Best Zojirushi Coffee Maker [Top 5 Coffee Makers Reviewed]

In this article, I am trying to pick the best Zojirushi Coffee Maker

Their minimalistic design and robust materials have earned the brand a cult following. 

Flagship models like Zojirushi Fresh Brew Plus are a league of their own. Pre-infusion function, high-quality thermal carafe, and the crowd-favorite iced coffee button- it has got them all.

The tech on these machines is top-notch and so is the build quality. So if you are looking to replace your old, lousy coffee machine with a Zojirushi flagship coffee maker, you have made the right decision.

To assist you with the purchase, I have narrowed down your options to the 5 best Zojirushi coffee makers after several hours of deep research.

Let’s get right to it then

Zojirushi Coffee Maker: My Top 5 Recommendations for 2021

#1: Zojirushi Fresh Brew Plus Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

This model is also known as Zojirushi Coffee Maker EC YTC100. Practical, easy-to-use, and capable of making a full-bodied, robust cup of coffee- Fresh Brew Plus is one of the finest offerings by the brand so far. The version I’m reviewing here comes with a 10 cup stainless steel thermal carafe.

It’s vacuum insulated and doubles up as a cup warmer to keep your coffee hot for hours. There are three warmer settings – low (approx 2 hours), mid/hi (approx an hour).

Additionally, you can resume the warming function by pressing and holding the Keep Warm button for 3 seconds. I’d say it will easily keep your coffee at a drinkable temperature for up to 3 hours. It brews the coffee at a temp between 200-202 degrees, allowing optimal extraction of flavors. 

This results in a rich, aromatic brew full of complex notes with a slight hint of sweetness.

Even SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) guidelines mention this temperature range as the one-way ticket to achieving Gold Cup Standard. What further takes its brewing game to a whole new level is the pre-infusion function.

You will be getting a permanent mesh filter with the machine. But you can also use flat bottom paper filters to get a cleaner cup.

The bright LCD screen makes adjusting the variables a breeze. With the 24 hour programmable timer, you can have access to a fresh pot in the morning without even setting foot in the kitchen.

The ease of cleaning this machine offers is remarkable. There’s even a cleaning indicator, meaning you won’t have to rely on guesswork anymore.

The drip prevention mechanism pauses dripping when you remove the carafe. So no more spillage on the counter. I loved the fact that the water tank is removable, allowing the user to bring it straight to the sink for refilling.

What are the pros?

  • Has pre-infusion feature.
  • Removable reservoir
  • Brewing temperature heats water to 200-202 degrees.
  • Adjustable warmer settings keep the coffee hot for hours.
  • 24 hour programmable timer.
  • The machine beep sound can be turned off.

What are the cons?

  • Doesn’t have digital temperature controls.
  • Not that compact.

#2: Zojirushi “coffee communication” EC-TC40-TA

The “coffee communication” EC-TC40-TA is a worthy choice for both novice brewers and connoisseurs.

If all you are looking for is a quick yet delicious cup of latte on your way out to work in the morning, model EC-TC40-TA is worth checking out.

It’s a 4-cup coffee maker with hot and iced coffee water measure lines. And it takes about 4 minutes to brew 2 cups and 6 minutes to fill the carafe.

Once the brewing cycle is complete, it will stop dripping automatically. Coffee spills all over when you remove the carafe? That problem will be gone for good, thanks to this auto drip-stop feature.

4-6 minutes is definitely not a lot of waiting time for flavorful coffee. Sadly, there’s no cup warming function on this machine. However, the glass carafe itself will keep the brew warm for some time.

The carafe is solidly built and features an easy-pour spout to make serving smooth and easy. Another feature that makes it stand out is the built-in water filter in the tank.

And it’s not just a gimmicky addition to make the product sound cool on paper.

The filter is capable of removing about 98% chlorine from tap water. If the revolting smell of chlorine is ruining your coffee, the charcoal filter is definitely worth spending a few extra bucks on. 

Also, you can easily find the replacement water filter for this model online. Are there any benefits of removing chlorine from tap water? This coffee machine is sleek, compact, and would look stunning on your counter. 

If you live in a condo or need a coffee maker that travels easily, this could well be the one.

Although the brewing temperature isn’t specified, the coffee it yields is perfectly hot, minus the bitterness. The included accessories include two permanent cone filters and a double-headed scoop. You can also use cone paper filters if you want.

What are the pros?

  • Lightweight, space-saving design.
  • Comes with a replaceable water filter.
  • High brew temperature
  • Takes roughly 4 minutes to brew 2 cups.
  • Dripping stops automatically after brewing.
  • Makes iced coffee too.

What are the cons?

  • The filter basket sits right inside the pot which makes pouring the coffee a bit difficult at times.

#3: Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto

The options are pretty limited when it comes to 5-cup coffee makers. So when you find something as well-built as EC-DAC50 Zutto, do check it out.

