DeLonghi Eletta Review – A Promising Automatic Espresso Cappuccino Machine?

DeLonghi Eletta Review








Value for money


What I like

  • It allows you to use pre-ground and whole coffee beans for milk-based beverages, depending on your preferences
  • Dispenses hot water so that you can prepare other snacks with such as instant soups
  • Bean-to-cup design helps to maintain a fresh and fragrant taste every time
  • The automatic design makes it easy to use and doesn’t need any barista training

What I dont like

  • It can be a little expensive compared to regular home-style machines for milk-based beverages
  • You need to add a cleaning solution to the machine during the descaling process
  • You can only use small espresso-style cups for brewing

Do you want to enjoy coffee house quality beverages? Then, the DeLonghi Eletta espresso machine is a great start!

The Delonghi Eletta coffee maker is much like professional espresso machines.

With a premium espresso machine, you can enjoy the authentic coffee taste at home.

After trying out the machine for a few weeks, I’m sharing a thorough review of DeLonghi Eletta.

I hope reading this helps you decide if this fully automatic espresso machine is the right choice for you.

DeLonghi Eletta Review

A Complete Review of DeLonghi Eletta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine

DeLonghi Eletta

Like a barista’s espresso machine, this fully automatic espresso and cappuccino maker has a built-in latte crema system. This system allows you to enjoy both classic coffee and specialty coffee drinks.

The fully automatic espresso machines give you fresh coffee every time. It has a dual beans and grounds coffee brewing system.

With these options, you get endless possibilities for your hot and cold brews.

Technical Specifications

Power: 1.45 kW
Dimensions: 18.36” x 10.2” x 14.16”
Weight: 24.5 lbs
User interface: Touch control and LED screen
Tank capacity: 2L/68 ounces
Bean container capacity:  14.1 ounces
Brews: Up to 11 different hot and cold drinks –uses beans and pre-ground coffee.

Build and Appearance

This automatic espresso cappuccino maker has a black plastic cover with some high-quality stainless steel on the front. This design gives the coffee machine a classy look that complements any kitchen.

The water tank isn’t visible, but there is a see-through removable milk tank in the front. Furthermore, there’s a touchscreen display with the milk menu dial panel.

This function allows you to customize your beverage’s brew settings.


With a power of 1.45 kW, this fully automatic espresso maker can brew two espressos side-by-side. It comes with an automatic latte crema system. This prepares milk froth for specialty drinks like latte and cappuccino.

The machine also comes with a milk carafe that has an auto-cleaning function. Besides, it has a conical steel grinder so that you can grind fresh beans for every cup.

DeLonghi Eletta Function

This combined functionality decreases the amount of coffee powder left in your grinder. As a result, you can make a fresh cup of coffee (espresso shot or cappuccino) even if you grind fewer beans.

On top of that, the burr grinder allows you to use pre-ground beans in another compartment. With this grinder, you can brew regular espresso shots, specialty, or decaf ground coffee.

Brewing Process and Performance

The brewing process is fast and easy, like that of K cup coffee. Moreover, this Eletta has a quick heat-up time of 60 seconds. This is much faster than the traditional espresso and cappuccino machines.

Once the water heats up, you can kickstart the brewing process. First, you have to fill the water reservoir and then add your coffee beans. In less than 2 minutes, you’ll be enjoying your hot or cold beverage. You can also choose to add milk if you want since the Eletta is a pro at milk beverages. For this purpose, you simply need to pour some milk into the milk container after you’ve added the coffee beans or grounds and continue the rest of the process as before.

DeLonghi Eletta Brewing

The Eletta cappuccino machine provides access to a 15-bar brewing system. This allows you to remove the brewing unit and rinse it in the sink with tap water.

Unfortunately, this machine isn’t suitable for the dishwasher. That’s because tossing it in the washer could damage some of its components.

Beverage Options

At the top of the Eletta espresso and cappuccino machine, you will find single-touch controls. These allow you to brew any kind of coffee you want, including options with foam and frothing.

