Best Strongest Coffee (7 Most Caffeinated Picks)

For some, “the stronger the coffee, the better it is”! If you also belong to the same category and love a caffeinated kick to keep you going, you need the best strongest coffee.  

Strong coffee was always there, but in 2013 it got the hype it deserved, thanks to Death Wish for introducing a powerful coffee. 

However, when it comes to buying strong coffee, there are several things to look for. From caffeine per ounce to the bean type, you need to look at certain things to ensure you are buying the right coffee.

In this post, I’ve listed the seven strongest coffee beans that’ll make you shiver with joy. Check out these options, and pick the one you feel is right for your needs.

#1: Black Label” Dark Roast Ground Coffee: World’s Strongest Coffee 

This is certainly the most caffeinated coffee I’ve come across. With around 1555 mg caffeine per 12 fl Oz, this joe is not for people with a weak heart. It’s a USDA-certified and non-GMO product and tested in the labs.

As per Black Label, drinking this coffee has several benefits, including better mental focus and a healthy heart. The artisan roasting process followed by the producer rewards the jow with a deep-rich flavor that’s a treat to the tongue.

It’s quite astonishing that the coffee doesn’t taste very bitter. The Devil Mountain Coffee has a decent flavor, but the caffeine will surely surprise you.

If you are tolerant of high caffeine levels and need a seriously strong coffee, Black Label” Dark Roast Ground Coffee is the best option to consider.

More Details: 

  • Origin: San Francisco
  • Caffeine: 1555 mg per 12 Fl Oz brewed
  • Bean: Ground
  • Weight: 16 Oz 

What are the Pros?

  • USDA certified and organic product 
  • It doesn’t taste that bitter
  • It has a smooth texture 
  • You can brew it using Drip, French Press, AeroPress, and Chemex

What are the Cons?

  • Not for starters 
  • Too many cups a day can cause sleeplessness

#2: Black Insomnia Whole Bean Coffee: Most Loved Strong Coffee

For all the night owls out there, this is the best strong coffee to stay awake during the dark. With over 1000mg of caffeine per serving, this coffee will surely kick the sleep away while making you feel more energetic. 

It has a bright aroma of hazelnut, caramel, and macadamia, with notes of dark chocolate. Usually, high-performance coffees don’t taste great, but this one from Black Insomnia has good taste. 

Roasted with the highest precision, the coffee beans result in a brew that’s free from burn and bitterness. Black Insomnia isn’t the most powerful blend on the earth, but it has a decent taste and has the right amounts of caffeine to keep you awake.

More Details: 

  • Origin: Colombia, Tanzania, Peru, and Sumatra.
  • Caffeine: 1000 mg per 12 Fl Oz brewed
  • Bean: Whole Bean 
  • Weight: 1 lb 

What are the Pros 

  • Fairly priced 
  • No bitter aftertaste
  • Grind it your way
  • The notes of dark chocolate make it taste good

What are the Cons 

  • The bag isn’t resealable 
  • Not USDA certified product 

#3: Biohazard Ground Coffee: Best Ground Coffee 

Tired of surviving the week and need something that makes you feel energetic? Biohazard Ground Coffee is what you need. With 928 mg of caffeine per serving, this coffee has the potential to reward you with lost strength. 

Made with Robusta beans, the coffee is of good quality and easy to brew. As per several consumers, the coffee has a mildly bitter taste, but the friendly flavor overshadows the bitterness. 

Furthermore, the notes of nuts, chocolate, popcorn, and tobacco enhance the overall flavor. This strong coffee from Biohazard has 2x the energy of most energy drinks available in the market.

There are no hassles of grinding, just add the Biohazard coffee grounds to the coffee maker and start brewing.

More Details: 

  • Origin: New York
  • Caffeine: 928 mg per 12 Fl Oz brewed
  • Bean: Ground
  • Weight: 16 Oz

What are the Pros 

  • Certified organic product
  • Supplies instant energy
  • It has a friendly flavor 
  • Single-origin beans 

What are the Cons 

  • Pricier than other options 
  • It has a bitter aftertaste 

#4: Café Viante Store SIN Performance Coffee

Packed with several health benefits, this strong coffee will help you lose weight and stay healthy. It supplies you with the required amounts of caffeine to fight off the post-workout muscle pain. Every 16 Fl oz brewed contains 928 mg of caffeine, which’s perfect for improving mental focus.

Available in the ground form, SIN Performance Coffee makes it easier for you to brew and sip. There are several other health benefits of this coffee as well, including reducing the risk of Type-2 Diabetes. 

