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What I like

  • Excellent value for money
  • Automatic shutdown feature
  • Compatible with numerous flavors and brands
  • Multiple k cup pod brew sizes
  • Easy to keep clean (Removable drip tray)

What I dont like

  • Single servings only
  • No indicators for scaling issues

This is my review of Keurig k15 Coffee Maker review

Keurig K15 is that one gadget every coffee addict needs. It comes as a single-serve coffee maker. It is compact and can save lots of space on your countertop.

It is inexpensive and provides excellent value for money.

And it’s compatible with all k-cups!

In terms of quality, Keurig does not compromise – expect the same standards you would expect from some of its higher-end products.

Now, getting into smaller details, what else should you know about this coffee machine and what kind of features does it come with?

A few words about Keurig

Keurig k15 coffee machine

Not sure about the perfect coffee maker for your home or office? While there are lots of reliable options out there with good reviews, you obviously want to know a bit more about the brand behind each product as well.

Established in 1998, Keurig is a beverage brewing system. The system was designed for both commercial and home uses. You can find large machines that can suit restaurants and bars, as well as smaller and more accessible machines for homes or recreational vehicles.

Machines are built by Keurig Dr. Pepper. While there are plenty of machines under this brand out there, most people would know it for the famous K cups or pods. They are single-serve containers for coffee, tea, and cocoa, but you can also find fruit-based drinks, cider, or lemonades.

Keurig k15 brings in more than 400 varieties through all of its brands, as well as over 60 different types of coffee and beverages. Apart from the world-renowned K cups, it also includes K Mug, K Carafe, and Vue pods. Its My K cups are reusable and great for the environment.

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What To Look For In A Single Serve Coffee Maker

There are a few items that you should pay attention to. Is Keurig K15 having them all? Let’s see…

Brewing capabilities

Keurig K15 single-serve coffee maker can brew anything you might need in no time. You can have tea, coffee, and hot cocoa, as well as iced beverages. Simply put, if your favorite beverage comes in a K cup as well, you can use it with this machine. It brews all k cup pods on the market in any cup size.

Unlike most expectations, the Keurig k15 comes with a few features more expensive machines from Keurig do not have. For example, the unit also accepts the famous My K cup pods. The cup is reusable, so you can add your favorite ground coffee – such as your own grounds – or tea. More expensive models do not accept it.

Brewing time

The K15 single-serve coffee maker does what it is advertised to do – no false advertising or expectations. It is made to brew your favorite beverage in two minutes or less and this is exactly what it does. If this is what you are after and you live alone or with your partner, this budget-friendly maker will not let you down.

Most Keurig machines out there – including the more expensive one – can provide the exact same timing. Some others do it faster, but this is because the K15 does not have its own water reservoir, so it will heat water on demand. Even if you have a higher-end machine, you may still have to wait.

In terms of customization, Keurig K15 pod coffee maker outweighs most of its competition, yet larger machines from the same brand can do a bit better. It does offer fewer options than other machines – for instance, you do not have the strong brew option, not to mention temperature control.

But then, when it comes to cup size, you can choose between multiple brew sizes (six, eight, or 10 ounces). Moreover, no matter what type of K cup pods you bring in, the K15 will take it and give you a tasty beverage. My K cups are also recommended, especially given their low environmental footprint.

Sizing standards

The compact profile of the Keurig k15 makes it ideal for small kitchens without too much countertop space. It is also great for those who live by themselves and do not require a massive coffee machine with lots of options, as well as couples or young families.

On the same note, you can have your coffee maker with you on the go. Given its space, you can take it on long holidays or even in your recreational vehicle or your office. It weighs about a pound and it requires an input power of 110V.

Do not get it wrong – you cannot hide it inside your pocket. But then, it only measures 10.7×6.9×10.8 inches. Even if you only rent one room in a shared house, you could still find a little space for it on a table somewhere.

Talking about sizes and compactness, it is worth noting that the portable design of the K15 is also underlined by its built-in cord storage. It is great when the machine is not in use or you travel and you need to take it with you.

Easy cleaning and maintenance (removable drip tray)

There is not too much cleaning or maintenance to do. Given its size and the lack of its own water reservoir, cleaning is minimal. Simply get a clean cloth and wipe it clean – go around the area where the coffee comes from, as leftover might be in there.

Other than that, just like any other coffee or espresso machine, Keurig K15 comes with a removable drip tray. It gets all the drips (not always water, but also coffee leftovers) coming out after you remove the cup.

Indicator lights and ease of use

Keurig K15 coffee maker is excellent if you have no experience with coffee makers. If you do, you will find it pretty intuitive – not so many buttons, after all. If you do not, you will notice a straightforward operation.

The K15 comes with some indicator lights that will take you through every step in the process of brewing your own coffee. To use it, you need to fill its small tank with a bit of fresh water. Remove the lid and put your favorite cup in – be it a K cup or a My K cup. Push the button and the machine will get the job done.

Health and safety standards

Whether it comes to health and safety – such as hot elements – or your worries about electrical consumption, Keurig has already thought about all these and has implemented a few health and safety standards to make your life easier.

