Ultimate Jura E6 Review

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What I like

  • TFT color LCD display with backlit
  • Customizable settings & memory
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Wireless capability
  • Built-in burr grinder

What I dont like

  • No self-cleaning feature
  • The milk froth remains lukewarm
  • You cannot use pre-ground beans

This is my review of the Jura E6 coffee machine.

Do you love coffee, but hate going to the café every time you crave for it? Well, the thing that takes you out to the café is the delicious flavor. But what if I say you can prepare a great-tasting cup of joe at home?

It may sound unfeasible, but it is actually possible! While searching for an easy-to-use automatic coffee maker I bumped into Jura E6. I spent more than 18 hours reviewing it and I’m glad that I can share my findings with you.

Jura E6 can prepare different types of coffee including cappuccino, espresso, and more, and that was enough to convince me to go for it. But is it the right product for you?

You can find it out with this Jura E6 review where I’ve explained my experience so far. Hopefully, this review will help you to make a decision whether or not you should buy Jura E6.

Jura E6 Review: The Key Features

I was astonished by the features this model offers. Moreover, preparing coffee is now a breeze and just a click is enough to get a piping-hot latte poured in a mug (yes, it’s way more than just a regular espresso machine!)

Here are some exciting features that make this product stand out:

Entirely Automatic Experience

You can get rid of the hassles of grinding the grounds. It’s a bean-to-cup machine, so you can make coffee with ultimate convenience.

The machine features a big burr grinder that grinds the beans till they get coarser for smooth and cream-rich drinks.

There is a big bean hopper, a milk container, and a water reservoir, and refilling them is a spill-free job.

If you make one cup of coffee every day then you’ll be able to refill the grounds once a week.

However, I recommend refilling the water after every two days due to health reasons.

TFT Display for Better Clarity

Jura E6 comes with an all-new display that’s crisp and easy to read. Furthermore, the display is big enough, and you can read it without any hassles.

The display shows you everything related to the type of coffee you have chosen. The best thing about the screen is the colors that it displays.

You can even read the display at night, and there is no eye strain at all.

Customizable Options for Better Coffee Making

Before Jura E6 automatic I was using a regular coffee machine without customizable options, and the coffee’s flavor sometimes went out of what I love.

However, after using Jura E6, things are pretty simple now. The machine lets you customize the coffee’s taste, and you can select the strength and other such factors as the quantity of milk to get the best flavor. (you even have stand-alone milk foam and hot water options!)

The machine even saves your preference, so you don’t have to spend time customizing it every time you want to have a cup of joe.

Fine Foam Technology

Another exclusive feature that you find in Jura E6 is Fine Foam Technology. You get the right amount of frothiness in the milk which reflects the taste of the coffee.

Moreover, you can even adjust the frothiness from light to fine foam depending on preference.

Also, the Fine Foam Technology makes Jura E6 something more than just an espresso machine. You can make a whole range of coffees like a flat white, latte, hot chocolate, cappuccino, and other types of coffee.

Just choose the right setting using the TFT display, and you can have a cup of amazing joe every day.

Adjustable Strength

Jura E6 comes with a coffee strength selector that lets you choose from eight different options. From bold to regular and mild you can choose the strength you love.

Furthermore, there are two options available for the brewing temperature to change the coffee’s temperature quickly.

Pulse Extraction Process P.E.P Brewing

Jura E6 automatic comes with P.E.P or Pulse Extraction Process Brewing system for better-tasting coffee. Jura E6 has an intelligent water system that sprays water in multiple intervals to ensure that it can churn out most of the flavor and aroma from the grounds.

Intelligent Water System

Another impressive feature of this coffee machine is the Intelligent Water Filter or I.W.S. the machine automatically detects the water reservoir and doesn’t turn on until you install the reservoir properly.

Moreover, Jura has used Pro Smart water filter technology that reduces the amounts of chlorine, limescale, and other heavy metals from the water.

Easy to Clean

When searching for the best automatic coffee maker, I was looking for something that doesn’t require a lot of cleaning.

Fortunately, Jura E6 stood on this criterion, as it requires less cleaning. Just remove the water tank, and descale it properly.

The only downside to this machine is the lack of auto-cleaning. There is no one-touch button that lets you clean the coffee maker, so you have to do it manually.

Furthermore, there is a removable drip tray that collects the water and milk. There is a bin for the leftover beans as well, which makes cleaning really easy.

When you remove the drip tray, Jura E6 senses it quickly and doesn’t turn on until you put the tray back in place.

JURA Smart Connect: A User-Friendly App

This is something that makes Jura E6 a worthy option. If you are too lazy to get out of the bed just like me, this feature isn’t less than a boon.

You can connect E6 with your smartphone using JURA Smart Connect to control it with ease. However, you need a JURA Smart Connect device as it doesn’t feature Bluetooth.

Make sure to purchase it separately if you want to use your coffee maker via your smartphone.

Prepares Two Cups at a Time

The machine prepares two cups at a time, so you can enjoy piping-hot delicious coffee with your beloved. There are two stainless steel spouts that pour your drinks simultaneously, so there’s no need to wait to prepare multiple cups with Jura E6 automatic.

How Well Does Jura E6 Perform?

Well, the feature that this product boasts is enough to set the expectations high. But does it really provide you with great-tasting coffee?

