What Is Dutch Bros White Coffee? (We Know!)

Ever noticed the “White Coffee” on Dutch Bros’ menu and wondered what it’s all about? It’s not a new coffee species or a sauce. Dive in as we quickly break down the facts behind this intriguing offering.

What Is White Coffee At Dutch Bros?

The term ‘white’ might mislead some into thinking it’s a whole new strain of coffee beans. But in reality, ‘white’ simply refers to the beans being roasted less than their regular or dark roasted counterparts. In the world of coffee, this is known as under-roasting.

Embracing this method, Dutch Bros’ white coffee uses these lightly roasted beans. The result? An espresso with a distinctively earthy flavor. But there’s more – the shorter roasting time doesn’t just alter the taste. It amplifies the caffeine content, giving you a potent punch with every sip.

How to Order White Coffee at Dutch Bros?

That’s actually quite easy. To order a white coffee at Dutch Bros, approach your friendly bro-ista and request to swap the regular espresso for white coffee shots. If the location stocks white coffee, your order should be easily accommodated.

What Coffee Does Dutch Bros Use?

Dutch Bros Coffee utilizes a unique three-bean blend sourced from Brazil, Colombia, and El Salvador. 

While they opt not to pursue organic certification for their growers, primarily due to challenges like the leaf rust fungus, they are proactive in supporting trade organizations that tackle various agricultural issues. 

I think It’s worth noting that any chemicals that might be present are found on the outer cherry, not the actual coffee bean. Moreover, the roasting process ensures that over 99% of any residual chemicals are burned off. 

Beyond just sourcing quality beans, Dutch Bros is deeply invested in the well-being of the communities from which they source. They demonstrate this commitment by funding health and eco-initiatives through their Love Abounds Foundation.

Dutch Bros White Coffee Caffeine Content

The specific caffeine content in Dutch Bros white coffee isn’t publicly disclosed. 

However, drawing from personal roasting knowledge, white coffee tends to have more caffeine than its regular counterpart. This is primarily because the shorter roasting duration for white coffee results in the beans retaining more caffeine. 

To provide some perspective, a study found that a light roast coffee has around 60mg of caffeine, whereas a dark roast has about 51mg. Using this as a benchmark, it’s reasonable to infer that white coffee, given its roasting process, might exceed the caffeine content found in a dark roast.

Best White Coffee Drinks at Dutch Bros

Here are a few best white coffee drinks you should try

1.White Angel

The White Angel coffee is a thoughtfully curated blend that combines traditional and tropical flavors. 

At its base is a robust coffee, which is then complemented by the smooth notes of white chocolate and the classic sweetness of vanilla syrup. 

What distinguishes the White Angel from other blends is the inclusion of coconut syrup, introducing a subtle tropical nuance. 

The drink’s consistency is further enriched with half and half, resulting in a balanced, multi-layered beverage that offers both familiarity and a hint of the exotic.

2.White Mocha

The White Mocha is a delightful fusion of flavors and temperatures. At its core, it boasts a robust cold brew coffee, offering a refreshing and invigorating kick. 

This is artfully paired with a velvety white chocolate sauce, introducing a creamy sweetness. 

Complementing these components is chocolate milk, which not only enhances the cocoa undertones but also provides a rich, smooth texture.

The White Coffee Cookie is an exquisite concoction reminiscent of a delightful dessert in a cup. 

At its foundation lies white espresso that is then enriched with the creamy allure of white chocolate sauce, weaving in a smooth sweetness. 

The standout element is the chocolate macadamia nut syrup, which adds a nutty depth and echoes the indulgence of a gourmet cookie. 

The experience is rounded off with half & half, giving the drink a luscious creaminess. 

Altogether, it’s a beverage that captures the essence of a luxurious cookie, with the added perk of white espresso.

4.The Nutty Irishman 

The Nutty Irishman is a spirited blend that pays homage to classic flavors with a contemporary twist. 

At the heart of this beverage is the nitro cold brew, offering a silky-smooth texture and a rich, deep coffee profile. 

This foundation is enlivened by the velvety notes of Irish cream, which introduces a hint of sweetness and the charm of the Emerald Isle. 

To complete this tantalizing trio, hazelnut syrup is added, lending a warm, nutty undertone. 

Together, these ingredients create a harmonious dance of flavors, making The Nutty Irishman a refreshing yet indulgent treat.

5.Caramel Pumpkin Brulee Cold Brew

The Caramel Pumpkin Brûlée Cold Brew is a celebration of autumn in a cup, bringing together the warmth of seasonal favorites with the refreshing chill of cold brew. 

The base of this drink is a rich cold brew, which is infused with the comforting notes of pumpkin and salted caramel, creating a harmonious blend of sweetness and depth. 

Elevating its decadence, it’s adorned with a lavish pumpkin drizzle that accentuates the fall flavors. 

A sprinkle of raw sugar crystals introduces a touch of crunch, reminiscent of the crisp topping of a classic brûlée. 

The experience is crowned with a Soft Top, ensuring every sip is a creamy delight. It’s a perfect ode to the coziness of the season, reimagined in a chilled brew.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Dutch bros have blonde espresso?

No, Dutch Bros does not offer a specific “blonde espresso” on their menu. However, their white coffee could be seen as an alternative, being made from beans that are roasted for a shorter duration.

Does white coffee have more caffeine?

Yes, white coffee typically has more caffeine than darker roasts. The roasting process reduces the caffeine content in coffee beans. Since white coffee beans are roasted for a shorter duration and at a lower temperature, they retain a higher caffeine content.

My Final Thoughts

Dutch Bros’ White Coffee has piqued curiosity with its unique roasting process. Unlike conventional brown beans, white coffee is lightly roasted, resulting in a golden-white hue and retaining more caffeine.

This method means a stronger caffeine punch than regular roasts. While Dutch Bros doesn’t offer a “blonde espresso,” their white coffee stands out for those seeking a caffeinated twist.

With flavors ranging from the coconut-infused White Angel to the autumnal Caramel Pumpkin Brûlée Cold Brew, Dutch Bros continues to delight coffee enthusiasts with its innovative blends.

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