Hamilton Beach BrewStation Review: The Best 12-Cup Coffee Maker?

Hamilton Beach BrewStation










What I like

  • No need to use a plastic or glass carafe
  • Programmable setting help you wake up to fresh coffee
  • Capable of doing iced coffee
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Keeps the coffee warm

What I dont like

  • The mesh filter requires more cleaning
  • It doesn’t feature a brew-pause function
  • The rubber feet make it hard to store the coffee maker in tight places

This is my Hamilton beach brew station review.

Hamilton Beach BrewStation is an innovative coffee maker that doesn’t use a carafe at all! The machine can brew up to 12 cups in a single swoop making it an amazing option for house parties.

Furthermore, it’s a versatile machine that brews coffee with varying strengths so you can satisfy your craving for caffeine kick within minutes. But do these features make Hamilton Beach Brewstation a great coffee maker?

I used this model for around seven months, and here’s what I have experienced with the machine. Go through this Hamilton Beach Brewstation Review to know everything about the joe maker. 

Read on, and find out if it is the coffee maker you have been looking for.

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Hamilton Beach Brewstation Review: The Key Features 

Hamilton Beach BrewStation is a cheap coffee maker that comes loaded with plenty of features. The machine makes brewing coffee easy, and you can have around 1-12 cups of coffee brewed within minutes. 

Have a look at some features that make Hamilton Beach BrewStation a phenomenal option for joe lovers.

Carafe-free Design 

A man holding his cup against Hamilton Coffee Machine. Carafe free design is really important feature for Hamilton Beach BrewStation Review

This is the thing I like the most about this coffee maker. There’s no need to use a carafe so forget about the fuss of cleaning one. You can put the cup directly on the drip tray to have coffee filled in it.

Looking to brew around 12 cups? Place a jar or a mug that fits inside the coffee maker, and you’ll start seeing coffee dripped inside the container. 

Hamilton Beach has designed this joe maker to provide you with delicious coffee with minimal spills, and that’s the reason there’s no carafe. 

I use a small stainless-steel container to brew coffee, and it eliminates the need to pour coffee in cups. Just sip directly from the container and enjoy your day.

A Big Digital Display 

The big digital display ensures you are aware of what’s going on with the coffee maker. The mode you select gets displayed on the screen, and then you can start brewing the coffee. 

I enjoy a lot of perks with the display, as setting the timer is easier than ever. The blue backlit makes the display more readable, especially during the night. 

Furthermore, the display comes to life as you turn the machine on and helps you scroll between the brewing options. If you tap on the keep warm option, you will get a notification on the screen regarding the same.

I would have been happier with this coffee maker if there was a button to turn off the display.

 It Lets You Select Brew Strength 

With Hamilton Beach BrewStation, you can quickly select the brew strength as required. From bold to mild and regular, the coffee maker can brew any type of coffee you love.

The bolder option is perfect for giving you the caffeine kick you need while working, whereas the regular brew strength is great to start a day with. 

The display shows the selected brew strength, so you can be extra sure that you have chosen the right option.

Keeps the Coffee Warm 

Hamilton Beach Brew Station keeps the coffee warm and fresh for longer, all thanks to the keep warm function. All you need to do is press the button and choose the hours you need.

The joe maker can keep the coffee warm up to four hours, and you can even enjoy fresh coffee within four hours after brewing it.

Hamilton Beach has designed the coffeemaker smartly. When you press the keep warm button, you’ll see the hours getting displayed on the screen.

Bigger Press Bar 

a woman holding a cup against bigger press bar. It's an important feature for the hamilton beach brewstation review

This is a coffee maker with no carafe, and that minimizes spills. Furthermore, the press bar helps dispense the coffee on demand. Just press the bar using the jar or container, and the coffeemaker will start dispensing coffee.

You can refill the cup anytime just by pushing the cup against the press bar. The coffee maker is itself a carafe, as it keeps the coffee warm, and you can get coffee whenever required. 

Programmable CoffeeMaker 

If you want to wake up with a great-tasting cup of coffee, the Hamilton Beach coffee maker will make it possible. The coffee maker has a start time button you can use to set the timer. 

Click on the H and M buttons to set hours and minutes depending on the program you want to select. The smart coffeemaker will automatically brew coffee at the specified time. 

You can set timers for morning or evening to get the coffee ready with less or no interaction at all. However, the keep warm function doesn’t get activated automatically as you set a program. 

