Keurig K1500 Commercial Coffee Maker Review (Read Before You Buy)

Keurig K1500 Commercial Coffee Maker










What I like

  • Brews coffee under minute!
  • User-friendly design
  • Huge 96 oz water tank
  • Coffee strength adjustment
  • Multiple brewing sizes

What I dont like

  • Not big enough for travel mug
  • No timer

This is my review of the Keurig K1500 commercial coffee maker.

At a first glance, Keurig K1500 is the ideal option for large families and offices. It is often advertised to be a commercial-grade coffee machine, so it is highly recommended for places with a high volume of coffee drinkers.

But at the same time, the versatility and high reliability of this machine have helped it build its way into residential kitchens as well.

Apart from its high-quality standards and built, it also features a large reservoir that does not need filling up after every few cups.

Despite its size, it still feels quite compact, but it is heavy and stable at the same time.

Now, what else should you know about it?

Features of Keurig K1500 commercial coffee maker

Speed and noise

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When you get a commercial-grade coffee machine, you obviously want it to be fast. You do not want five people queuing behind it while waiting for a beverage – it may somehow work in a residential kitchen, but it could be quite frustrating for an office.

Luckily, Keurig K1500 commercial coffee maker can get the job done fairly fast. It will brew a cup of coffee in less than a minute. It relies on the classic K cups, which come in all kinds of varieties too.

Keurig has also implemented a proprietary Quiet-Brew technology in this machine, as well as a few others in its range. The function does not affect the brewing quality or temperature.

Instead, it brews with little to no noise at all. The function is great in an office where you do not want to disturb everyone else while getting a coffee – or if you have light sleepers in your family.

Starting up and convenience 

If you have used coffee machines before, you will notice a fairly nice difference when you start this one up. Keurig has brought in a smart start feature, which adds to the overall convenience.

Simply turn it on, select the cup size you want and go do something else. Once it is heated, it will start brewing by itself.

Classic coffee machines work on another principle. You cannot do anything until they are heated up. You will have to keep an eye on them and start the brewing process once they are done.

Keurig’s 1500 will remember your choice and let you do anything else. You will then hear it running, so you can go back and pick up your cup.

Easy to Use

Large water tank

Keurig K1500 has the biggest 96oz water tank

It happens all the time – you forget there is not enough water in the coffee machine and you end up with half a cup. Other times, you may need to fill the tank before each use. Keurig has brought in the largest water tank in its entire range – it beats every other Keurig model. If you hate refilling, this option will simply make your life easier.

This large water tank can take 96 ounces of water. If your coffee cup has six ounces, you can do about 16 beverages with a full tank.

The unit is removable too. After all, the machine is not very lightweight, so moving around with it can be a nightmare. You can find it on the side of the coffee machine and take it out – no issues at all.

You might imagine that a large water tank will be difficult to carry around when full – not really. It has a handle at the top, so you can have it hanging while you move it around.

It ensures an easy and comfortable grip – better than handles on the side that are practically useless, as you still have to use the other hand to balance the tanks.

Keeping an eye on the water tank is relatively simple because it is transparent. You can always tell if you have enough water for a few beverages. It comes with a low-level indicator as well, which will tell you when to refill.

However, the size may also be a problem, as you will constantly forget to refill it – simply get used to throwing your eyes on it every now and then.

Draining the internal tank

Draining the internal tank will not really be an issue, yet it is good to know that you have a few features to make the job convenient. Whether you are out of the house for a couple of days or you take a weekend off, you do not want stale water for your coffee – it will most likely alter the overall taste, flavor, and aroma. Therefore, you have to remove the water.

Draining the internal hot water tank could be difficult in most coffee machines, but Keurig K1500 Keurig K1500 commercial coffee maker makes it relatively simple. You can also drain the internal hot water tank without risking any injuries. To prevent any issue, it might be handy to leave the internal tank empty if you are about to go away for a few days.

Strong brew feature

Not every Keurig coffee machine comes with this feature, but it is definitely good to have around, especially if there are more coffee drinkers in your family or office.

Some people like their coffee soft – a bit of coffee and loads of water. Some others like it super strong – a great wake-up call that can make their ears smoke.

