Best Pour Over Coffee Maker [My 7 Picks for 2021]

This is my review for Best Pour Over Coffee Maker in 2021.

There are numerous reasons why many cafes out there still prefer using these ones over automated machines!

Preparing a coffee in a smart machine is easy, but there’s no scope of playing with intricate flavors that you get with pour-over coffee makers.

From bold to mild, you can quickly prepare palatable and piping-hot brew with just a little know-how. But when it comes to buying the best coffee maker, things can get pretty intimidating.

After checking multiple models I found CHEMEX to be the best pour-over coffee maker out there.

Here are a handful of more recommendations you need to go through to pick a perfect dripper.

My Top 7 Picks for Pour Over Coffee Makers

#1: Chemex Coffee Maker [Best Overall]

Chemex is the winner of my roundup for best pour over coffee makers

There are several convincing factors that were enough for me to buy this coffee maker, and the first one is its material. Made using high-quality Borosilicate glass, it doesn’t absorb the flavor and essence of the coffee.

Moreover, the material is non-porous, and cleaning it is a breeze. Before, I was using a plastic one, which always killed the flavor. And that’s why I started searching for a substitute for it.

Perfect for brewing eight cups at a time, this is the coffee maker you need for a party. Stop worrying about the leftovers, and there’s no need to flush them down the drain, as CHEMEX is refrigerator-friendly.

You can put your drink into the fridge; just ensure covering the top with plastic wrap. It doesn’t lose its flavor, but don’t leave it for too much time.

The conical design lets you insert the filter paper on the go without struggling with it. Overall, if you want the brew to taste like a fresh one, CHEMEX is a catch.

Just ensure that you are cleaning it with care, as the glass is a little brittle, and it can shatter if it hits the hard floor.

What are the pros?

  • The material doesn’t intervene with the coffee flavor
  • It has a timeless and elegant design
  • You can put it in a refrigerator
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reusable filter

What are the cons?

  • The CHEMEX Bonded Filters FP-1 it works with are not available in offline stores
  • It’s not portable

#2: Kalita Wave Flat Bottom Pour-Over Coffee Dripper [Best for Beginners]

Kalita Wave is one of those models that you can very often see in the best coffee shops.

This flat bottom pour-over coffee dripper is my recommendation for beginners. Mainly because it is more forgiving than the others.

This flat-bottomed clever dripper brews with longer steep times. Three holes in the bottom of this model allow the water to flow through the pour-over easier. You don’t need to care that much about grinding and scaling which makes the brewing process effortless.

Kalita wave comes in 3 variations: glass, ceramic and stainless steel. A stainless steel version is the most popular one but it’s known for its slow drip-rate.

Glass variation is very fragile, so it’s highly likely that you won’t enjoy it too long. I would go for the ceramic one for durability and a consistent drip-rate.

What are the pros?

  • Good introductory experience for people that are new to pour over method
  • 16- and 26-ounce brew option (Single-cup + 2, 4, 7 cup)
  • Great, full-bodied brew with little to no effort
  • Flat bottomed dripper

What are the cons?

  • Stainless steel and glass pour-over models have their faults
  • You need to buy filters

#3: Bodum [Best Budget Option]

Here’s another coffee dripper with a permanent filter that eliminates the hassles of inserting a disposable coffee filter paper. It’s a perfect model for those who are new to the pour-over method as it’s a good option when you are on a budget.

It’s a 34 ounces monster, which means you can prepare a batch of eight cups at a time. From the initial looks, you’ll find that it looks like a pot.

It has a big borosilicate glass body and a leather sleeve at the neck that doesn’t get hot, making pouring coffee easy.

The borosilicate glass has an excellent heat resistance and doesn’t expand easily, making this model a durable option.

This pour-over coffee dripper grabs the attention with its desirable looks and can be a showstopper inside your kitchen.

