17 Healthy Low Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks (Explore Them All!)

Confused at Dutch Bros, scanning the menu for a guilt-free indulgence? I’ve been there. 

Dive into this guide as we reveal the top 17 low-calorie delights, share tips to trim down that order, and highlight the drinks to think twice about. 

Your journey to flavorful, yet mindful sipping starts here!

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17 Low Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks (My Favorite Low Sugar Picks)

1. Americano at Dutch Bros (10 Calories)

The Americano is a must-have choice for those who appreciate straightforward, rich coffee flavor with the bonus of being light.

A small or medium size contains just 10 calories, while a large offers a still-remarkable 20 calories. This makes it an outstanding choice for those on strict diets or simply being calorie-conscious.

At its core, the Dutch Bros Americano is made up of espresso shots extracted from the esteemed Dutch Bros Private Reserve blend. It means 100% arabica beans from Central and South America and there’s no compromise on the quality or depth of flavor.

For those unfamiliar with its taste, the Americano might come across as slightly bitter and potent. This boldness is attributed to the concentrated espresso diluted with hot water, delivering a coffee experience that’s both invigorating and pure.

2. Annihilator the low-calorie way (45 Calories)

The Annihilator, a fan-favorite at Dutch Bros, typically presents a rich, indulgent experience. 

One of the prime ingredients giving the Annihilator its characteristic taste is the chocolate macadamia nut syrup. For those watching their calories, opting for the sugar-free version of this syrup can significantly reduce the calorie content without skimping on that beloved chocolate-macadamia flavor profile.

My personal favorite hack to transform the Annihilator into a low-calorie treat is to replace the standard half-and-half with non-fat milk. This simple substitution ensures the drink retains its creaminess but with a fraction of the original calorie content.

With these modifications in place, a small-sized Annihilator will clock in at around 45 calories. However, always remember that the calorie content can vary based on the size of the drink as well as its preparation type—whether it’s iced, hot, or blended.

3. Latte (100 Calories)

A classic among coffee connoisseurs, it has always been a favorite. But what if you’re craving that creamy consistency and rich flavor while keeping an eye on your calorie count?

The first step towards a leaner latte is in the milk. By simply swapping whole milk for non-fat milk, you instantly slash those calorie numbers. 

Fancy a flavored latte? With a myriad of syrups available, it’s tempting to add a splash for that extra taste kick. The trick I use very often? Opt for the sugar-free variants. You’ll get the flavor without the caloric baggage.

If you like your latte on the sweeter side, Dutch Bros offers Truvia, a stevia-based sweetener. Natural and calorie-free, it provides that sweet touch without the usual sugar spike.

4. Double RainBro Tea (10 Calories)

The trio of syrups – peach, coconut, and strawberry – come together to create a symphony of flavors. 

The peach syrup adds a fragrant sweetness, the coconut brings a touch of tropical creaminess, while the strawberry rounds it off with its juicy tartness. 

For those keeping an eagle eye on their caloric intake, the Double Rainbro comes with a delightful twist. All three syrups – peach, coconut, and strawberry – have sugar-free versions. By opting for these, you not only retain the burst of flavors but also drastically cut down on the calories. 

The result? A drink that’s nearly calorie-free, clocking in at just around 10-20 calories.

5. Peach Tea  (10 Calories)

Dutch Bros’ Peach Tea is one of the standout choices for those with an eye on healthy and low-sugar options.

At the foundation of this drink lies the choice of Green or Paris black tea. Both these teas are known for their rich antioxidants and subtle flavor profiles, offering not just health benefits but also a grounding base for the drink.

The star ingredient, peach syrup, lends the Peach Tea its characteristic sweet flavor.

The good news? Dutch Bros provides both a regular and a sugar-free variant of this syrup. If you’re after the peachy flavor without the added calories, the sugar-free option is a game-changer.

When we dive into the calorie content, the regular Peach Tea has around 100 calories for a small size. However, by simply opting for the sugar-free peach syrup, you can drastically cut down on the calories, bringing it close to zero.

6. Tropical Tea (10 Calories)

What truly brings the tropical essence to life is the trio of syrups: passion fruit, coconut, and blue raspberry. 

The passion fruit syrup adds a tangy zest, the coconut syrup offers a hint of creamy sweetness, and the blue raspberry syrup introduces a fruity note that binds the flavors together.

For those who are calorie-conscious, there’s fantastic news. Both the coconut and blue raspberry syrups come in sugar-free versions! By opting for these sugar-free alternatives, you can substantially cut down on the drink’s calorie content. 

In fact, with these modifications, you’re looking at a drink that’s only around 20-30 calories. 

7. Kicker (125 Calories)

With its base of cold brew coffee, it’s both a caffeine powerhouse and a delightful treat.

One of the standout attributes of the Kicker is its caffeine content. Cold brew coffee is inherently rich in caffeine, making this drink ideal for those moments when you need a surge of alertness and focus.