Produced with a combination of Arabica and Robusta, the coffee has a promising chocolate taste. Furthermore, the strong aroma does half of the job and lets you feel the strength of this coffee. 

If you aren’t habitual of higher caffeine doses, you should start with Sin Performance Coffee. Just make sure to brew it properly, and enjoy the 100% natural coffee at home.

More Details: 

  • Origin: Single Origin
  • Caffeine: 928 mg per 16 Fl Oz brewed
  • Bean: Ground
  • Weight: 17.6 Oz

What are the Pros 

  • It contains antioxidants 
  • 100% natural coffee
  • It helps in reducing muscle pain 
  • No bitter aftertaste 

What are the Cons 

  • The packaging could be better 
  • The coffee has a slightly burnt flavor

Death Wish is the brand that brought strong coffee to the limelight. This isn’t the most caffeinated coffee out there, but it is still popular among folks that prefer strong coffee. Every 12 Fl oz cup of coffee brewed with these beans contains 728 mg of caffeine.

The brand claims that this joe can revolutionize your mornings, and that’s true because of the strong punch it delivers. Ground carefully with Robusta and Arabica beans, the coffee delivers you a dark roast with a bold taste you will love.

Every brew made with Death Wish ground has a smooth texture with a never-bitter taste. The notes of cherry and chocolate make the flavor even better and wholesome. 

The best part about this Death Wish coffee is that it comes with a USDA certification. If you are looking for an organic coffee that’s strong and palatable, go with DEATH WISH Dark Roast Coffee.

More Details: 

  • Origin: New York
  • Caffeine: 728 mg per 12 Fl Oz brewed
  • Bean: Ground
  • Weight: 16 Oz

What are the Pros 

  • Fair-Trade and USDA organic
  • The unique roast rewards it with a smooth taste 
  • Subtle notes of cherry and chocolate
  • No hassles of grinding

What are the Cons 

  • Not for people that love highly caffeinated drinks 
  • The nootropic effect isn’t that good

#6: Gunpowder Ground Coffee: Best Delicious Coffee

If you want the strong coffee to taste as good as regular coffee, go for Gunpowder Ground Coffee. With a perfect blend, the coffee tastes great, and there is no bitter aftertaste, making it a great choice for starters. 

Available in the form of grind, the coffee is easy to brew. You can brew it using French Press, AeroPress, and Chemex to have a cup full of strength and flavor. I loved the aroma, and you can feel caffeine in it.

Every 12 Fl oz cup brewed with Gunpowder coffee contains 664 mg caffeine. Furthermore, it comes in a resealable bag that keeps the freshness intact for longer.

Whether you are a starter or need something with a moderate caffeine level, Gunpowder Ground Coffee is a fantastic choice.

More Details: 

  • Origin: South America 
  • Caffeine: 664 mg per 12 Fl Oz brewed
  • Bean: Ground
  • Weight: 16 Oz

What are the Pros 

  • The joe tastes really good 
  • It has a smooth and flavorful blend 
  • A resealable bag keeps the coffee fresh 
  • It gives you a good caffeinated kick

What are the Cons 

  • It has a bitter aftertaste 
  • A little overpriced for its contents 

#7: Shock Coffee Ground: Budget Pick 

Get an extra kick with every sip of coffee when brewed with Shock Coffee Ground. This is another popular brand after DeathWish that has a decent prominence in the market for its strong joe. 

The medium-dark roast beans help you brew coffee with a smooth and bold flavor. While the producer hasn’t specified the exact caffeine amount, I believe it has more than 500 mg caffeine per 12 Fl oz serving.

Known to better focus and improve mental health, this is the coffee used by athletes. Made from the highest-quality beans, the coffee has a different taste and a rich flavor profile with a subtle aroma.

Available in the ground form, the coffee has the perfect coarseness to brew with a French Press or an AeroPress.

More Details: 

  • Origin: New York 
  • Caffeine: Not Known
  • Bean: Ground
  • Weight: 16 Oz

What are the Pros 

  • The bag keeps the ground fresh for longer 
  • The joe has an exotic aroma 
  • Perfect for starters as well as advanced-level caffeine lovers 
  • Roasted and ground properly

What are the Cons 

  • There is a sour aftertaste 
  • The brewed coffee looks muddy 

What to Look for When buying the Strongest Coffee 

Strongest Coffee

When looking for the best, strongest coffee, you cannot go wrong with the choice! Some people have a different definition of strong coffee, and that’s why I listed the following factors.

What Exactly Does Strong Coffee Mean?

Some people use the water-to-coffee ratio to figure out if it is strong or not. However, the strong coffee I’m talking about in this post is entirely different. The stronger the coffee, the more caffeine it contains.