Zutto cements its position as one of the fastest and easiest to use coffee machines made by Zojirushi. Low on space in the kitchen. Its sleek and stylish structure fits into small spaces with ease.

Even when you look closely, the build and finish don’t seem cheap at all, which is quite a feat for a machine in its price range. Brewing temperature heats water to can bring the water boiling temperature up to 200 degrees which is the right temperature to brew flavorful coffee.

The temperature of the brew in the carafe remains around 168 degrees which are hot enough. It’s also kitted out with a warming plate that auto-activates and keeps the brew hot for up to 2 hours.

The brewing itself takes barely 3-4 minutes (for 5 cups), making it one of the fastest Zojirushi coffee makers of all time.

Another stellar feature is the charcoal water filter. It removes impurities which minimizes buildup in the machine and noticeably enhances the taste of your coffee.

The water filter can last for up to 2 years with normal use and replacements are easily available online. It doesn’t come with a permanent filter, though. You will need to use #2 filters and fold them before putting them in the filter assembly.


  • Gets the coffee hot enough.
  • Comes with a replaceable charcoal filter.
  • Automatic and adjustable cup warming function.
  • Easy to clean and descale.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Has a removable water tank.


  • Has no auto-off function.
  • Doesn’t come with a permanent filter.

#4: Zojirushi Coffee Makers EC-AS60-XB

The EC-AS60-XB is quite similar to the model EC-TC40-TA bearing a few exceptions. The first difference that catches your attention is the placement of the filter holder. Instead of being partially submerged in the carafe, it sits on top of it now.

It not only looks way more aesthetically pleasing but also makes more sense. It brings the boiling temperature to 203 degrees to extract maximum flavors from the grounds.

At such a high brewing temperature, freshly ground coffee beans begin to release caffeoyl. It is a fragrant oil responsible for that distinct coffee flavor and aroma we pay top dollars for in cafes.

Like your coffee bold during work and mild during the evening? You can customize your cup to your liking by choosing between Regular and Strong brew strength settings. The 6-cup coffee maker takes about 10 minutes to brew a full pot.

There are separate water measure lines for hot and iced coffee, one of the most beloved features of Zojirushi coffee makers. The removable water tank makes filling the water an easy undertaking.

Although the box includes a set of solidly built permanent mesh filters, you can use #2 cone paper filters as well. The swing-out brew basket lets you add the coffee grounds without having to pull out the basket.

The addition of a cord holder is a great little touch. To top it all off, it also utilizes a handy auto drip-stop mechanism. It pauses dripping when you remove the carafe from the tray, keeping your counter spillage-free. 

Also, note that it’s a 110V machine, so to use it with a 120V US line, you will need a voltage adapter.

On the downside, it does lack some standard features like a cup warming function and a 24-hour programmable timer. But for the price, you can’t beat it.


  • A removable water tank makes filling water easier.
  • Brews the water for coffee to 200 degrees for optimal extraction.
  • Swing-out brew basket is convenient to refill.
  • Hassle-free cleaning.
  • Auto drip-stop function.
  • Separate water measure line for iced and hot coffee.


  • No cup warming function or timer.

#5: Zojirushi Gourmet Duet Dual

The last Zojirushi coffee maker on this roundup is nothing like the previous entries in terms of design. The Gourmet Dual is specifically designed for busy bees who never leave the house without their travel coffee mug.

The unit comes with two 14 oz stainless steel mugs and can brew into both mugs simultaneously. These mugs provide decent insulation with the lid on. It’s a spill-proof design and is the perfect size for car cup holders. The stainless steel carafe keeps coffee hot for a good couple of hours.

A lot of folks have pointed out that the machine overfills one mug but doesn’t fill the other mug even halfway. The problem occurs if the brew basket isn’t fitted properly. It also has a single-serve option, allowing you to use your favorite coffee cup for brewing a standard 8 oz serving.

It gets the water temperature hot enough to extract all the flavors from the coffee grounds and the brew time is only around 4-5 minutes. You can adjust the brew size with its built-in, highly reliable micro-computerized control.

No worries if you forget to turn off the machine before heading out the door. The coffee maker will turn itself off after sitting idle for a few minutes. For filters, you can use #2 paper filters.

The top-loaded filter assembly makes it easy to fill and remove for clean up. As far as the taste of the coffee is concerned, The Gourmet Dual completely surpasses the expectations.

Thanks to the high brew temp, the coffee it yields are laced with complex notes and a heady aroma.


  • Can brew into two 14 oz travel mugs simultaneously.
  • Has a single-cup (8 oz. serving) option as well.
  • Has drip prevention mechanism.
  • Comes with vacuum insulated stainless steel mugs.
  • Rapid brewing- can fill a regular cup in a minute or so.