Dutch Bros offers both the original and a skinny version of the Kicker. While the original is a creamy, calorie-rich delight, the skinny version caters to those mindful of their caloric intake.

At the heart of the Kicker lies the rich flavor of Irish cream syrup. The syrup adds a touch of sweet creaminess to the robust coffee. For those counting calories, there’s a sugar-free variant of this syrup available. 

The drink also contains half & half, adding to its richness. However, if you’re looking to slim it down even further, you can opt to substitute the half & half with non-fat or even plant-based milk, aligning with both dietary preferences and health goals. 

8. Double Chocolate Mocha (50 Calories)

When it comes to indulgence, Dutch Bros’ Double Chocolate Mocha hits the spot with its rich combination of chocolate milk and chocolate sauce.

However, for those who love the taste but want to try a skinny menu version, there’s a way to enjoy this favorite with far fewer calories. 

How to trim the calories? Let’s break it down:

Chocolate without the Guilt: By requesting a sugar-free chocolate sauce, you instantly slash a significant amount of the drink’s calorie content. You get that cocoa flavor but without the accompanying sugars.

Milk Matters: Whole milk, while deliciously creamy, is higher in calories. By opting for non-fat milk, you cut down on both calories and fats. If you’re looking for a twist, plant-based alternatives like almond or coconut milk not only reduce the calorie count but also introduce a different, pleasant flavor profile to the beverage.

With these modifications, what was originally a 460-calorie treat for a small cup, becomes a beverage that’s less than 50 calories! It’s a significant reduction, making the drink both refreshing and diet-friendly.

9. Passion Fruit Tea (80 Calories)

Dutch Bros gives you the freedom to enjoy this tea however you like – hot or cold. While both versions provide a delectable taste, if you’re counting calories, the hot version gets our nod. 

A large hot Passion Fruit Tea has only 80 calories, making it a relatively light way to indulge your tropical cravings.

It’s a great choice as it combines the wholesomeness of tea with the zesty allure of passion fruit. 

And even though it might not have a sugar-free variant like its Peach counterpart, the relatively low-calorie content, especially when ordered hot, ensures you can savor this tropical treat without too much concern.

10. Watermelon Soda (99 Calories)

The foundation of this vibrant drink lies in the sparkling soda water that is Infused with watermelon syrup. It sounds like summer captured in liquid form. 

And the cherry (or should I say watermelon?) on top is the dollop of whipped cream, which adds a creamy sweetness, enhancing the overall taste profile.

For those who’re conscious about their calorie intake, there’s great news. You can opt for the sugar-free version of the watermelon syrup, ensuring you get the same fruity delight minus the calories. 

Additionally, if you’re looking to trim down even further, consider passing on the whipped cream or soft top. With these tweaks, you’re looking at a drink that slides comfortably under the 100-calorie mark.

11. White Mocha (150 Calories)

Let’s begin with the foundation – the cold brew coffee. Recognized for its smoothness and potent caffeine content, cold brew offers a robust backdrop

But what makes the White Mocha truly stand out is the luxurious white chocolate syrup. This syrup wraps your palate in a velvety sweetness, reminiscent of creamy cocoa butter and melted sugar.

Recognizing that everyone’s taste and dietary preferences differ, Dutch Bros offers customization for the White Mocha. 

For those monitoring their sugar intake or looking for a slightly lighter version, there’s the option to request the sugar-free variant of the white chocolate syrup. 

It ensures you get the flavor without the additional calories.

Read more: What is a white coffee at Dutch Bros?

12. Tiger’s Blood (120 Calories)

The beauty of Tiger’s Blood lies in its ability to provide a tantalizing taste trip without relying on caffeine. 

By simply opting for the sugar-free versions of the strawberry and coconut syrups, you can enjoy the same vibrant flavors with a significant reduction in calories. It’s a win-win for taste and health!

13. Peach Rebel (10 Calories)

At the heart of this concoction is the Rebel energy drink, known for its ability to revitalize and recharge. 

What sets the Peach Rebel apart is the infusion of peach syrup, introducing a burst of summery sweetness that contrasts and complements the zing of the energy drink. 

If you’re keen on enjoying the vivacity of the Peach Rebel but are mindful of calorie counts simply request the sugar-free variant of the peach syrup to maintain the flavor while cutting back on the calories. 

For an even lighter touch, consider customizing your drink to have a sugar-free version of the Rebel Energy drink. 

14. Aftershock (10 Calories)

A fusion of blackberry, raspberry, lime, and strawberry syrups come together in a delightful dance

For those counting calories: Consider removing one or two syrups to lighten the load, or better yet, opt for the sugar-free versions of the syrups. This way, you can relish the Aftershock experience while keeping those calories in check.

For minimal calorie intake, consider adding a sugar-free version of the Rebel Energy drink. 