Preparing hand-poured coffee is easier when you have this one at hand. Furthermore, cleaning it is easy, as the glass body is dishwasher safe. Don’t forget to remove the leather cuff before putting it into a dishwasher.

However, the stainless-steel mesh filter needs manual cleaning using a soft-bristled brush. In a nutshell, if you are on a budget but need an amazing coffee maker, go with Bodum.

What are the pros?

  • It looks stylish
  • Durable stainless-steel mesh filter
  • No need to use paper filters (ease of use)
  • Available in two capacity options

What are the cons?

  • The filter isn’t that good with fine coffee granules

Read my full Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker review

#4: COSORI Pour-Over Coffee [Also Great]

If you don’t want the hassles of inserting a disposable filter paper every time you want to have coffee, check out COSORI – Second Best Option in my Ranking.

You get a stainless-steel filter that’s easy to install and filters effectively, just like a plastic filter. Also, the stainless steel is of high quality and doesn’t intervene with the flavor of your hot drink.

COSORI body is a borosilicate glass decanter that has high thermal stability. Furthermore, the material is BPA-free, and it’s entirely safe.

With a large capacity of 34-ounces, you can prepare around eight cups in one go. You even get a measuring scoop with this model, and that eliminates the need to purchase a food scale.

Preparing hand-pouring coffee is not a task anymore with COSORI. As per the customer reviews, this model is easy to clean in a dishwasher.

What are the pros?

  • It comes with a permanent filter.
  • The wooden sleeve gives you a good grip
  • Heat-resistant material.
  • Perfect for everyday use

What are the cons?

  • Cleaning the stainless-steel filter takes time

#5: OXO Brew [Best Travel- Friendly Option]

This coffee dripper can be your best friend if you want to make a pour-over coffee during a trip! It’s a portable option, so you can prepare a cup of joe wherever you need and within a few minutes.

As it’s a plastic one, so be rest assured about its durability. It won’t break down or crack while traveling. However, pack it securely inside the bag.

You get a water reservoir that eliminates the need to invest in a food scale. Using the pour-over coffee maker doesn’t require you to take master classes to prepare a great-tasting brew.

There are three holes under the plastic mug that drip the coffee inside the carafe. It’s worth noting that it doesn’t come with a carafe, so get a durable one to use with it.

Furthermore, OXO Brew is a superb option for two people, as it can prepare 12 ounces of brew in one go.

Lastly, cleaning this best pour-over coffee maker also doesn’t take a lot of time. Just add some water to it, shake it well, or use a sponge to clean it thoroughly.

What are the pros?

  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Allows you to make one cup at a time
  • It comes with a water tank

What are the cons?

#6: Hario V60 Ceramic Drip Coffee Maker

This model may earn your love really quickly. Hario V60 is the industry’s favorite house ceramic coffee dripper and there’s a reason for that.

Definitely, a good recommendation if you are serious about buying a high-quality ceramic pour-over coffee maker.

Hario v60 allows you to control almost all the factors of making a coffee. It’s a user-friendly but also a demanding brewing system. You can adjust water temperature, customize the brew time and water flow too. All you need to make a great coffee.

Hario v60 comes in several colors and materials (metal, plastic, glass, or ceramic) so it will easily fit your kitchen design. You can also buy it in different sizes that will fit your needs: “01” for a single cup and “02” for 1 to 4 cups.

What are the pros?

  • Large Variety of choices
  • Makes your brewing process flexible
  • Two sizes that will help you adjust the amount of coffee (single cup or 20-ounce brew capacity)

What are the cons?

  • Requires special paper filter
  • Requires bit more skills than the flat bottomed model

#7: Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper

I mention this clever dripper because it deserves it. Exactly like Kalita Wave, it offers you a simplified brewing system and is extremely easy to use.

Yeah, It’s a seamless way to make pour-over coffee. No need for fancy accessories or strict rules. Just pour the water over and enjoy your rich, full-bodied brew made effortlessly.