The machine can make up to 11 milk-based types of coffee, including cafe latte macchiato and flat white. Other types are regular coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and Americano.

Intuitive Controls and Settings

The milk menu dial panel offers seven different creamy drink options for you to choose from. Some of the options on the milk menu include espressos, cappuccino, cafe latte, and latte macchiato.

The coffee maker even dispenses plain hot water. You can use this for snacks like instant soups, noodles, and oatmeal.

On top of that, the Eletta cappuccino maker has an automatic milk frother. This comes with a latte crema system as well. Both of these give you access to crafting specialty drinks at home using the froth.

DeLonghi Eletta Intuitive Controls

With the Eletta espresso and cappuccino maker, you don’t need any barista training to make your favorite coffee. For those who like to get creative with their creamy drinks, the coffee machine also has a manual steam wand so you can use frothing or foam to decorate your drinks.

Furthermore, the machine also allows for temperature control. This ensures that you get the most out of each cup you brew. Its high-precision steaming system produces the perfect in-cup temperature. There are four different temperature settings available on the super-automatic espresso maker.

Removable Water Tank

The Eletta espresso machine has an interior water tank. Since the tank holds up to 2 liters (68 ounces) of water, you can brew between 9 to 12 cups by filling it once. You can even remove the water reservoir, making it easier to clean and refill the container.

Furthermore, these espresso machines feature an integrated milk container. As a result, you can store it in the fridge overnight instead of wasting the milk.

Removable Drip Tray

The unit has a neat drip tray at the bottom, where you can set your cups during the brewing process. Unfortunately, you can’t fit travel mugs in the DeLonghi Eletta drip tray.

DeLonghi Eletta Milk

This means you can only use small espresso and cappuccino-style cups in these machines. But, you can still fit in 8 to 12-ounce regular coffee cups.

On top of that, the coffee maker has a removable collection tray for the coffee beans. You can pull this tray out from the back, discard the waste, and rinse it clean before using it again.

Coffee Bean Capacity

This espresso machine produces coffee using both beans and coffee grounds. With a container capacity of 14.1 ounces, you can brew up to 3 to 4 cups before a refill.

Thermal Heating System

The super-automatic espresso machine comes with an innovative thermal heating system. This combines integrated heating elements with a water pipe.

As water travels through the coffee maker’s pipes, it picks up heat from the block. Because of that, the block is usually heated at a predetermined temperature.

The block comes in contact with the water for a brief moment. During this time, it produces a burst of heat that is powerful enough to produce dry steam. The coffee maker is also fitted with two Thermoblocks to make the system more effective.

The machine brews espresso on one integrated heating block and milk on the other. As a result, you get the ideal temperature for preparing your coffee beverage. This also allows you to maintain the right temperature for milk foam and frothing with the steam wand.

For more brewing freedom, the machine also has a programmable timer. You can program the dial panel settings to adjust the appliance based on your needs.

Self-Cleaning Function

Did you think the Eletta couldn’t get any better? Well, you’re in for a surprise.

The Eletta automatic espresso machine comes with an auto self-cleaning function. After each cup, it cleans all parts of the coffee machine using hot water and steam.

DeLonghi Eletta Cleaning

This means you won’t have to clean the coffee maker with chemicals or tablets.

Moreover, this auto self-cleaning function goes beyond clearing pathways. It also does an excellent job of descaling, cleaning, and rinsing the machine.

Other Features

On top of all the other qualities, the espresso and cappuccino machine also has a high-quality audio signal system. This allows the device to notify you when your coffee is ready to drink.

Moreover, its energy-saving function can help you save on your energy expenses. That’s because it shuts off the coffee maker after a period of inactivity. This allows the Eletta espresso maker to provide great value for money.