15. Midnight Rebel (10 Calories)

Craving an energy boost with a burst of flavor? Meet the Midnight Rebel, Dutch Bros’ answer to night-long vitality.

The fundamental component of the Midnight Rebel is its energy drink base. Dutch Bros offers a sugar-free version, allowing you to maintain that energizing lift without the surplus of sugar calories.

This drink stands out with its unique combination of blackberry and pomegranate syrups. But flavor doesn’t have to mean high-calorie. By selecting the sugar-free versions of these syrups, you can savor the taste without adding unnecessary calories.

16. Cocomo freeze (100 Calories)

Love the Cocomo Freeze from Dutch Bros but watching calories? Here’s how to enjoy it lighter:

  • Order it “skinny.” This means a mix of half chocolate and half non-fat milk, giving you creaminess with fewer calories.
  • Opt for sugar-free coconut syrup. Same tropical flavor, and fewer calories.
  • For an even leaner drink, pass on the whipped cream.

With these easy changes, you can indulge in the Cocomo Freeze’s deliciousness while staying in line with your health goals. Enjoy!

17. Shark attack (10 Calories)

The Shark Attack boasts a tantalizing mix of blue raspberry, coconut, lime, and pomegranate syrups. The good news? You can request all of these in sugar-free versions. You’ll still get that exotic burst of flavors, just without the sugar rush!

The drink’s backbone, the rebel energy drink, can also be switched to a sugar-free variant. This way, you get the kick without the caloric hit.

By opting for these sugar-free alternatives, you can savor the thrilling taste of the Shark Attack without sidetracking your health objectives.

7 Tips to Keep Drinks Lower in Calories at Dutch Bros

Opt for Sugar-Free Syrups

Many drinks at Dutch Bros use flavored syrups that add to the calorie count.

Tip: I always ask if there’s a sugar-free version of the syrup available. This can drastically reduce the sugar and calorie content without compromising much on flavor.

Mind Your Milk

Traditional lattes and other drinks often use whole milk, which adds creaminess but also calories.

Tip: Opt for non-fat milk or consider plant-based alternatives like almond or coconut milk. If choosing plant milk, avoid oat milk as it’s typically higher in calories.

Skip the Whip:

Whipped cream can be the crowning glory of many drinks but also adds extra calories.

Tip: Consider forgoing the whipped cream or asking for a light dollop instead of a full serving.

Dilute Energy Drinks:

Drinks like the Peach Rebel use energy drinks that are packed with sugar.

Tip: Try making your drink with half energy drink and half soda water. This reduces the sugar content and still gives you a bit of an energy kick.

Check for Alternatives

Some drinks have inherently higher sugar content.

Tip: In cases where sugar-free syrup isn’t an option, see if you can reduce the number of syrups or ask for half the usual amount to cut back on sugars and calories.

Size Matters:

Larger drink sizes mean more calories.

Tip: If you’re watching your calorie intake, consider ordering a smaller size. The flavors will still be there, just in a more controlled portion.

Be Mindful of Blended Drinks

Blended beverages often contain added sugars and calories due to their ingredients.

Tip: Check if there’s a way to modify the recipe, such as by using sugar-free ingredients or less of a particular high-calorie component.

Remember, while these tips can help you reduce the calorie content of your Dutch Bros drinks, it’s essential to enjoy your beverage and find a balance that works for your tastes and dietary needs!

Healthy Low Calories Drinks Summary

In case you missed anything, here’s the list again. If you’re uncertain about which drink to choose and you are looking for some flavor inspiration check the sugar-free syrup options at Dutch Bros. If a particular taste catches your attention, you might discover a drink that’s perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the lowest calorie drink available at Dutch Bros?

The lowest calorie drink at Dutch Bros is the Americano with just 10-20 calories, depending on the size.

What’s the highest-calorie drink available at Dutch Bros?

The highest calorie drink available at Dutch Bros is Golden Eagle which in the blended version contains 1000kcal!

What does ‘skinny’ mean at Dutch Bros?

At Dutch Bros, ‘skinny’ typically means the drink is made with non-fat milk and sugar-free syrups.

What ingredients drive up calories?

Ingredients that drive up calories include whole milk, regular syrups, whipped cream, and certain energy drinks.

Conclusion – Which drink is the healthiest?

When it comes to choosing the healthiest drink at Dutch Bros, it’s not just about calorie count. 

Health encompasses more than just numbers. The Americano stands out for its minimal calories, but its simple ingredients of espresso shots and water ensure there are no hidden sugars or fats. 

While other beverages can be modified to be “skinny” or have fewer calories, it’s the purity and simplicity of the Americano that makes it shine. 

However, always remember that the healthiest choice is the one that aligns with your personal dietary needs and preferences. Whether you’re after a caffeine kick, a sugar-free treat, or simply a delicious beverage, Dutch Bros offers a wide array to cater to every taste and health goal.

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