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for the strongest coffee.

Amount of Caffeine 

The reason why I’ve mentioned the caffeine level per serving is to help you make an informed choice. As the caffeine content decides the strength of the coffee here, so you should check it before making a purchase.

The higher the caffeine content, the strongest will be the coffee, and vice versa. In this post, I’ve listed the highest caffeinated of the strongest coffee on the top. As the list of products goes on, the caffeine level also goes down.

Arabica vs. Robusta 

A lot of people get confused between Arabica and Robusta bean when buying coffee. Moreover, some folks think that Robusta is poor, whereas Arabica is a better bean. However, that’s not the case.

Arabica beans are highly popular because of the better and smooth flavor they produce. Yes, they are of higher quality when compared to Robusta beans. 

On the other hand, Robusta beans have twice the caffeine content as that of Arabica beans. And that’s why most of the strongest coffee producers use a blend of these two beans.

Whole Bean vs. Ground Coffee 

I see people prefer ground coffee more than the whole bean, just to save the grinding time. But grounds aren’t always the best. 

Whole Bean vs. Ground Coffee

If you have a coffee maker with a built-in burr grinder, or you have a mill grinder at home, always go for the whole bean. The bean, when ground right before brewing the coffee, rewards you with a fresh brew. 

On the other hand, pre-ground coffee is ideal if you have a drip or a pour-over coffee maker. Travelers should also consider ground coffee to brew anytime and anywhere. 


It would be great to have a budget in mind since some beans are pretty expensive. Check the weight of the bag and figure out how many cups you can brew with it to calculate the cost of a coffee per brew.

What are the Benefits of Strongest Coffee?

Are there any perks of these robust drinks? Or are they just good for kicking the laziness away? Well, there are a multitude of benefits of caffeine, and several studies have proved it. 

Here are the following benefits you can expect from a strong coffee.

Reduced Risk of Heart Diseases and Cancer 

Several research studies have proved the benefits of caffeine for reducing the risk of heart diseases. The daily intake of caffeine in limited amounts is helpful in keeping the heart’s functions working properly. 

Heart Diseases

Furthermore, a study conducted by the American Cancer Society showed that people that take 4 cups of caffeinated drink per day have 50% lesser chances of developing certain types of cancer. 

Helps in Burning Fat 

For all the people out there looking to lose fat, coffee can be a big help. Strong coffee contains caffeine which is helpful in activating “thermogenesis.” This process increases the heat inside the body and helps in losing weight quickly.

Decreases the Joint and Muscle Pain 

Not known to many, this one is a huge advantage of drinking a strong java with good amounts of caffeine. A study from the Journal of Pain proved that drinking two cups of caffeinated coffee can reduce muscle and joint pain.

Muscle Pain

Furthermore, some studies say that the consumption of strong coffee helps in lowering the chronic pain caused due to loss of sleep. 

Keeps Your Mind Healthy 

Drinking strong coffee keeps the mind stable and healthy. People that drink around four cups of coffee a day have 20% fewer chances of suffering from depression, says a study from Harvard. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is too much caffeine bad for your health?

A: Yes, there are several side effects if you overdose on caffeine. Always choose a coffee after checking its caffeine content. 

Q: Is Death Wish Coffee really the strongest coffee?

A: Death Wish Coffee is no more the strongest coffee available in the market. Black Label” Dark Roast Ground Coffee is now the strongest coffee.

Q: How long does Death Wish Coffee keep you up?

A: It depends on the caffeine content of the coffee. Experts say that even after five hours, you have half of the caffeine left inside your body. The Death Wish Coffee has 728 mg of caffeine per serving. So 364 mg remains in your body after five hours.

In a nutshell, the coffee can keep you up for around 7-8 hours.

Q: Is 200mg of caffeine a lot?

caffeine FAQ

A: Not at all! There are several brands out there that offer coffee with 1555 mg caffeine per 12 Fl Oz brew. However, 200mg caffeine lies under the safe line and is safe for most adults, including the elderly.

Q: Does stronger coffee have more caffeine?

A: Yes! Usually, people measure the strength of the coffee using a water-to-coffee ratio, but that is not the correct method. As you increase the strength of the coffee, the caffeine content will also increase with it.

Time to Test Your Limits! 

Now you are all set to test your limits with the best, strongest coffee! Choose a coffee depending on the brand, caffeine content, and bean type to have a wholesome experience with it. 

Furthermore, make sure you are tolerant enough to deal with the higher dose, else it can cause some adverse effects. 

If drunk with proper care, strong coffee has several health benefits. So, brew a cup full of strength, and get the lost energy back with every sip you take.

Keep Rocking!

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