Pros of DeLonghi Eletta

  • It allows you to use pre-ground and whole coffee beans for milk-based beverages, depending on your preferences
  • Can craft up to 11 different milk-based hot and cold drinks, including latte, macchiato, and cappuccino
  • Dispenses hot water so that you can prepare other snacks with such as instant soups
  • Bean-to-cup design helps to maintain a fresh and fragrant taste every time
  • You can adjust the burr grinder to get the desired coffee taste and strength
  • The automatic design makes it easy to use and doesn’t need any barista training
  • Built-in latte crema system and milk frother so you can enjoy specialty beverages using the froth
  • Features a clear display screen with one-touch buttons that provide ease-of-use
  • You can store unused milk in the fridge using the removable milk container
  • Four settings for adjustable temperature control panel
  • You can program the timer to adjust to your needs
  • The self-cleaning function eliminates the stress of cleaning the complex machine

Cons of DeLonghi Eletta

  • It can be a little expensive compared to regular home-style machines for milk-based beverages
  • You need to add a cleaning solution to the machine during the descaling process
  • You can only use small espresso-style cups for brewing

DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino Espresso Machine – Is It Worth The Investment?

This super-automatic espresso machine offers a lineup of options for preparing milk-based beverages. These can allow you to cut down on your visits to the coffee shop. As a result, the DeLonghi Eletta is definitely worth the investment.

This is because the machine allows you to enjoy the flavors of over 11 different beverages, and provides value for money.

Now, this isn’t a deal you could get anywhere else, is it?

The machine uses both coffee beans and pre-ground coffee. As a result, you can sample a selection of coffee blends from various brands.

With this machine, you can adjust features like temperature and coffee strength. Coupled with the artistic build, you’re able to enjoy any brew style or flavor you want, including latte and cappuccinos.

What makes the machine stand out the most is its intuitive design. With this design, you can make adjustments with the push of a button.

Moreover, the machine has an energy-saving function and coffee preservation. These features ensure you only use what’s needed.


DeLonghi Eletta FAQS

How do you make Delonghi Eletta espresso?

dual coffee FAQ

Making espresso with Delonghi Eletta is easier than you think!

You have to grab the espresso cup from the warming tray on top of the machine. Then, place it below the adjustable coffee spout.

After selecting the brew strength and quantity, wait for the espresso to brew. You can also add milk to the machine if you want.

Lo and Behold! In no time, you’ve got a perfect cup of espresso in your hands.

How do you descale a Delonghi Eletta coffee machine?

Descaling a coffee machine is usually a tedious process. But, it’s much more convenient with this fully automatic Eletta machine. This is because of its intuitive LCD that allows easy and straightforward use.
First, select the option on the LCD and wait for the step-by-step instructions.

The process starts with removing the drip tray and water reservoir from the coffee maker. Next, add a descaler solution and water to the tank and put them back in the appliance.

Then, place an empty container under the hot water spout of the machine and wait for it to show its magic.
In a few seconds, the machine will start automated rinses to clean any limestone deposits.

Once done, rinse the machine with clean water. Afterward, refill the water tank. With that, you have a clean and healthy coffee machine!

How do you use Delonghi eletta?

bean to cup coffee machine FAQ

The Eletta cappuccino maker is a simple machine to use. It has a touchscreen display so you can have complete control over the options and features of the brew.
You can select the type of coffee you want and then place your mug under the coffee spout.
Next, choose the brew strength and quantity of the brew using the arrows on the screen.

Once you’ve found the options you want, select them and then wait for the brewing process to start. In less than 2 minutes, your preferred beverage will be ready for you! You can also use this model to make a variety of milk-based drinks, such as latte and cappuccinos.

Which is better Delonghi or Jura?

While the Jura model offers excellent quality and has a wide variety of features, it’s also super-expensive. On the flip side, Delonghi is a reliable brand that’s affordable, efficient, and long-lasting. While everyone has different preferences, it’s better to get a coffee machine that’s durable but doesn’t break the bank.


DeLonghi Eletta is a great model if you’re looking for a versatile coffee machine. It is also suitable for offices and public spaces and provides great value for money.

With that said, this model isn’t ideal for everyone. For example, this may not be the best espresso and cappuccino machine for you if you have a minimal budget. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the best and most authentic coffee flavors. Instead, it indicates that you should look for more affordable options apart from this review. You can start by looking at coffee makers with K cup options.

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