Can I Put Kefir In Coffee? (Yes, But Read This First!)

In this article, I’ll go over the pros and cons of putting kefir in coffee, and how to add it to cold brews and normal coffee if you are going ahead with this interesting combo. 

You will also find some nice kefir coffee recipes and a lot more information on this pretty bold beverage combo!

Can You Put Kefir In Coffee?

Yes, you can put kefir in coffee. However, you don’t want to put it into a regular steaming cuppa.

Kefir is dairy that has been fermented with kefir seeds and when you add it to something acidic and hot like coffee, it ends up on the bottom of the mug in a sad curdled gloop.

And that is NOT what you want unless you want your coffee to ruin your entire morning.

Plus, hot coffee is going to kill all the probiotics in kefir.

So how do you avoid this whole mess and make a kefir coffee that you can actually enjoy?

Add it to a cold brew! (More on this in a moment)

Just think of it as adding yogurt to coffee. It will look interesting, and if you’re in the mood for sour drinks, this will be JUST right for your cravings!

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How To Add Kefir To Coffee

Here’s how to properly prepare kefir with coffee:

Cold Brew

Adding kefir to cold brew can actually be the easiest way to make kefir coffee. 

The hot coffee factor doesn’t apply here, and the acidity levels decrease a lot when it’s a cold brew since the coffee is not sitting in boiling hot water. 

So the chances of your kefir curdling and falling onto the bottom is slim.

This way, the kefir will add zesty creamy richness to the cold coffee and create a nice iced kefir coffee for you to enjoy. 

Moreover, this way the probiotics of the kefir will be safe as well since the temperature factor does not exist here. So you will have all the nutrients intact as well! 

Just an idea: Mix 16 oz of kefir with 4 ounces of cold brew. 

Normal Coffee

Adding kefir to normal coffee can be a little bit problematic like I said.

Due to the temperature, and the acidity of coffee, the kefir will curdle INSTANTLY and will create a messy separated mess of a beverage. 

So in order to solve this issue you can use slightly warmed-up kefir. 

You need to keep in mind that you do not have to BOIL your kefir. This will definitely kill all the probiotics and ruin the kefir completely. 

Instead, what you can do is slightly warm it up and add it to the normal coffee. 

This way, your coffee will NOT curdle, and the probiotics will remain intact as well. 

Can You Drink Coffee After Kefir?

Yes, you can! And it is the most recommended way.

Instead of combining the two and drinking them together in one zesty beverage, you can just drink coffee after kefir. 

This way, all the issues of combining the two, and the temperature problems will no longer affect your coffee and kefir experience. 

Try to drink coffee after 30 minutes of taking kefir. That’s enough time for the probiotics in kefir to settle. 

So, just have the two separate, problems SOLVED!

3 Awesome Kefir Coffee Recipes

Now that we know it’s okay to add kefir to coffee, let me share some of my favorite recipes:

1. Vanilla Kefir Coffee Frappe

This recipe is easy to prepare and is delicious. 

You will need kefir, brewed coffee, ice cubes, whatever sweetener you prefer, and vanilla. 

Simply put all the ingredients into a blender and blend well till combined. Pour out to a glass, and you now have a nice vanilla kefir coffee frappe!

2. Kefir Latte

Another great beverage is the Kefir latte.

To make it, you will need coarsely ground coffee, water, milk kefir, and a sweetener to taste. 

Using the coffee and water, make some cold brew (leaving the coffee in water overnight) and blend the cold brew with the milk kefir in a blender with the sweetener. 

And there you go! A nice cold brew kefir latte to enjoy on a hot summer day. 

3. Coffee Kefir Ice Cream

For a nice and unique twist on this, you can also make coffee kefir ice cream

You will need milk kefir, full cream, half-and-half, or milk, strong coffee or espresso, and sugar. 

  • You must add the sugar to the hot coffee and stir till it dissolves. 
  • Afterwards, add the other remaining ingredients, and whisk in a bowl for a while. 
  • Then, let it chill for 1 to 2 hours, and transfer to an ice cream machine afterward. 

And voila! You now have coffee kefir flavored ice cream.

Bottom Line

Don’t overthink about it – just give it a try! Kefir in coffee is not unhealthy in any way and it might actually taste good to you. 

If you are not sure about just mixing it with cold brew, try one of the recipes instead. 


Can You Mix Probiotics With Coffee?

No, you cannot mix probiotics with coffee. Mixing probiotics will instantly kill all the probiotics due to the heat and acidity of coffee. So mixing the two is NOT a good idea.

Can You Put Kefir Milk In Tea?

Yes, you can – but only if you like lukewarm tea.

If you like your tea hot, adding kefir might not be the best idea, especially since the probiotics will instantly get killed once you add kefir to boiling hot water. 

And there’s also the risk of your kefir curdling in the cup. NOT a nice experience!

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