The coffee remains warm for some time, and then you have to tap the keep warm button again to reheat the joe.

Bigger Water Reservoir with Water Level Markings    

Hamilton Beach Brew Station features a bigger water reservoir that can hold enough water to brew 12 cups of coffee at a time. You’ll see two water windows with water level markings on both sides of the machine.

Figuring out how much water is still there for brewing is easy, and you can refill the reservoir before it runs out of water. You can even remove the water tank to clean it quickly. Just open the lid, and remove the tank on the go.

Automatic Shutoff Function

Hamilton Beach coffee maker helps keep the energy bills under control, thanks to the automatic shutoff function. Furthermore, the feature helps to safeguard the electrical innards of the coffee maker from any damages.  

The machine turns off automatically after 30 minutes of brewing the coffee, so be rest assured about the electrical safety of the machine.

Cleaning Indicator Makes Your Life Easy 

I have been using coffee makers for five years now, and the only thing I hate about them is cleaning. It is daunting to determine when the coffee maker needs cleaning if the machine doesn’t feature a cleaning indicator or self-cleaning.

Hamilton Beach Brew Station comes with an LED indicator that turns on when the machine needs cleaning. Furthermore, cleaning the machine is pretty easy, and I have covered the entire cleaning process in this article.

The only thing this joe maker misses is the self-cleaning feature, but it would be too much to expect this feature at this price point. 

While using the coffee maker, the indicator blinked a few times, and the issue got resolved after I restarted the machine. 

These are the amazing features this coffee maker comes loaded with. Now have a look at other aspects of the coffee maker. Below I have highlighted the design, appearance, performance, and other factors that can affect the brew.

My Experience with Hamilton Brew Station 

I used to own this model for almost 7 months. The time span is enough to know everything the machine has to offer.

Design and Appearance 

There are not many things to talk about when it comes to design. This Hamilton Beach Brew coffee machine is a compact machine with clean lines. The black finish on the stainless steel makes the machine look expensive. 

I can say Hamilton Beach has designed the machine smartly for every coffee lover out there. Furthermore, there’s a big digital display that comes surrounded by multiple buttons.

I’ll talk about the feedback on the buttons later in the article. The lower body comprises a removable drip tray and four rubberized feet that keep the machine stable.

Overall, the design is impressive, and the joe maker looks like a premium machine. However, it’s a bit tall like a tower and may not fit in small cabinets.


This is the biggest deciding factor when buying a coffee maker. When it comes to performance, Hamilton Beach coffee maker walks the talk. The machine exactly delivers what it promises, i.e., brewing multiple cups of coffee instantly. 

The machine comes with an efficient heating element that heats up quickly and rewards you with delicious coffee. It doesn’t produce any buzzing noise when brewing coffee, and the dripper is also silent. 

Hamilton Beach Brewstation coffee maker deserves 9/10 in terms of performance. The reason for deducting one point is the unavailability of alarms. There are no bells and whistles, so you have to stick around the coffee maker to know if it has brewed the coffee.

Ease of Use 

Using Hamilton Beach coffee machine is easy, and the coffee maker is highly convenient. All you need to do is put the filter inside the coffee maker’s chamber, add the grounds, pour water, and press the on/off button. 

When you press the button, the timer gets displayed on the screen, so you can figure out the time the coffee maker will take for brewing. The red indicator turns off automatically once the machine has brewed the coffee, so it’s a sign that you can put your cup under the dripper to have some delicious joe.

 Furthermore, selecting the brew strength is a cakewalk. The best thing Hamilton Beach has done to this machine is using a digital display. When you click on the brew strength button, you can see it on display, so there’s no chance you can go wrong with the brew strength.

How Does the Coffee Taste with Hamilton Beach Brew Station?

This is the paramount part of this Hamilton Beach Brew Station review, as everything depends on how the coffee tastes. 

The coffee tastes great with Hamilton Beach Brew Station coffee maker, and this is what my wife says as well. The innards of the coffee maker sprinkle a lot of water on the grounds to churn out the flavor, and you get aromatic coffee every time with this coffee maker.

However, I have spotted a difference in taste when brewing coffee using different brewing strengths. The bold coffee tastes better when compared to coffee prepared with mild brew strength. But that may be due to my taste buds, as I love a caffeine kick. 

The coffee only loses its flavor when you keep it for longer inside the coffee maker. No doubt, the coffee machine heats up the coffee, but it doesn’t taste as good as freshly brewed coffee.