Whether you turn the unit on and you forget about it or you grab your cup of coffee and start work straight away, the unit will not just wait for you there. If nothing happens within 90 seconds, the K15 will automatically turn itself off. You do not have to worry about it if you leave it on before leaving home.

Design and style choices

While Keurig K15 may seem perfect in terms of K cup compatibility and size, the truth is you also want a coffee maker that will match the overall décor and style of your kitchen. There is not much to worry about here either.

The K15 comes in a few different options. The black style is the most popular one, but you can also get different options. Chilli red is quite intense, as well as true blue – they could become that colorful focal point in the kitchen. You also have plum, greenery, jade, and platinum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Keurig K10 and K15?

From many points of view, there are not too many differences between Keurig K10 and K15. In fact, to lots of people, the products are almost identical. The K10 is seen as the predecessor of K15, meaning K15 might be a bit more advanced. Based on a simple comparison, it is.
None of them has a water reservoir that you can fill up on a Monday and use it for the whole week and both of them have the same cup sizes. The K15 comes with the extra automatic shutoff function too, which is definitely a plus. From this point of view, K15 is also more energy-efficient than K10.
While K10 may have some compatibility issues with K cups, K15 is flawless. In fact, K15 also accepts My K cups, which are reusable. K15 will get your beverage done in a couple of minutes or less, but K10 may require more than two minutes occasionally.
Both machines are easy to set up and carry the same sizing standards. Plus, while you can still find it for sales in certain shops out there or over the Internet, K10 has been officially discontinued. K15 is still under production and dominates its segment.

Does Keurig K15 have a water filter?

While some higher-end coffee makers from Keurig come with water filters, Keurig K15 is compact and small, so it does not come with one. It comes with a single cup water reservoir for ultimate portability, but it will not change the quality of the water you use, so be careful what you put inside it (On the other hand it always forces you to use fresh water).

The manufacturer recommends using filtered water with the brewer. You will have to fill it yourself for every cup you have. If you have a filter for your kitchen faucet, there is no need to have another filter for the actual coffee maker.

How do I fix my Keurig K15?

Keurig K15 does not come with an indicator regarding the scale building upon it. You should target the scale every three to six months. Too much scale will cause the machine to malfunction. You do not have to wait until such problems occur though. Use a descaling solution or a mix of vinegar and water.

Air bubbles in the machine may also affect your beverage. If such issues occur, fill the water reservoir, switch the machine off, unplug it and give it a few shakes – do it gently. The air will be released in no time.

Does your coffee taste insufficiently done? Does it not feel hot enough? This is not a problem with the machine, but with you. Make sure you give it enough warm-up time. Do not expect it to turn on and give you a cup of coffee the next minute – let it warm up for a few minutes first.

Finally, another common issue involves not getting the required amount of coffee. Coffee machines are made with thin and fragile lines that could get clogged. If you have this problem, run a few cycles with nothing but hot water.

Keep in mind that Keurig does not necessarily recommend any of these solutions. In fact, if your Keurig K15 is still under warranty, you might consider getting in touch with the manufacturer or store first – they could get it done for free.

What model Keurig do I have?

Not sure if you could do with the new K15 model? Unsure if you actually have it and you do not really need an upgrade? K10 and K15 can be confusing, yet there are a few solid differences between the two coffee makers.
If you are not sure what model you have, simply turn the unit around. Make sure there is no water in its tank and check the text on the base. It should mention the brand name, the type of system you own, and the actual model number.

Who Keurig K15 is for?

Keurig K15 will give you a quick beverage within a couple of minutes. It is compatible with all the K cups in the world, so your options are extremely diversified. Therefore, if you like to alternate between coffee, cocoa and tea every now and then, this machine is ideal for you.

On the other hand, even if you only like one type of beverage, the K15 model will still provide an excellent experience. Since it is small and compact (and it also has cord storage), it is suitable for those who travel a lot and cannot live without their coffee. You can take it to your office or on your long holidays.

Finally, the same compact appearance will make it suitable for small areas, such as tiny kitchens or rooms. It can only do one cup at a time. If you live by yourself or with your partner, it will not let you down. Even if you have a family and your kids are too young for coffee, this machine will still meet your needs.

Who Keurig K15 is not for?

The K15 is not suitable for those who want some more customization from their beverages. For example, unlike other Keurig models, it does not have a feature for a strong cup of coffee. You cannot control the water temperature and you only have three sizes to choose from.

Then, the unit does not have a big water tank. You cannot fill it up today and keep it going for the whole day or week. Instead, you will need to fill the little reservoir before each beverage, which may not really be a problem – unless you want to make coffee for everyone in the office.

If you think that this coffee maker may not be a good fit, you may want to check different coffee makers in similar pricing range

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Bottom line, Keurig K15 coffee maker is an excellent choice for those who want a simple cup of coffee every now and then – no complicated issues or hassle.

If you like the simplicity you will fall in love with it very quickly. Fill it up, throw the pod it and push a button.

It is small enough to go everywhere, from the bedroom to the office.

You will have to fill it up for each use though, but other than this slight inconvenience, it will get the job done.​

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