Best Espresso Machine Under 200 [Top 5 Choices for 2023]

This is my review for best espresso machines under $200

If the idea of a foamy, rich shot makes you go crazy, finding the perfect espresso machine will make your life better.

You do not necessarily have to spend a fortune to get an espresso machine. You can find some high-quality items that bring in excellent value for money without breaking the bank.

After spending more than 28 hours doing extensive research and checking multiple models I found Breville Veruto to be the best espresso machine.

It’s OK if you are still curious about other models and want to review more options. All in all, here is everything you need to know before you begin your search for the best espresso machine under 200.

My Top 5 Picks for Best Espresso Machines Under 200

#1: Breville BNV220CRO1BUC1 Vertuo Espresso Machine

Breville’s best espresso machine under 200 will give you the barista experience in the comfort of your own home. Get ready to surprise both yourself and your guests with a tasty and aromatic shot of espresso, as well as a bunch of other varieties of this beverage. The system works with Nespresso Vertuo capsules – not compatible with other options.

You have five different options when it comes to creating the perfect cup of coffee. With one touch of a button you can brew up to five cup sizes: The classic espresso is 1.35 ounces. Then, you can do a double espresso, as well as a regular coffee – 7.7 ounces – or a gran lungo – 5 ounces. Finally, alto is relatively large and allows a 14-ounce beverage – not too strong, but still aromatic.

Breville espresso maker will provide consistency in flavor and aroma. It features a unique Centrifusion technology that relies on bar codes. It will identify the type of capsule used for the beverage and apply the optimal level of pressure to deliver the right aroma, without ruining the beverage – the same rule applies for the crema on top.

While you will need to purchase Nespresso capsules separately over time, it is worth noting that the espresso machine comes with a starter set. There will be a few capsules to get used to the machine and figure out which beverages you actually like. These assortments may vary from one package to another though.

Finally, the espresso machine requires about 15 seconds to heat up, so you can have your espresso within a minute. The water tank can take 40 ounces – no need to refill it after a few cups. Plus, ignore the machine for nine minutes and it will shut off by itself to save energy. Other than that, it comes in a few different colors.


  • Energy-saving setting to turn the machine off
  • Multiple options – easy to use
  • Intuitive one-touch control panel
  • Different sizes for beverages
  • Heats up in no time
  • removable water reservoir


  • Capsules will add up to the price overtime

#2: De’Longhi Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

The smooth and silky crema on top of your cappuccinos is one of the aspects that make De’Longhi’s espresso machine stand out in the crowd. The brand is known for its high-quality standards and this machine will certainly meet your expectations. It runs with coffee pods, it is well put together and it can provide access to a wide variety of beverages.

In terms of sizing, Nespresso Vertuo measures 5.5×16.9×12.4 inches. It weighs about nine pounds, so it is compact and easy to move around. You might as well store it in a cupboard if there is not too much countertop space, yet the good news is it looks good and it will easily complement a kitchen. Capsules are highly diversified too.

The machine can make a beverage in no time, but also in more sizes. You can opt for five, eight, 14, and 18 ounces. You can get a single espresso, as well as a double one – not to mention large American coffees. Choose the size of the cup and a single button will give you the desired beverage – make sure to leave some room for the milk too.

The secret to De’Longhi’s best espresso machine under 200 is in the pressure. This is what makes the difference between an average coffee and a qualitative one. The Nespresso capsules will spin to 7,000 rotations per minute. Every drop of aroma will be sent to your cup, rather than wasted. No matter what capsules you want, your beverages will pleasantly surprise you.

Brewing is a matter of pressing a single button. Once the coffee is done, the capsule will be automatically ejected. It will be stored in a separate container – up to eight capsules – before getting recycled. The machine will also turn off by itself. Nespresso has its own recycling program for the sealed aluminum capsules.

Other than that, Nespresso Vertuo is easy to use and has an intuitive control panel. It is mostly made of recycled materials and it is well put together. It has Bluetooth connectivity, so it is always updated. Maintenance is fairly simple too – a quick wipe will do. Check the manual for internal cleaning and maintenance though.