To help you out here’s what you can expect with Jura E6 when it comes to the flavor, texture, and creaminess of coffee.

In short, the coffee brewed by Jura E6 exactly tastes like what you get from a high street café! The coffee carries the flavor and aroma of freshly ground beans and frothed milk.

What makes your drink taste even better is the customization feature. You have the ultimate freedom to adjust the coffee’s flavor or choose the type of drink you want (did I mention espresso yet? 😅 ). It’s just like telling the barista to prepare the coffee you love, but at home, since there’s no need to visit a café anymore.

However, be aware that your coffee may not taste that good in the beginning. When the machine is new and you start experimenting with it may lead to some unexpected flavors.

Here’s a quick video of how to set up and use Jura E6 that’ll save you a lot of time, which I spent experimenting with the machine.

How Does Jura E6 Work and the Types of Coffee It Can Prepare

After completing the setup process following the instruction manual and refilling every compartment

with the required item, it’s time to understand how the coffee machine works.

When you start the coffee machine it starts grinding the grounds. You will listen to the cracking sound of grounds since the burr grinder installed in E6 is powerful and works efficiently.

You will see a popup prompt on the screen if there’s something you need to select to complete the coffee-making process. Right after grinding the beans, the automatic coffee machine sprays hot water on them, which is the brewing process. After brewing it mixes frothed milk with the coffee, and you see aromatic drink getting poured into the cups.

In the beginning, I recommend preparing one of the following types of coffee to get familiar with your machine:

  • Caffe Barista
  • Cappuccino
  • Macchiato     
  • Espresso coffee
  • 2 X Espresso coffee (This one is my favorite)
  • Coffee Lungo

You can even get hot water and a portion of milk foam from the machine. Just choose the right option and check it in the display before giving the Ok command.

In a nutshell, you can prepare different types of coffee on the go with Jura E6. You can even say that it is a combination of multiple coffee makers.

Other Essential Things to Know About Jura E6


Jura deserves applause for designing this product smartly. Jura E6 looks elegant

sitting on any countertop. It has a boxy design, and the dual-tone color makes it even better.

The machine boasts premium looks, and the seamless exteriors make it one of the best-looking coffee makers out there.

Build Quality

Jura E6 isn’t a regular cheap coffee maker! It’s a premium coffee machine, that needs a significant investment, so it is important to understand how the build quality is, and how durable is the machine.

I’m happy with the build quality and there are no delicate parts present that get damaged quickly. The primary material is high-quality plastic that feels solid and makes the machine a bit heavy.

Moreover, the TFT display is of great quality, and the buttons next to the screen are also very responsive.

Overall, Jura E6 deserves 9/10 when it comes to build quality. It’s really durable and can withstand the test of time provided you invest ample time in cleaning and maintaining it.

What Do You Get Inside the Box?

Jura E6 comes with all the accessories required to set it up and use. You get a CLEARYL smart water filter, stainless steel milk frothing jug, one espresso cup, and saucer, a pack of cleaning tablets, and one bag of Capresso medium coffee grounds.

The only thing that you didn’t receive inside the box is the JURA Smart Connect Adaptor, which is really not necessary if you aren’t looking to use it via smartphone.

Why You Should get Jura E6?

It’s way beyond a regular espresso machine. Jura E6 is an easy-to-use automatic coffee machine that lets you prepare multiple types of coffee at home. The biggest plus point of this coffee maker is the built-in burr grinder.

You get the great-tasting coffee every time you prepare it with E6. Furthermore, the machine has a user-friendly interface and simple controls.

If you are anyone who loves coffee but doesn’t want the hassles of grinding the beans manually, E6 should be your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Jura E6 make a latte?

Yes, Jura E6 is much more than just an espresso machine. It features Fine Foam technology so you can make a white latte with it. Just make sure to select the right coffee mode before pressing the start button.

Is Jura E6 worth it?

Jura E6 is a premium product and it justifies its price tag completely. If you want to enjoy a cup of good coffee at home, E6 makes an amazing choice.

However, if you are not looking to spend a lot of money on a coffee maker, consider going for:
Philips Carina 1200-Series Compact Super-Automatic Espresso Machine
or Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine.

How long does a Jura coffee maker last?

The lifespan of a Jura coffee maker depends on multiple factors such as maintenance, and care. However, a coffee machine like this can last for around 10 years.

Which is better Jura or Breville?

Both brands manufacture amazing coffee-making machines. If you want the coffee to taste really well no matter what, go for Jura.

On the other hand, if you have a tight budget Breville automatic coffee machine should be your choice.

What is Aroma G3 grinder?

Aroma G3 grinder is a built-in into Jura E6. It’s a high-quality grinder that allows you to pick between six levels of grinding fineness which gives you control over your coffee strength (the finer the grind is the more intense and stronger the flavor will be)

My Verdict

It’s definitely a YES! Jura machines are known for their outstanding quality not only in the industry but also among coffee lovers. The coffee that Jura E6 brews is always rich, and creamy, so you will be delighted to have this machine.

Yes, E6 is a bit more expensive than regular coffee makers, but remember it is a bean-to-cup coffee machine and not the one that uses pre-ground coffee capsules to prepare coffee.

Lastly, the coffee machine has impressive durability and is worth the investment. Remember that the average lifespan of a coffee maker is 5 to 10 years.

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