Is Coffee A Soup? (No – Here’s Why)

You might have heard the words “coffee bean” being thrown around a lot, primarily by influencers and coffee enthusiasts on social media – but that is also what it’s ACTUALLY called. 

But does this mean coffee is a type of bean? Like garbanzo and green beans? 

I mean if regular beans boiled in water become soup, does this also mean coffee “beans” boiled in water are also just soup?

This article takes a full-length dive into these questions and so much more, starting from what coffee and soup are, and how seeds and beans differ.

What is Coffee?

Coffee is usually a hot beverage that is made using coffee beans and is a bitter, slightly acidic drink that has a very stimulating and energizing effect on people. 

It has a high level of caffeine which people enjoy – especially in the morning. 

While its use is mainly reserved for the mornings (alongside a hearty breakfast), coffee is also served at any time of the day, whenever one has a craving for it.

To make coffee, the coffee beans are first roasted, and once properly dried (but NOT burnt) they are then ground into a fine powder and steeped in boiling water. 

The steeping times and what is added afterward can be changed and creates a VARIETY of beverages like espresso, cafe latte, and other flavors.

There are different preparation methods as well, from simply steeping in hot water, to using coffee machines in super sophisticated ways.

What is Soup?

Soup is more or less a liquified FOOD, and almost always a meal in itself. 

Soup is made either hot or cold by boiling fish, vegetables, and meat together, with the occasional addition of milk, stock, and water. 

From being a poor person’s meal and also being served in very bougie dinners, to being something that is quickly prepared and nourishing, soup has had an interesting set of labels over the years. 

Soup has found its place as a global dish that is beloved and turned into multiple variants across the world.

Is Coffee a Seed or a Bean?

Coffee, despite being called the coffee ‘bean’, is actually a SEED. You could take a coffee bean and plant it to grow a new coffee tree!

Coffee beans are the seeds of “coffee berries” which is the fruit of coffee plants.

These berries are red and have 2 coffee “beans” or seeds inside.

Is Coffee just Bean Soup?

No, it’s NOT. Since coffee is clearly not an actual bean, but instead is called one, it can be easy to confuse the whole preparation process and the end product as a version of ‘bean’ soup. 

But the thing is, coffee is a seed, and it is not boiled in water for extended periods of time, but steeped instead (for a short period), like tea.

In fact, the timing has to be JUST right, or else the coffee loses all of its rich flavors and that is NOT the case for soup! 

So it is evident that coffee is certainly not a bean soup. 

Seeds do NOT belong in a soup. Certainly not roasted and ground ones. 

Some people say it is a ‘fruit seed soup’, but it is only half right (the fruit seed part) – but soup is not created by just steeping vegetables and meat in hot water.

Coffee vs Soup

It should be pretty evident by now that coffee and soup are two very distinct things. 

Coffee comes from a SEED that has been roasted and ground and is steeped in boiling water, but soup is liquified food with a much higher nutrient value and a whole lot of vegetables and meats.

IngredientsRoasted coffee beans and waterVegetables, meat, fish, legumes, grains, spices, water, or broth
ServedCan be served hot or coldCan be served hot or cold
NutritionGenerally low in caloriesHigh calories and a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber
Health BenefitsAntioxidants may boost energy levels, may lower the risk of certain diseasesOften nutrient-dense, can be hydrating, often low in calories
TextureLiquid. No solidsHave different textures like smooth, chunky, creamy, etc.
Cultural SignificanceOften associated with morning routines, breaks, social gatheringsComfort food, a wide variety of traditional recipes worldwide. Mainly eaten for lunch or supper
Comparison of Characteristics and Cultural Significance of Coffee and Soup

Is Coffee A Fruit Or Vegetable?

Coffee is a fruit, but not one that is enjoyed AS a fruit, like apples or cherries. 

Coffee is considered to be a berry before it is roasted. 

The fleshy outer covering (which is slightly sweet) shrinks during the drying process, and the seed inside – the coffee ‘bean’ – is then finely roasted afterward. 

So coffee is NOT a vegetable, but rather the seed of a fruit – the coffee berry. 

Is Coffee A Broth?

Coffee CAN be classified as a broth since it is roasted ground seeds that are steeped in water. But even broths take a lot longer to make compared to coffee. 

But since it does not have the creamy consistency of a soup, or cooked for hours like one, it could probably be classified as a broth. 

That is ONLY if you HAVE to classify it as one. Or else, just take regular old coffee as it is – a nice beverage.   

Is Coffee A Juice?

Nope. Coffee is a seed, and juice is often made with the flesh of the fruit and not the seed. 

In fact, seeds are usually thrown out in the fruit juice-making process or filtered out in the process later on!

So no, coffee is NOT a type of juice at all, but a beverage made from the seeds of a ‘fruit’. 

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