Best Coffee Maker with Grinder [My Top 5 Picks for 2021]

In this review, I’m picking the best coffee maker with a grinder.

A very different from a traditional coffee maker. A machine that can grind and brew coffee at the same time. A machine that can take beans and turn them into your favorite beverage.

It will not only save you money, but also a counter space. An ideal solution for small and compact kitchens.

I was really curious which grind and brew coffee maker has the best value for money and after spending 19 hours doing my research I can recommend Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 as the most reliable option.

Do you want to check why and see what the other options are?

Let’s Go!

My Top 5 Picks For Best Coffee Maker with Grinder

  1. Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 (Grind & Brew)
  2. Gevi Drip Coffee Maker
  3. Breville Grind Control
  4. Sboly Coffee Machine Grind and Brew
  5. Cuisinart DGB-400

Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1

Built to deliver, this coffee maker from Cuisinart comes with all the standard features for a product in this price range, as well as a few bells and whistles to add to its value for money. It features a metallic design with hard plastic parts and measures 7.4×11.2×15.1 inches. It is quite compact for its size – after all, it comes with a glass carafe that can take not less than 12 cups.


The carafe features an ergonomic handle. It is easy to move around, even when it is full. The pouring spout is less likely to drip, while the knuckle guard will prevent unwanted accidents. You can use whole beans of various sizes and the machine will grind them into a fine powder. If someone else in your family likes ground coffee instead, simply turn off the grinding feature.

Single-cup option 

You can brew a whole carafe, but you also have the option for a single cup or up to four cups. The control panel gathers all the settings in one place. You have a small screen, as well as labeled buttons for each setting. Apart from the actual machine, the package also includes a gold-tone commercial filter and a carafe, as well as a charcoal water filter to ensure your coffee is not affected by impurities or chemicals.

Super easy to maintain

Maintenance is fairly simple – the grinding chamber and the filter area are built separately, so cleaning is piece of cake. The reservoir features a simple cover that can be flipped backfilling is piece of cake. You can also remove it to clean it up. A safety mechanism prevents the machine from running if this cover is open.

What are the pros?

  • Takes both beans and ground coffee
  • Easy to clean and look after
  • Can be programmed and keeps coffee warm
  • Simple, yet well-featured control panel
  • Comes with a complete package

What are the cons?

  • Might feel a bit noisier than other similar machines

Gevi Drip Coffee Maker

Value for money has never been an issue for Gevi and its drip coffee maker with grinder will not let you down. It comes with an impressive capacity of 1.5 liters – more than enough for 10 regular cups. You can set the number of cups based on two cup increments – 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10. Make sure you fit the right amount of water for the coffee you need. If the machine runs out of water, add some more and it will restart. 

User-friendly control panel

The control panel is simple and straightforward. It depends on your actual preferences. You won’t change your coffee maker into a super-automatic espresso machine, but you can control the coffee strength. Should you choose beans, they are gathered together and pushed through the conical burr grinder. The coffee will then fall straight into the filter – nothing else for you to do, but watch and wait. 

Adjustable brew strength settings

Adjustable brew strength settings are one of the bells and whistles associated with this machine. You have three different options in terms of strength, as well as eight different settings for the grinding control. You can get into very small details and opt for coarse coffee or super fine powder – depending on how you like the coffee and the type of beans you get. As for the strength, you can opt for mild, medium, or strong.

Pre-ground coffee option

Should you opt for pre-ground coffee instead of beans, simply turn the grinding feature off – a simple button. The control panel also allows setting the time, which is pretty convenient when you are in the kitchen in the morning, getting ready for work. All settings are easy to use and display your results on a small blue screen – easy to read and understand.

Fully programmable

It’s one of those coffee makers that can start automatically as well. If you are the type who wakes up late, make sure your coffee is ready by the time you reach the kitchen. Go to the timer mode and set it up to start at certain times. The machine will start brewing then, but make sure there are enough beans. Once the brewing is done, there will be a bell ring – not too loud. The plate warms and keeps the coffee warm for a couple of hours.

What are the pros?

  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Can use both pre-ground coffee and coffee beans
  • Can be programmed over 24 hours
  • Different settings for strength and fineness
  • Keeps coffee warm for up to two hours

What are the cons?

  • Cannot control the quantity of water for selected cup size, so you need to measure yourself how much water to put in for a certain amount of cups

Breville Grind Control

Breville has managed to build a solid reputation based on high-quality standards and sturdy domestic appliances. This conical burr grinder coffee makers are based on stainless steel and hard plastic.

It is solid and likely to last if well looked after. The machine is only available in one contemporary silver design and it weighs about a pound – compact and easy to move around.

Very own burr grinder

Featuring its own grinder, the coffee machine will capture all the aroma and flavor from coffee beans. It keeps all the essential oils, as well as the freshness. It relies on modern steep and releases technology to brew coffee.