  • High flavor and aroma every time
  • Easy to recycle used capsules
  • Very easy to use and easy to clean
  • Can make beverages in more sizes
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Can brew one cup at a time
  • Requires coffee pods

#3: Mr. Coffee Café Barista Espresso Maker

Mr. Coffee espresso maker is one of those appliances that look and feel way more expensive. It weighs over 10 pounds and measures 11.22×8.86×12.6 inches. It is larger than what you can normally get in this range and it has a professional appearance – basically, it looks like those machines you see in bars and restaurants, only it is a bit smaller.

The machine is a three in one unit. You can get yourself a tiny, but strong espresso. You can also come up with a silky cappuccino – a bit of soft foam on top of an espresso. But then, you can also have a latte if you do not really appreciate a strong coffee. Given the frother, your options are much more diversified – how about a mocha?

Mr Coffee café barista espresso maker comes with a powerful pump that offers 15 bars of pressure and which will brew every bit of flavor from your coffee. Everything goes into your coffee. It has a classic espresso mechanism, meaning you need to put some pressure on the ground coffee, switch the pouring part in and let the machine get the job done. It does not grind beans though.

The semi-automatic espresso machine features an automatic milk frothing feature. Sure, a bit of customization would be handy, but the truth is most people struggle to get the right type of foam. This unit is automatic, so you can eliminate the guesswork. Simply get the frother to work and it will do the type of foam you require.

The control panel is conveniently located on the top part of the espresso machine. You can opt for a single or double shot of espresso, cappuccinos, or lattes. You can also customize the beverage, use the frothing function or clean the machine. The cleaning function will clear the internal parts – highly recommended on a regular basis.

You can also switch between manual and automatic features. This espresso coffee machine comes with a removable water tank that can be cleaned in no time. Finally, it is important to know that Mr. Coffee’s machine is based on stainless steel. It is well put together and looks good, but it is also durable.


  • Removable parts for easy access
  • Sophisticated and powerful for its price
  • Automatic frother to eliminate guesswork
  • Manual and automatic modes
  • Comes with a cleaning function
  • One-touch control panel


  • Frother should be cleaned after each use

#4: Chefman 6-In-1 Espresso Machine

This could be the best espresso machine under 200 if you are after value for money. Incredibly compact – just 11×8.3×12.6 inches, the machine can literally turn your kitchen into an actual café. It has plenty of features for its size and it excels at each of them, giving you the taste of coffeehouse beverages without any effort.

The pump is super powerful and brings in a 15 bar pressure pump. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about lattes, cappuccinos, or macchiatos. Even if you like your coffee dark, chances are your guests or partner may want to enjoy that thick foam on top of it. Plus, the frother is excellent if you want a hot cocoa drink every now and then.

Now, the Chefman espresso machine is a six in one unit, meaning it can create six different types of coffee. You got single and double options for espresso, macchiato, and cappuccino. You also have a button for the frother, which will give you even more diversity in your brewing experience – get ready to explore a new world.

The control panel is simple and intuitive – all the buttons on top of the machine. Apart from the six buttons for beverages and one for the milk frothing element, you also have an extra setting for cleaning. It will give your machine a rinse and clean all the leftovers – ideal for maintenance. You should clean it at the end of the day or after a long round of beverages. 

Unlike other espresso machines in this size range, Chefman’s masterpiece features a large water reservoir. You will most likely keep it going for more than just a few days with a single refill. It can take about half a gallon of water. That is more than enough for at least 15 different beverages – even more, if you want single espresso shots.

The internal parts of the machine are cleaned through the built-in cleaning function. As for the outside, you can simply use a damp cloth. There is no scrubbing required. The exterior is based on stainless steel. Not only does it look good, but it is also corrosion and rust-resistant. As for detachable parts, all of them are safe to wash in a dishwasher.

What are the pros?

  • Based on solid and durable materials
  • Lots of features for its compact size
  • Versatile – lots of different beverages (espresso, latte, or cappuccino)
  • Easy to clean
  • Large water reservoir

What are the cons?

