What is Moretta Fanese? (Try Espresso With Liquor)

Moretta fanese is a delicious hot coffee that comes from Fano, a town in Italy close to the sea.

People who live there love to have it as a digestive. It’s also perfect for sipping on chilly afternoons when you need something to warm you up!

This coffee is usually served in cute, see-through glasses that let you check out the three layers inside:

  • bubbly foam on top,
  • rich coffee in the middle,
  • and a delicious layer of liquor at the bottom (usually brandy or rum).

Moretta Fanese History

The tasty Moretta fanese might have been invented by sailors and fishermen in Fano, a port in Italy.

They used ingredients they had on hand to make a drink that would keep them warm and energized while they worked.

Long ago, people didn’t like to waste things (like we do now), so they’d use leftover ingredients to make liquor.

Eventually, these ingredients became the foundation for the yummy Moretta fanese we know today.

In 2004, a big Italian organization called AIBES even named Moretta fanese an official cocktail! It is also recognized by PAT which takes care of traditional Italian agricultural products

Here’s how to do Moretta fanese

Although the video is in Italian it gives you a visual of what to do.

If you need more details here’s a step-by-step guide to making the delicious Moretta fanese cocktail:

Step 1: Gather your ingredients: anise, rum, and brandy (or you can use cognac instead of brandy if you prefer). You’ll need about equal parts of each.

Step 2: Choose your flavorings: sugar and either lemon or orange zest.

Step 3: Heat the liquor: Using steam, gently heat the anise, rum, and brandy (or cognac) mixture along with the sugar and lemon or orange zest.

Step 4: Prepare your glass: If you can, pour the heated liquor mixture directly into the glass to help dissolve the sugar.

Step 5: Add coffee: Slowly pour in warm espresso or strong coffee, being careful not to mix it too much with the liquor.

Step 6: Enjoy your tasty cocktail!

If you are interested in espresso with a citrus twist but would like to try an alcohol-free version, I highly recommend trying Espresso Romano.

My Final Thoughts

Moretta franese served on a white plate with a spoon

In this article, I discover the delightful Moretta fanese, a hot coffee cocktail from Fano, Italy.

It’s perfect as a digestive or for warming up on cold afternoons. You had an opportunity to learn a bit about its history and follow our easy step-by-step guide to make this tasty beverage at home.

Credit: Featured image for this post come from “morettadifano” Instagram profile

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