The best thing about Bee House Dripper is that you can use any standard cone coffee filter you want. It’s important because you can buy them very easily even in your local store.

It comes in two sizes: small and large. I recommend going for the latter one that will produce between 2 and 4 cups of coffee.

What are the pros?

  • You can use any filter you want
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Outstanding design and quality
  • You can make up to 4 cups of coffee at one go

What are the cons?

  • Not stable on big coffee mugs
  • You have to be patient (making 6 cups takes around 15-20 minutes)
  • Good for home or office use, too fragile for a trip

How to Make a Delicious Cup of Coffee with a Pour-over Coffee Maker

A delicious cup of coffee prepared with Chemex the best pour-over coffee maker

Some folks think that using a coffee dripper is a thing only professionals can do! Well, achieving that perfect flavor is a bit challenging, but after a few tries, you can also master the art of using the pour-over coffee makers.

Here’s how you should use a pour-over coffee dripper:

Step 1: Measure the Ingredients

How much coffee do you want to prepare? To prepare the best pour-over coffee you will need to use a kitchen food scale to measure the exact amount of ingredients required for preparing the coffee. For every 1 gram of coffee grounds, you should use 16 grams of water.

I recommend using a digital food scale since it makes the job easy, and you don’t have to juggle around with things.

Step 2: Grind the Beans to Grind their Flavor

Grinding the beans is essential to bring their flavor out. If you don’t have the time to ground coffee beans, consider using pre-ground ones.

Well, grinding the beans right before making the coffee gives you an exemplary flavor. But how to grind beans at home?

You can use Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder, as it’s an easy-to-use grinder with multiple settings to adjust the coarseness of the beans.

Step 3: Insert the Filter Paper in

paper filter with coffee inside

Insert the filter paper on the top. Make a cone-line structure with the paper so that it filters the coffee properly. After insertion, the paper should look like something you can see in the image.

Step 4: Pour Hot Water on the Paper

I sprinkled coffee grounds on the paper before adding water, and the coffee carried the taste of the filter paper.

Ensure to wet the paper with hot water properly. Discard the water connected inside, and then add some scoops of coffee grounds on the filter paper.

Step 5: Bloom the Beans

blooming coffee beans with gooseneck kettle and boiling water

Blooming coffee beans means pouring hot water on them. Make sure to add the exact amount of water required to wet the beans, no less or no more. Now, wait for around 45 seconds.

Step 6: Pour More Water

Now pour the boiling water (you can manipulate the water temperature for a better coffee brewing experience) on the filter making small circles. The paper will start absorbing the content, and you’ll see coffee dripping inside the carafe. Total brew time should be 3-4 minutes.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Enjoying the mug of amazing tasting coffee is the best reward you’ll get after following these steps! I love sipping coffee with cookies, but you can even have a cheesecake with it, as it tastes delicious.

Lastly, clean it thoroughly, and place it into the cabinet until next use. Here’s a quick video that demonstrates how to clean it properly.

How to Choose the Best Pour Over Coffee Maker?

It’s not a cakewalk, and that’s what I found after searching for hours on the web. There are umpteen options available to choose from, so making a choice is daunting.

Below I’ve listed some essential factors that’ll save you from big trouble. Read on, and find out what you should look for when choosing the best pour-over coffee maker.


From glass to plastic, and ceramic you’ll find different types of materials. The reason I prefer glass over plastic is the melting point.

Glass and ceramic have a higher melting point as compared to plastic. However, they are not very portable as plastic.

So, it’s up to you! If you are looking for one to use at home, go for glass or ceramic. If you want to take it on a trip, choosing plastic will be a better choice.


Every model has a different capacity. Some can prepare around eight cups of coffee, whereas some have a capacity of up to 4 cups only.

The choice is entirely up to you. I recommend going for a bigger one because you never know when your friends show up at your door to sip some delicious hand-poured coffee.