  • No options for large American coffee beverages

#5: Yabano Espresso Machine

Yabano may not be the most common name on the market for residential espresso machines, but every professional barista will know it. The brand is better known for creating high-end machines for restaurants and bars. Its model for residential uses brings in the reliability and technical features associated with such machines.

This 15 bar pump espresso maker is a bit higher than the average in this segment. It is easy to use and features a barista-style operation. Practically, you need to unscrew the handle, fill the container with coffee, put some pressure on it as you screw it in, and turn it on. You can prepare two different beverages at the same time.

Worried about not knowing the ideal pressure? The machine comes with built-in pressure gauges. You will know the right pressure upfront, so you can maintain consistency while brewing your daily espresso. These are the kind of specifications you normally find in professional machines, hence the excellent value for money.

While Yabano does require a bit of experience, the steam wand will allow you to turn milk into thick foam. Come up with your own milky foam in no time. It may seem a bit difficult at first, but you will get used to it – it is a constant shaking movement. Some machines are automatic, but this one provides a high level of customization.

The water tank will not let you down either. It can take just under 34 ounces. It is not just large, but also transparent – you will always be able to know how much water you have left. It is also detachable, so cleaning and filling it up is a piece of cake. It goes at the back of the machine, meaning it will not look too bad.

Other detachable parts include the drip tray and the frothing nozzle. In other words, maintenance is fairly simple. As for the control panel, there is not much to worry about – no buttons for single or double drinks. Simply make a single or double espresso with the wand, then add milk or foam based on your preferences – classic and traditional.

What are the pros?

  • Modern and durable design
  • Detachable parts for easy maintenance
  • Commercial grade experience
  • Easy to use
  • High foam customization

What are the cons?

  • Frother has a learning curve

What To Look For In The Best Espresso Machine Under 200

Purchasing an espresso machine may not seem so complicated – make sure it can do your favorite beverages and you are ready to go. Wrong! In fact, there are a few general considerations that you need to pay attention to.


Ideally, you should know how much hassle an espresso machine can take before buying it. A high end machine will be able to work all day without showing any signs of wear and tear, but unless you have a large family and everyone is at home all day, there is no need for one.

On the same note, a budget-friendly machine can overheat if used all day, but it will work wonders when only used for a couple of beverages every few hours – which is pretty much what most households will require anyway.

Grinding capacity

You can grind your coffee beans in two different ways. Some espresso machines come with built-in grinders. Some others do not – meaning you will have to purchase ground coffee or a separate grinder for beans. There are lots of options out there, so this is not necessarily a priority.

Either way, the grinding capacity depends on how many people in your family have coffee – as well as how often. Ideally, a built-in grinder will get the job done faster – pretty automatic and without too much help from you.

Water reservoir

Some individual and compact espresso machines will be able to hold enough water for one or two cups – you do not need more than that if you live with your partner. Some others can take enough water for more than 10 cups of coffee.

Large espresso machines are more likely to connect to water sources. Such machines are mostly recommended for commercial uses, so they will not really bring in the most value for money in your home. Stick to one with a water tank, as well as a filling spout – you might want a funnel.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning an espresso machine could be a bit of a challenge, so find out whether or not you will have to disassemble it. Some small units only involve wiping the spouts, emptying, and cleaning the drip tray – nothing else.

Generally speaking, you must pay attention to the water receptacle and the frothing elements. Any part that can get moisture must be cleaned and dried. Preventing hard water deposits is also a must, so regular treatments must be conducted every three to six months.

Frothing features

Frothing features depend on what you need the machine for. Unlike many expectations, you can find the best espresso machine under 200 with milk frothing equipment without too much hassle. Now, how do you like your coffee? Do you enjoy a latte or a cappuccino every now in a while? How about a macchiato?

If you do, frothing equipment is highly recommended – yet, you can buy frothers separately too. On the other hand, if you only like black espressos (no sugar or milk), you can do without a frother. Consider other household members’ preferences as well.


How much coffee do you need on a daily basis and how often do you drink it? If you barely have a cup a day in the morning, chances are you do not really need a big machine. It is not cost-efficient and storage will be a nightmare – such things are heavy and take a lot of room, hence the necessity of a small unit.

