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Here at CoffeePursuits, we do our best to be a leading name in the coffee industry. A significant part of this task is to keep the memory of extraordinary websites, places, events, and groundbreaking historical facts. We believe that by doing so we will be able to further bolster our position as the leading name in the business. This acquisition took place on September 8th, 2021

What does Walters Coffee Roastery ( do? 

Walter’s Coffee Roastery is the first coffee laboratory, specializing in daily roasted coffee. They respect both coffee and its chemistry. From extraction and brew temperatures to espresso machine pressure and grinder configuration, they know it all.

What’s special about Walter’s Coffee Roastery is that the first Walter’s Coffee Roastery was founded in Istanbul, where one of the first coffeehouses in the world opened and after 500 years of coffee history they brought the evolution in the coffee house experience.

Walters Coffee Roastery changed its name to Walters Coffee hence this domain URL was bought by us to protect the good name of the domain and prevent any abuse.

What does CoffeePursuits do?

Coffee Pursuits aims to be the definitive resource for coffee enthusiasts. We cover various guides on coffee and its chemistry such as roasting coffee, brewing methods, types of coffee, and quality coffee accessories.

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