Filter Compatibility

Some models only work with the manufacturer’s recommended filters, and that can cost you an arm-and-a-leg if you quaff multiple cups a day.

I recommend going for Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker, as it features a built-in filter.

Skill level

If you are a novice at using the pour-over coffee makers, there’s no need to look at the high-end models. Choosing these models will enhance the chances of screwing the coffee, and I know you don’t want that to happen.

Look for suitable options for beginners, and then keep upgrading as long as you learn how to make a perfect cup of coffee.

In this article, I’ve recommended some good choices for beginners. So just check out the reviews to find out the best coffee maker for you.


Price is an important factor to check when buying your first pour-over brewer. They aren’t that expensive, but saving a few bucks is always a great idea! Make your budget before buying one.

You’ll find a wide range of choices in this post, so there’s something for every budget.

Accessories You Should Buy with a Pour Over Coffee Maker

Before you choose the one you like the most, it is essential to know what accessories you are getting in the box. The one I am using didn’t come with any accessories, so I purchased the following items along with it:

A gooseneck kettle

A kettle is a must-have accessory for brewing coffee. Look for some additional features such as temperature control and a bigger handle when buying a gooseneck kettle.

A food scale

The flavor of the coffee depends on the ratio of the beans and water. Use a scale to ensure that you add the right amount of ingredients, not more or less.

Filter paper (s)

There’s no need to explain why filter papers are essential for each manual drip coffee maker. If you ask me – go for a reusable one as they last longer and are relatively inexpensive than one-time-use paper filters in the long run.

Beans grinder or burr grinder

The coarseness of the beans has a significant impact on the flavor. To grind the beans, you need a burr grinder. There are a plethora of cheap burr grinders out there, so you won’t have a hard time finding one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is pour-over coffee good for health?

This is always a topic for hot debate, as some people say it isn’t healthy, whereas black hot drink lovers are still in favor of this delicious drink.

As per Science Daily, filtered coffee is the safest and healthiest option. However, too much of everything is bad for the health, so consume coffee in a limited amount only.

Does pour-over coffee brew have more caffeine than french press?

Drip coffee or pour-over coffee brewing method will always produce a brew that has less amount of caffeine than a french press.

Why does my pour-over coffee taste bitter?

There can be many reasons why the cup of coffee you prepared tastes bitter! Well, not grinding the beans properly is the foremost reason.

Whenever you grind the beans, ensure that they are coarser. Also, decrease the number of coffee grounds if you are not a fan of bold coffee.

Can you use pre-ground beans for making pour-over coffee?

Yes, you can! Even I sometimes use pre-ground beans to prepare pour-over coffee while traveling!

However, the flavor may not be as good as you get with freshly ground beans.

Can I use a regular filter with a coffee dripper?

It depends! There are quite a lot of options out there that support the manufacturer’s recommended paper filters only.

So, you cannot use the regular filters with them.

Make sure to check it before buying a drip one.
Usually, yes most of them work well with regular coffee paper filters.  

What is the best grind for pour over coffee?

The best grind for a cone-shaped pour-over coffee maker is a medium-fine grind. For all the others it’s best to use a medium-coarse grind for the best full-bodied taste.

Why is my pour over coffee weak?

If your pour-over coffee tastes weak there are two things you can do. First one is adjusting the coffee-water ratio. The second one is to grind your coffee finer. Just make small adjustments and check if your coffee flavour improves.

Over to You! (My Verdict)

These are the best pour-over coffee makers people love using! Just go through the reviews, select the one you feel is perfect for your requirements and you are ready to make pour-over coffee like a pro.

I’ve chosen the Chemex model that doesn’t absorb the flavor and essence of the coffee and creates the best pour-over experience in my opinion.

But if you are still in doubt about buying a pour-over coffee maker or you are in doubt which one will produce great tasting coffee, give every section a thorough read, and become a master at making a delicious cup of joe.

PS Remember – Too much coffee is not good for you, drink only one cup at a time 🙂

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