Make sure to drink the coffee within 1-2 hours of brewing to enjoy great coffee. Here are some tips I recommend to have amazing coffee with Hamilton Beach Brewstation Coffee Maker. 

Tip 1: Use Fresh and Good Quality Coffee Grounds Only 

If you want the coffee to taste good, always use freshly ground beans. Hamilton Beach Brewstation doesn’t have a built-in grinder, so I use JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder for the task.

Tip 2: Clean the Machine Properly 

Make sure to clean the machine regularly if you don’t want the coffee to taste bad. Not cleaning the machine results in scale formation inside the water reservoir, and it affects the taste.

Tip 3: Avert Drinking Coffee in a Plastic Cup 

There are many harmful effects of sipping coffee in a plastic cup, and it hinders the taste as well. Use a glass cup or a stainless steel one to enjoy flavorsome brewed coffee with this 12 cup coffee maker.

How to Clean Hamilton Beach Brewstation Coffee Maker?

Cleaning the coffee maker is easy and only requires 10 minutes in total. Here are the steps you need to follow in cleaning the coffee maker properly.

Step 1: Open the Lid

Open the Lid and Remove the Plastic Filter Basket or the reusable paper filter. The Hamilton Beach BrewStation has an optimal water filter holder. Remove it as well to clean the coffee maker thoroughly.

Step 2: Use the cleaner

I prefer using commercial coffee maker cleaners as they work well in descaling the reservoir properly. Mix the commercial cleaner with vinegar and water as directed by the manufacturer and pour it into the reservoir.

Step 3: Run the coffee maker

Run the coffee maker by pressing the On button so that the solution runs through the pipes cleaning everything. Let the coffee machine empty the solution completely, and then pour more solution. Repeat the process a few times, and then press the Off button.

Step 4: Rinse the reservoir

Rinse the reservoir thoroughly and fill it with clean water. Press the On button and let the machine process the water. Turn the coffee machine off after some seconds, and let the water stay inside it for some time.

Step 5: Wash the water reservoir again

Wash the water reservoir again and turn on the coffee maker so that it empties the water completely. Use a dry cloth to wipe the outer body and let the coffee machine dry for some time before you use it to brew another batch of coffee.

Check out this video for more information on cleaning Hamilton Beach Brewstation. 

How to prepare coffee with Hamilton Beach BrewStation?

Preparing coffee with this smart Hamilton Beach coffee maker is easy. Just set up the coffee machine and follow these steps to have a cup of piping-hot coffee that tastes as good as barista coffee.

Step 1: Add the Coffee Filter and Water 

Open the lid and add the coffee filter. Furthermore, pour some water into the reservoir by keeping an eye on the water marking level. 

Step 2: Put the Coffee Beans after Grinding them

As the coffee machine doesn’t feature a burr grinder, so you have to grind them manually. Grind the beans as coarser as you like using a manual burr grinder, and add them to the coffee maker. Use a spatula and add the grounds to the coffee filter.

Step 3: Choose the Brew Strength

Select the brew strength as per your taste and press the On button. You’ll see the indicator coming on, and it shows the brewing is under process. 

Step 4: Enjoy Your Coffee 

This coffee maker from Hamilton Beach doesn’t dispense the coffee automatically. Take a cup and press it against the bar to dispense coffee. If you have prepared 12 cups, use a stainless-steel container to collect the coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions: Hamilton Beach Brewstation Review

Why does my Hamilton Beach BrewStation leak?

It may be due to mineral build-up in the tank seal. Take the water reservoir out from the coffee machine, and place it upside down over the sink.

Press the dispensing valve for 30-40 seconds to clear the build-ups and have the tank working fine again.

Where does the water go in a Hamilton Beach BrewStation?

You need to put the water into the big reservoir. Just lift the lid, and you’ll see a big water tank. Use a jug to pour water carefully and keep watching the water level markings to avoid overflow. 

Who makes the best 12 cup coffee maker?

I have used several 12 cup coffee makers, but Hamilton Beach BrewStation is the one I recommend. The coffee maker brews the coffee perfectly and helps you prepare multiple cups of coffee quickly.

Final Thoughts 

Well, this Hamilton Beach BrewStation Review will help you decide if this is the right coffee brewing machine you can go for. I am using this machine for months and haven’t had any bad experiences so far. 

Just make sure to grind the beans coarsely so that the coffee machine extracts the flavor. Here are some amazing coffee recipes you can try with this coffee machine to enjoy delicious coffee at home.

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