You would have to use smaller cups in order to get more strengths – the coffee dose is the same, after all. The Keurig k 1500 model comes with a different feature. If you do not want to compromise on quality, size, or intensity, simply choose the strong brew option.

Brewing sizes

It does pay off having the possibility to choose between a few different brewing sizes. Sure, you could do without this level of convenience too. Basically, you could stop the brewing process in the middle if you wanted less coffee or run it again if you needed to feel a big mug. Not only is it inconvenient, but it also ruins the taste and aroma.

Keurig K1500 commercial coffee maker is a bit different and provides access to a few different options. You can go down to six ounces for a regular coffee, but you can also opt for eight or 10 ounces. Are you trying to fill a large coffee mug? Go for 12 ounces. Of course, there are bigger mugs out there, but these four different brewing sizes should be more than enough for more people.

Sizing and portability

The large water tank makes it pretty obvious – this coffee machine is bigger than the average one for a household. But the commercial-grade standards make it suitable for residential kitchens too. Altogether, it is pretty compact and measures 12.3×10.2×12.1 inches. It will not take too much space on the counter either.

In terms of weight, it is just over 10 pounds. Again, it is heavier than a classic coffee machine, but it is still portable enough to move it around. You can keep it on the counter or move it around when you cook or have some friends over.

High altitude capabilities

Whether you are into camping, hiking, or mountainous trips, you might be aware of it already – the lower boiling point can cause some issues when trying to boil water for a coffee or a tea.

The same rule applies when it comes to domestic appliances in high-altitude places. There is nothing to worry about if you happen to live at a higher altitude though.

Keurig K1500 commercial coffee maker comes with high-altitude functionality. In other words, you can use it with no problems at all if you live up to 5,000 feet in altitude.

This feature might be irrelevant for most people, but those who live in small mountainous towns and villages will find it very handy.

Pods and coffee

When it comes to Keurig, it works with K pods. However, not all Keurig coffee machines come with pod scanning technology. Simply put, Keurig K1500 commercial coffee maker lacks this feature for extra convenience. It will take K pods with no issues at all, but you can also use unlicensed K pods. You may find cheaper options in commerce or different types of coffee-based beverages – worth a try.

Health and safety features

There are not too many health and safety features in this coffee machine, but one that can preserve energy and reduce wear and tear. Leaving the machine running will force it to maintain the temperature, causing unnecessary wear and tear. If not in use, the machine will turn off by itself after a couple of hours.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are fairly simple and do not require any sophisticated operations. Take the water tank out and clean it every now and then – stale water could develop bacteria.

This maintenance operation is even more important if you tend to be away for more than just a few days. The drip tray is also removable and can be cleaned with nothing but a sponge and water – a bit difficult if you let the coffee dry on it. It is dishwasher safe though.

Just like any other water-using appliance, descaling might be needed a couple of times a year. You will find various descaling products in commerce. Make sure you rinse well after using such a cleaning treatment and run a few cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions about

What’s the difference between the Keurig models?

Each Keurig coffee machine works on similar principles – small differences in terms of features. They rely on similar brewing systems and use K cups.

The major difference is in the size of the water tank. The more you have, the less often you have to refill it. At the same time, different machines come with different cup size options. Small features will also make the difference – just a matter of convenience and personal preferences.

Keurig K1500 commercial coffee maker comes with the largest water reservoir in a Keurig coffee machine, hence its commercial-grade capabilities.

Which Keurig model is the best?

It is hard to tell which Keurig coffee machine is the best because what works for some people will not work for everyone else.

A single individual will require a small and compact machine, while a large family or an office will require a massive water tank and multiple options.

There are more things to pay attention to when not sure which Keurig coffee machine is right for you. Think about the location of the machine, the size of your family or office, the size of the machine, cup size options, water tank size, hot water dispenser, drip tray, and K cup adaptability.

Final Words

As a short final conclusion, Keurig K1500 commercial coffee maker brings in a large 12-ounce brew size, a massive 96-ounce water tank, and a bit of strength control.

It is low maintenance and can handle both commercial offices and large residential kitchens. It is the ideal option for common areas if you are after multiple types of coffee and great value for money.

At the same time, it is compact and portable, despite being larger than an average coffee machine.

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