Other than that, while it has its own carafe, you do not necessarily need to use it. You can also use a tall cup, a travel mug, or just your regular cup – the carafe is recommended for more cups though.

The steep and release technology  

The steep and release technology is not that common in other coffee makers with grinders. However, it makes the difference, as it allows brewing your favorite coffee in more types of cups. The package only comes with a carafe, but you can use your own cups and mugs too. Apart from the carafe, the package also includes a gold-tone filter and a cleaning brush. As for the carafe, it is big enough to take 12 different cups. It is solid and made of stainless steel.

Intuitive control panel

The control panel is quite intuitive and does not require any experience. Everything is displayed on a clear LCD screen, which will show you all the settings, cups, and so on – no guesswork involved. You can also set the unit to start automatically. Set the time you want the coffee machine to start over the next 24 hours and you will have it waiting for you before you even wake up.

Brew strength adjustment

Adjustments in terms of strength allow you to prepare your favorite coffee without any issues at all. You have eight different settings for strength. You can also use ground coffee and not necessarily beans. Practically, there are lots of options to ensure your coffee is delivered as you like it. The machine measures 9x14x17 inches.

What are the pros?

  • Allows using different cups for the coffee
  • Multiple grinding settings
  • Multiple settings in terms of strength
  • Solid and well put together
  • Easy and intuitive control panel

What are the cons?

  • Sleek control knobs could do with a bit of texture

Sboly Coffee Machine Grind and Brew 2 in 1

Sboly’s machine may not necessarily be the best coffee maker with a grinder for large families where everyone has three cups a day. Instead, it is suitable for single individuals or couples.

The unit is very cost-efficient and provides excellent value for money, as it has no fancy bells and whistles. It can prepare one or two cups of coffee in no time – rather than a dozen cups in a big carafe.

Super compact

Given the fact that it prepares fewer amounts of coffee, this machine is more compact and can go anywhere. It is suitable for tight kitchens, as it can fit it without too much hassle. It measures 15.6x11x7.3 inches. Despite not having a carafe, the internal capacity is quite large and can take up to 12 cups of water, meaning you do not have to refill it after each use.

Fully automatic and programmable

The coffee-making process is automatic. You can grind more types of beans in all sizes, so the type of coffee you like is irrelevant. Once the grinding process is over, the brewing process will start by itself. There are more settings packed in this small machine. For instance, you have two options for coffee. You can opt for coarse coffee or superfine ground coffee. Different types are suitable for different tastes.

Despite the basic profile of this machine, it can be programmed and can get your coffee ready before you even wake up. Set it up over the next 24 hours. It will start grinding when the time comes and wait for you to enjoy it. Programming the machine might be a bit confusing at first – a piece of cake once you get used to it. Simply check the manual of instructions. 

No LCD screen

Unlike other machines, this one does not have a large LCD screen to show you what you are doing. The control panel is based on a few buttons – no labels either. It may seem a bit confusing at first, but you will figure it out in no time. It is worth noting that you can also pause the brewing process in the middle. If you prepare a few cups and you want to stop in the middle and enjoy the first one, go for it.


Sboly’s coffee maker will take both beans and ground coffee. While freshly ground coffee will preserve the flavor and aroma, you can try out different varieties of coffee – a good choice if your partner likes the opposite type of coffee too. The unit has a removable drip tray, which has two height levels – based on what type of mug or cup you use. The unit can take containers up to 6.7 inches in height.

What are the pros?

  • Takes both ground coffee and beans
  • The removable tray is adjustable in height
  • Can take all kinds of cups and mugs
  • Can adjust the grinding fineness
  • Good value for money

What are the cons?

  • Control panel will take a day or two to get used to

Cuisinart DGB-400

Cuisinart is one of the leading names on the market when it comes to domestic appliances. This could be its coffee maker with a grinder if you want value for money. There is no need to worry about random bells and whistles that you will never use. This machine gets the job done with no worries at all – it does what it is supposed to do, simple as that.

Save time

The coffee will save you space and time. Throw the beans in it and wait for a hot beverage. It comes with its own carafe, which can take up to 12 regular cups. You can set it up in small increments if you only want a couple of cups, for example. The setting is clearly displayed in the control panel – all the settings in one place on the front of the machine.

Built-in grinder.

The unit comes with a built-in grinder. Throw whole beans inside and you will end up with fine ground coffee. The flavor is more intense, while the aroma feels fresher. You can also use the machine with freshly ground coffee. Throw the coffee in it and turn the grinder off.

Fully programmable

The control panel allows setting the time too, which is important if you want to program the coffee maker. While making some coffee will not require too much time, it is much more convenient to have warm coffee by the time you wake up. Thanks to the auto-start function you can forget about waiting for the coffee and forget about waiting for it to cool down a little. The unit can be programmed over 24 hours. Once the coffee is done, the plate under the carafe will keep it warm for a few hours.

