Can You Drink Coffee with Braces? (Is It Advised by Doctors?)

In this article, I will answer the very common question people have which is can you drink coffee when you have braces?

Worried about handing over your favorite daily caffeine fix as you are going for braces? Well, braces can be a significant contribution to your beautiful smile and oral health.

However, this isn’t just a monetary investment as you have to go cold Turkey on some habits that may include drinking coffee and tea.

A lot of people are still unsure if they can have the caffeine dosage with the braces on. This post rounds up everything you need to know about coffee and braces.

Does Coffee Stain Your Teeth?

The biggest thing people with braces worry about drinking coffee is stains. Fortunately, coffee stains aren’t permanent, and you can easily get rid of them with a good whitening toothpaste or whitening treatment.

The tannins present in coffee are responsible for the discoloration of teeth. In addition, tannins contain an organic compound known as polyphenols that reward the coffee with a rich and deep flavor.

However, these organic compounds can penetrate deeper into the tooth enamel while causing several stains.

Coffee can even stain the clear plague on the teeth, making them look brownish. However, you can easily brush off this discoloration using a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Can I Drink Coffee with Clear Aligners and Braces?

Can You Drink Coffee with Braces?

The good news: you can drink coffee with clear braces and aligners! But it wouldn’t be the same as drinking coffee regularly, and there are several things to keep in mind as per the orthodontists.

You cannot take off the braces without professional help, so you have to be vigilant about rinsing your mouth properly every time you gulp the caffeine dosage.

Furthermore, you also need to clean the teeth thoroughly so that there is no stain formation and the tannins don’t penetrate the tooth enamel.

You can also remove the stains caused on the braces by visiting your dentist. Most clear aligners have a plastic-type body that doesn’t catch stains easily. You should remove the clear aligners every time you want to have coffee.

In a nutshell, drinking sugar-containing beverages like coffee or tea is possible with braces and Invisalign. Read on, and find out the tips you can follow to prevent your teeth and braces from stains.

How to Prevent Stains When Drinking Coffee with Braces

Preventing stains doesn’t require visiting the dentist every time. And you can care for your teeth easily with the items available around your house.

Prefer Drinking with a Straw

I know the coffee tastes best when you sip it slowly with a slurp. Well, with braces, you have to be extra careful about stains. Get a good-quality reusable straw to drink coffee.

The coffee shouldn’t be too hot or cold in order to drink it easily with the straw.

Additionally, you may have some fun by making your own straw

Limit the Coffee Intake

Limit the consumption to one or two cups a day to protect the braces and your teeth from stains. However, it would be great to drink one cup per day to keep the braces clean and in good shape.

Dilute the Coffee

If limiting the coffee intake seems like an impossible task, you can take it another way. Dilute the coffee using milk, and it can reduce the impact of tannins. Also, add less sugar so that the coffee doesn’t stick to the teeth.

Rinse Your Mouth After Every Cup

Always rinse your mouth after drinking coffee. Take warm water in a glass, and rinse the teeth thoroughly to ensure that there are no stains. If possible, brush your teeth after every drink.

Opt for Teeth Whitening Orthodontic Treatment

If you don’t have enough time to brush and rinse your teeth every time you drink coffee, opt for professional teeth whitening treatment.

The orthodontic treatment can help you clear the stains, and you can smile with your white and shiny teeth without giving up on coffee.

What are the Hazards of Drinking Coffee with Traditional Metal Braces?

Most people believe that drinking coffee with stains can cause cosmetic problems and can impact the brace’s life. Well, this isn’t the case. You’d be glad to know that drinking coffee doesn’t hinder the lifespan of the metal braces.

And the only thing it causes is stains. These stains are easily visible, but you can follow the aforementioned tips to keep your teeth and braces clean without giving up the coffee.

Is Iced Coffee Better than Hot One?

Another thing folks believe is that cold or iced coffee is better than hot coffee when wearing braces. But I’d tell you, coffee that’s too hot or too cold isn’t good for the braces.

Drinking hot coffee can cause stains, whereas iced coffee can be painful. You should drink coffee at room temperature to avoid any issues.

Furthermore, hot coffee is not that great for clear plastic aligners. The joe can alter the Invisalign trays, and it can become unusable.

Does It Hurt When Drinking Coffee with Braces?

No! It doesn’t hurt if you drink coffee with braces on. You won’t feel any pain if you take care of the teeth and braces properly.

Rinse your mouth, and floss properly every time you drink coffee to ensure a great journey with the braces. Then, either remove the tray or give up hot coffee.

Final Thoughts: Can You Drink Coffee with Braces?

Braces and teeth, both can go together pretty well! Now that you know everything about drinking coffee and Invisalign, you can easily decide if you want to give up on coffee or not.

It would be great to get in touch with your orthodontist to know more about the type of braces. Furthermore, you can prefer decaf coffee for some time, as it has low caffeine content, so there are fewer chances of stains.

Lastly, keep a straw with you all the time and drink coffee with braces whenever you want.

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