  • Struggles to fill both mugs equally when the filter basket isn’t properly fitted in its holder.

Features That Make Zojirushi Coffee Makers Stand Out

Every flagship Zojirushi coffee machine has its fair share of pros and cons. For instance, some models are more geared towards people who don’t have a lot of minutes to spare in the morning while they get ready for work.

Their extensive collection also includes great offerings for true blue coffee geeks.

To help you find the coffee maker of your dreams, I have attached a handy guide below. The key highlights of Zojirushi coffee makers are as follows:

Brew Temperature

One of the most noteworthy features of Zojirushi coffee makers is the brewing temperature they use. The premium-quality heating element they implement in their drip coffee makers can boil the water to 203 degrees.

Some machines can maintain a steady temp range of 200-203 degrees. Most pro baristas will tell you that 200-205 degrees F is the ideal temperature to brew flavorful coffee.

At such high temperatures, coffee grounds release aromatic oils. These oils produce the quintessential flavor profile and bold aroma of cafe-style coffee. If you love your coffee piping hot and head-buzzingly strong, Zojirushi will not let you down.


Fresh Brew Plus Thermal Carafe coffee maker is the only product on this list that offers pre-infusion.

The simple act of soaking the coffee grounds with a tiny amount of water before the brewing cycle begins can make a world of difference. Pre-infusion releases all the trapped carbon dioxide from the grounds.

With Co2 also goes away the annoying acidic taste most (sane) people despise. This, in turn, results in a smoother and more flavorful brew.

Cup Warming Function

A lot of Zojirushi coffee makers come with an adjustable cup warming function. You can tweak how long you want the plate warmer to stay activated. 

The warmer plate or thermal insulated carafe can keep your beverage at a serving temperature for 3-4 hours.

Thermal Carafe / Travel Mug

The vacuum insulated stainless steel thermal carafes you get with certain Zojirushi models are top-notch. They are spill-proof, come with an easy-pour spout, and keep the coffee hot for many hours, even without the cup warming function.

The two 14 oz. insulated travel mugs included with Gourmet Duet are absolute bangers for the price.

Ease of Cleaning

If you need a coffee maker that cleans up in a snap, choose a model with a removable reservoir and swing-out filter basket holder. Fortunately, these features are present in many mid-range Zojirushi coffee makers.

To further simplify the cleanup routine, choose a model like EC-DAC50 Zutto with a replaceable charcoal filter.

If your tap water has a high concentration of chlorine or mineral, consider buying a machine with a water filter to improve the taste of your brew.

thumb activated pouring makes tank filling easy

Iced Coffee Feature

The highly sought iced coffee feature on Zojirushi machines works just as good as it sounds on paper. With the touch of a button, you can brew yourself a glass of chilled, full-flavored iced coffee.

All Zojirushi coffee makers have coffee water measure lines for hot and iced coffee respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Clean Zojirushi Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

worker shows different icons of cleaning services as a metaphor for cleaning coffee maker

Zojirushi coffee makers allow you to remove the carafe, brew basket, and reservoir easily. Hand wash them with plain water after each use.

Where is the Zojirushi carafe coffee maker EC made?

Hanging red lanterns in YuYuan gardens Shanghai

Zojirushi is a Japanese company. But their auto-drip coffee makers are manufactured in China.

Do I need a voltage converter to use Brew Plus Thermal Carafe coffee makers in the US? 

The domestic voltage supply in the U.S is 120V. Japanese electronics gave 110V output. The difference is nominal and you won’t need a converter for regular electronics. 
However, heat-generating devices like a coffee machine can get about 20% hotter in the US. To avoid damage risk, use a voltage converter for your Zojirushi coffee maker. 

What is the correct brewing temperature for a coffee machine?

For automatic drip coffee machines, the ideal brewing temperature would be between 197.6-204.8 degrees. Experts consider it the sweet spot for coffee water temperature.
In any case, the temperature shouldn’t exceed 205 degrees F or it will turn your brew bitter as the metaphorical hell.

How to descale Zojirushi EC coffee makers?

It’s a pretty simple and straightforward process, actually. Fill the carafe with equal parts of white vinegar and water.
Fill the reservoir with the solution and run the brew cycle once, turn it off, and let the solution sit for about an hour. Rinse it off with plain water and your drip-coffee machine is ready to brew again!

My Verdict

So that was my take on the best Zojirushi flagship coffee makers available today.

My choice in this topic is definitely Zojirushi Fresh Brew Plus. This model has terrific features, uncompromising build quality, and a quick brewing option – all the essential features of a quality coffee maker.

Moreover, built-in water filters in some models minimize calcium buildup inside the machine to reduce cleaning hassle and improve the lifespan of the coffee maker.

Overall, if your mind is set on getting a Zojirushi machine, go ahead and get one by all means. You deserve a great cup of coffee.

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