Save energy

It is important to know that the machine has an automatic shutoff function – ideal if you tend to forget things on. It will shut by itself to save energy – up to four hours for this function. Moreover, cleaning is fairly simple. While some parts must be cleaned manually, the machine has an automatic self-cleaning mode for the internal parts – nothing to worry about there. 

Charcoal filter

As for bells and whistles, you can pause the brewing process if you are desperate for a cup of coffee. You also have a charcoal water filter to ensure no foreign flavors and aromas sneak into your coffee. The unit is compact and measures 8.1×9.9×15.5 inches and weighs about a pound. It can go anywhere on the counter. It is mostly based on hard plastic and it feels sturdy and well put together.

What are the pros?

  • Can be programmed to start automatically over 24 hours
  • Comes with an auto-start and shutdown function
  • Features a charcoal water filter
  • Can take both ground coffee and coffee beans
  • Self-cleaning operation for internal parts

What are the cons?

  • Most parts should be cleaned on a regular basis

Buyer’s Guide

Regardless of how many functions and features it comes with, a coffee machine is worthless if it needs something else to come up with a fresh and aromatic cup of coffee.

Those who come with built-in grinders will allow access to a quick cup of coffee without any hassle at all – easier, faster, and more flavorful.

Coffee makers with grinder are more convenient and come with all kinds of handy features. But then, what do you need to pay attention to, and what is the best grind and brew coffee maker for you?

What is your available budget?

A coffee system that can take coffee beans and turn them into an aromatic brew can get pricey. Sure, there are more ranges, features, and functionality standards out there.

You can find super cheap machines that will give you the basics, as well as sophisticated units. Ideally, you should hunt value for money, but within your budget – given the wide range of prices, your budget is the first and top consideration in the process.

Some machines can go for less than $100, while others may exceed $1,500. Of course, you do not need the most expensive unit out there, unless you run a café or a restaurant.

Given the impressive range, the good news is you can move around in terms of your budget. These machines are referred to as all in one and the price will reflect this. Since their features are so diversified, knowing your available budget can help you determine what kind of bells and whistles to look for.

How do you use the machine?

If you are after a coffee machine that will take beans, grind them and turn them into a good cup of coffee, stick to something basic.

Make sure you have a good brewing consistency and the grinder type is solid enough to last. A few timer functions are also handy, as you can program the machine for the next morning – quite standard these days.

Try to see your potential coffee machine as a cake. If you know what type of cake you want, you will know precisely what kind of icing could go on it. The same rule applies to coffee machines.

If you want hot coffee in the morning and the afternoon, you do not need any bells and whistles.

If you need filtering, strength or fineness adjustability, or automatic cleaning functions, you will need to do a bit more research before making a commitment.

Do you want a flexible grind and brew coffee maker?

Plain coffee can be enriched in multiple ways.

You can add some milk, creamer, or sugar. But at the same time, if your budget allows it, you can also play around with extra features that will make your life easier.

For example, you may have a few different settings for the grinding process, not to mention the possibility to create more types of coffee-based beverages. Making a decision is much easier once you know what the market has in store for you.

Here are a few general considerations, features, and aspects to think about:

  • How much coffee can your machine make in one single session?
  • How large is the machine and do you have enough room in your kitchen?
  • What type of water filter does it use? Is it permanent or replaceable?
  • Do you have any additional grinding settings?
  • Does it have an automatic shutdown feature for safety?
  • How long does it take to prepare a cup of coffee?
  • How many settings do you have in terms of coffee strength?
  • Does it have any programmable functions?
  • Is it loud when it grinds coffee?
  • Is the carafe made of glass? Is it thermal? Is it metallic?

Feeling overwhelmed? It is perfectly normal. There are quite a few things to consider before choosing the best coffee maker with a built-in grinder. Everyone feels the same. Knowing what to look for is definitely a plus. You should think about the must-have features, but also consider the features that might be nice to have. Put them in the right order based on your priorities and go as far as your budget allows you to stretch. Value for money is essential though.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a coffee maker last?

It depends on the quality standards, brand and price, of course. Some coffee makers will last for less than a couple of years, while others may exceed a decade.

Generally speaking, a coffee maker should last anywhere between 5 and 10 years. While some people may claim that their machines last for decades, appliances go through wear and tear – all in all, a good coffee maker will easily last for at least five years.

What is the most efficient type of coffee grinder?

There are more types of coffee grinders out there, based on more criteria. When it comes to functionality, there are two different types out there.

The conical burr grinder is dominating the market and is known to be more efficient than a blade grinder. If you opt for a more expensive item that tells you what type of burr grinder you have, there are even more options.

There are a few general considerations, such as consistency, manual versus electric options, or grinding settings.

My Verdict

As a short final conclusion, deciding on the best coffee maker with a grinder could be a challenge, but take your time. Explore your options, find out what to look for, and make sure you identify your necessities upfront.

For me, Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 seems like the best option and I believe it is the best value for money option.

If you are still not decided then that’s fine. Just choose a quality coffee maker with your needs in mind and you should be alright.

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