can accommodate ample water to brew around 12 cups. Enjoy the benefits of brewing flavorful and smooth coffee with Braun BrewSense 12 Cup Touch Screen Drip Coffee Maker.

What are the Pros?

  • It features PureFlavor technology for perfect brewing 
  • The touchscreen is superb 
  • Easy to use and clean 
  • Customizable brew cycle 
  • Brews around 12 cups within 10 minutes

What are the Cons? 

  • The carafe can break if mishandled 
  • Some users experienced issues with the display 

#5: Braun KF7170SI BrewSense Drip Coffeemaker: Best Cheapest Braun Coffee Maker 

Braun coffee makers are usually expensive, but you can get this coffee maker even with a tight budget. It’s a smart 12-cup coffee maker that makes brewing coffee inexpensive. The features offered by this machine are astonishing and will make brewing easier and hassle-free.

The rectangular design makes the coffee maker even more attractive, while it occupies less space and is easy to store. Coming to the features, the machine lets you adjust the brew strength while controlling the temperature.

Brewing perfect coffee is possible with Braun KF7170SI BrewSense Drip Coffeemaker. Another feature that I loved is the auto-off/auto-on. You can wake up to freshly-brewed coffee using the auto-on feature, while the auto-off turns the machine off after the brewing cycle.

Other features include the cup selector. You can brew 1-4 cups of coffee whenever required. The carafe that you get from Braun is a glass one with excellent durability.

It’s a 12-cup carafe with levels marked on it, so you can quickly find out how many cups are there inside it. As it is a glass carafe so don’t expect it to retain the heat for long.

Inside the lid, there is a filtration basket to make every cup of coffee even better. The basket lets oils pass through it, and this is the biggest perk of brewing coffee at home with this machine.

There are different lids for the groundhopper and water reservoir that reduce the risks of wetting the grounds. Braun even offers a self-cleaning function to clean the coffee maker conveniently.

Furthermore, it has a fully digital display that shows the timer to help you brew coffee automatically.

What are the Pros?

  • Braun’s Innovative Pure Flavor System for better brewing 
  • 24-hours programmable 
  • Smart and compact design 
  • Dishwasher-safe parts

What are the Cons?

  • The display doesn’t show brew strength 
  • The carafe lid is flimsy

Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Braun Coffee Machine

Braun Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Braun offers numerous coffee makers with some exclusive features. From expensive to cheap, the brand has a range of machines available. So, it’s essential to make an informed choice.

Here are some factors that will help you decide on the right coffee maker.

Ease of Use 

A coffee maker should be easy to use, else you’ll have a hard time figuring out how it works, and it can ruin the entire experience. Fortunately, the coffee machines from Braun have a user-friendly interface, and using them is pretty easy.

Still, it would be great to learn about the machine properly and understand its working before buying it.

Brew Capacity 

The next thing you should check is the brewing capacity. Some coffee makers can brew up to 10 cups, whereas some can even brew around 12 cups in one go. 

You should choose a coffee machine based on how many cups you need. Some advanced coffee brewers like Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine can even brew as little as 5oz of coffee if you need a small yet bold shot.

Brew Strength 

Not every day is lazy, so you may not need a strong shot of coffee every day. Go for a machine that lets you select the brew strength. There are several Braun Coffee Makers with adjustable brew strength. 

Furthermore, these machines are versatile, and everyone in your family can use them to brew coffee as per their taste.


Want to wake up to coffee every day? Go for a coffee maker with a programmability function. With these machines, you can set multiple programs to brew java automatically. I recommend Braun KF7175 Braun Sense Thermal Drip Coffee if you need a superb coffee maker with a programmability feature.


The filters have a significant impact on the coffee’s flavor. Some Braun coffee makers have built-in Gold-tone filters for excellent brewing. 

Furthermore, some machines have different filters to extract every drop of flavorful coffee from the grounds. Know everything about the filters when choosing a Braun coffee machine.


The carafe is the essential part of a coffee maker, still, people overlook it when buying such machines. Here are the two types of carafes available with Braun coffee brewers.

  • Glass carafes
  • Thermal carafes 

Glass Carafes 

No doubt, these carafes look good, but there is something you need to know. Glass carafes are delicate and don’t keep the coffee hot for longer. 

However, they are refrigerator safe, and you can keep the coffee fresh for longer. Usually, budget coffee makers from Braun come with glass carafes.

Stainless Steel Carafes 

Often known as thermal carafes, these containers have excellent insulation that retains the temperature. If you want the coffee to remain hot for longer, go for a coffee maker with a stainless-steel carafe.

Yes, these coffee makers are a bit expensive, but you get an amazing experience, and that’s what you pay for.


Have a look at the controls of the coffee machine. They should be easy to understand and use. Some people love bigger buttons, whereas some adore touch-sensitive buttons. 

Braun offers a range of coffee makers with different types of controls. Go from the list of all machines reviewed in this article, and then choose the brewer you need.

Frequently Asked Questions: Braun Coffee Machine

Q: Is Braun a good coffee maker?

A: No doubt, Braun coffee makers are amazing and can brew delicious coffee quickly. All the models listed in this article are excellent for brewing great-tasting java.

Q: What is the best Braun coffee machine 2021?

best Braun coffee machine FAQ

A: The best Braun coffee brewer for 2021 is Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine. It’s a smart machine that takes away the hassles of brewing. Moreover, it can brew iced coffee as well, so you can use it in all weather.

Q: Are Braun coffee makers good for home use?

A: Braun is a fantastic brand that makes superb appliances for home use. Yes, the coffee makers manufactured by this brand are great for using at home. Just go through the reviews and choose the brewing machine you love.

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Final Thoughts 

And that’s everything you need to know about Braun coffee makers. These machines are exceptionally impressive in terms of brewing performance and ease of use. Furthermore, all the coffee machines have a user-friendly interface, so brewing coffee at home is a breeze.

The best coffee brewer on this list is Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine. However, if you are on a budget, you should consider Braun KF7170SI BrewSense Drip Coffeemaker

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