Coffee in Cereal (Yum or Yuck?)

Cereal and milk have been a staple part of the diet for such a long time, but it CAN be quite boring as well – especially if you have been eating the SAME OLD pairing since you were a kid. 

So naturally, you will find yourself drifting towards new trends on social media, or even trying out new condiments to add to your cereal all on your own! 

One new pairing that you could either LOVE or HATE is coffee. Yes, you read that right folks, Coffee in Cereal is now a thing!

Now let us be open-minded for a second because this is NOT too far-fetched of an idea if you really think about it. Cereal is usually eaten for breakfast, and breakfast is where Coffee belongs as well.

So combining the two can’t be that bad of an idea right? 

Well if you’re intrigued by the idea read on to find out what this interesting combination is like, who can try it out, and if something other than coffee – like coffee creamer, can be used instead.

Can You Eat Cereal With Coffee?

Yes, you can eat cereal with coffee – but it can add a bitter taste.

And turns out, it’s rather common in Italy and France! But people there tend to use milk coffee and not black coffee.

But how does coffee affect the taste and texture of the cereal? Read on.

Coffee And Cereal

I personally have never tried coffee with cereal, but there are a lot of people who actually have tried the combo.

Users on Reddit were quick to answer the question of what it exactly tastes like, and a lot of people said it was delicious.

Another user said that it “tastes good in a pinch”, but added that the beverage doesn’t really pair well with cereal on its own.

Some Reddit users suggested adding a shot of espresso to cereal with milk, claiming that it tasted REALLY GOOD, so obviously coffee alone seems a bit too bold.

Almost all other Reddit users either threw the concoction away or added the age-old pal of cereal – MILK. 

But you’re always welcome to try it on your own! I mean, there HAS to be something to this combo, because even KELLOG has decided to capitalize on it with their new chocolate and mocha-flavored cereal!

Who Shouldn’t Add Coffee to Cereal?

There really isn’t a problem with adding coffee in cereal, unless you are told not to eat either separately. 

If coffee causes some kind of health complication on its own to you, or if eating cereal is not healthy for you, then combining the two can obviously be a problem.

Some who have tried the combination have suggested going with a sweet cereal like Fruit Loops, but if you have an issue with high-sugar products, then having this combo is not good for your system.

If the two products pose no danger to your health on their own, a combination won’t be a problem.

That being said, I still don’t recommend eating coffee with cereal every day.

Cereals That Go With Coffee

If you’re going ahead with the coffee in cereal combo with or without milk, it is BEST to use a type of cereal that is not TOO overpowering. 

Listed below are some options you can definitely try out if you are going down to have some adventurous taste test for breakfast: 

  • Cocoa Puffs
  • Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies
  • Dunkin Caramel Macchiato Cereal
  • Dunkin Mocha Latte Cereal

Can You Use Coffee Creamer in Cereal?

Yes, you can use coffee creamer in cereal. It will be a great alternative for anyone who has milk allergies since coffee creamer has ZERO lactose. 

It’s not a dairy item, and you can safely add it to cereal, just simply replace the amount of milk one would add to a bowl of cereal with coffee creamer and you should be fine! 

But one should also keep in mind that consumption of coffee creamer regularly can also increase the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, so it is best to have it in moderation and not as part of a daily meal like cereal. 

Either way, it is a treat for times when you only have creamer and no milk in your pantry. 

Bottom Line

All in all, I think coffee and cereal do taste good but it certainly isn’t for everyone.

Apart from causing blood glucose levels to rise, there is no other evidence of the combo causing issues or affecting the nutritional value of the cereal.

If you want to try it out, go ahead! If it tastes too bitter, just keep adding milk until it’s ok. 


Can You Eat Cereal And Drink Coffee?

Yes, you can. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it unless you have some kind of allergy to either. It can actually be part of a rounded breakfast, especially if you are using low-sugar cereal with milk, and pairing it with coffee.

Can I Drink Coffee While Eating Oatmeal?

Yes, you can. Oatmeal is packed with protein and fiber, and coffee will give you a nice boost of caffeine. In fact, it’s actually good for people who suffer from acid reflux.

You can also amp up the flavor by adding some coffee creamer to your oats as well, bringing in that creamy factor so you have a nice treat altogether. 

You can add a shot of espresso along with your milk to the oats as a tasty diversion from the usual overnight coffee oats. 

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