Espresso machines designed for single individuals, couples or small families are quite compact and can be stored in a kitchen cabinet. A compact profile is also required if there is not too much counter space. Ideally, you need to keep it on the counter for daily coffees.

Style and design

Functionality comes before style and design, but at the same time, you want the espresso machine to match the overall décor of your kitchen too – luckily, you will not have to compromise. In terms of design, there are a few factors that could alter the functionality though.

For example, a spout attached at an unusual angle will make pouring quite difficult – you might need some extra room around the espresso machine. Now, if you have to refill it more times a day, having a short cord could make the job annoying – unplug it, move it, fill it, and plug it back in.

Think about the materials as well. If everything in your kitchen is black, white, or vintage, a modern stainless steel espresso machine will stand out – and not really in a good way. A matching design is a must to avoid breaking the pattern.


There are more extras each espresso maker could come with – some of them are nothing but random bells and whistles that only add to the price, while others will become quite helpful. For instance, a cup warmer might be nice, but not mandatory – you are less likely to drink your espresso over three hours.

Programmable settings could be a bit better, but not if you live alone. If you have more people in the family who use the machine, you can set more profiles on it, so everyone can get their perfect beverage without working on the settings.

You can also check if your espresso maker comes with a milk reservoir (like Mr coffee cafe barista) or a removable tank and drip tray. Again these are not essential but help you to feel like you own a coffee shop-like kind of equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still undecided about the best espresso machines under 200?

Is milk frother necessary?

frothering milk in the cup

Well, it’s definitely not needed to make espresso but it’s a nice addon. Consider other family members’ needs as well. The frother will allow you to make lattes and cappuccinos, as well as other similar beverages. While not mandatory if you like dark coffee, it might be worth having it for your guests.

What does tamping mean?

barista tamping a coffee for espresso

Tamping is the process of squeezing coffee. Once the ground coffee goes into the filter handle, it must be tamped down – contracted evenly. This way, there will be no running channels for water. Instead, the water will grab as much flavor and aroma as possible.

How large should the water tank be?

It depends on how much coffee you need on a daily basis. Do you prefer a single shot of espresso or double shot espresso is your thing? If you live by yourself, you may not need a big tank – you might as well rely on a single or double-use tank. If everyone in your family has a few espressos a day, you might want an espresso machine with a large water tank.

Is 15 bar enough for espresso?

Espresso made from 15 bar pump coffee machine

Definitely! Although, for a long time, 9 bars of pressure were considered a sweet spot for making a perfect espresso shot. These days many people say that only 15 bars of pressure are capable of making perfect espresso shots. This is the reason why most modern espresso makers are featured with a 15 bar pump.

Is it a problem that my espresso maker makes regular coffee and espresso at the same time?

barista making cup of cappuccino

Not at all. Many famous espresso makers (like Mr coffee cafe barista or DeLonghi ECP3420) come with extra features that allow you to create different types of coffee

It’s a market demand and many high-quality coffee machines come with extra equipment like an extra steam wand, removable drip tray just to make them more attractive to you. After all, if you can make espresso and cappuccino using the same coffee maker then you can only benefit from it, right?

My Verdict

Deciding on the best espresso machine under 200 depends on many factors and your primary needs should become your top priorities. It is all about the features you want, the type of espresso you like (single, double, or with various enhancements), as well as the number of people who will use the machine on a daily basis.

My choice is Breville Veruto. I think it’s the best coffee maker for the perfect espresso shot. It’s a reliable and easy-to-use model. Breville is also an industry-famous brand and that is always a guarantee of high-quality products.

If you are still struggling then you may want to read the reviews once again. You may be sure that by picking one of the above-mentioned models you will buy one of the best espresso makers out there.

Any of the above-mentioned machines will provide a prolific experience in terms of quality and consistency.

Disclaimer: All products were priced below $200 on the day of writing this article. This article has informational character, prices may always change, you should check the price directly on Amazon before buying your coffee maker

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