31 Original Gifts For Coffee Lovers (2021 Edition)

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In this article, I am trying to show my ideas for the best gifts for coffee lovers.

You came here because you are not sure about the ideal gift for a friend, a partner, or perhaps your parents? The best idea? Come up with a list of what they truly love or need, find a few things that can match each entry on your list, and make a choice later on.

In theory, it sounds easy. However, people tend to overthink it and this is when problems arise. How about thinking about the small things in life? If you have a cafephile (a chronic coffee lover) to look after, something related to this beverage will most likely make their day.

A freshly brewed cup of quality coffee will target one’s senses and provide access to a bit of joy on a daily basis. There is also a bit of passion involved in it, from getting the right beans to perfecting the optimal thickness. 

Whether you want to go for a rare type of coffee, a unique cup, a gift set, or a mug, there are lots of options out there when hunting for the best gifts for coffee lovers. This article will give you some brilliant ideas to surprise a loved one.

Take a look at my picks for Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Measuring 1.3×5.2×8.6 inches and weighing just under 10 ounces, this mug warmer will keep coffee warm throughout the whole day. Unless the receiver is the type who has a coffee within a few minutes, chances are it will get cold and lose some of its aromas.

Whether it comes to coffee, hot cocoa, or tea, this mug warmer needs 17 watts to run. It is compact and easy to take anywhere. Plus, it has a relatively long power cord for extra mobility. It can be hidden in a backpack or purse and taken to the office or on holidays too.

In terms of cleaning and maintenance, its surface must be wiped clean every now and then. It has a simple on and off button and no fancy bells and whistles. An indicator light tells the user whether the gadget is working or not.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

This is not the first such mug released by Ember, but the most advanced one – it features a few improvements from the previous models and it can make anyone happy. It is made of stainless steel, so it is durable and qualitative – given the material, it weighs 2.6 pounds and can take 14 ounces in capacity.

The battery life has been dramatically improved, meaning the temperature control mug can keep the beverage hot for up to 80 minutes if fully charged. Since it comes with a charging cable, it can work throughout the whole day. All in all, the temperature is adjustable – anywhere between 120 and 145 degrees F.

The unit can be controlled through your smartphone – a few extra settings and even notifications. It will shut off automatically if it is empty and it will start as soon as it senses some liquid. In terms of cleaning and maintenance, it has a scratch-resistant coating and it is safe to hand wash – IPX7 rating.

OXO Brew French Press

This is one of the best presses on the market for beginners because it is intuitive, easy to use and durable. It makes an excellent gift and features the GroundsLifter design, which clears the mess and hassle.

The press comes with a fine mesh filter. Its main role is to keep all the ground coffee contained – no more leaking inside the cup. It comes with fancy borosilicate glass, while the exterior is based on stainless steel.

You have a plunger knob for easy operation, as well as a nonslip grip. Easy to clean, the manufacturer recommends hand washing it. It is compact and barely weighs a couple of pounds.

OXO Good Grips Coffee Maker

There are plenty of coffee makers out there and your coffee snob probably knows what the best brands are – they may already have one, indeed. But then, there is something special about this coffee maker in particular.

It brews cold coffee. It is ideal for those who like their coffee cold, especially on hot summer days. Sure, it can also brew hot coffee, but it has gained notoriety for how well it can handle cold coffee – no grounds, but the same intense flavor and aroma.

The machine comes with a simple brew release to control the filtration procedure, stainless steel components, borosilicate glass with markings, and easy maintenance.

Contigo West Loop Travel Mug

There are lots of travel mugs on the market and the receiver may already have one, but there is something special about Contigo’s mug – it screams quality, simple as that. It can take 16 ounces and it comes in many vibrant colors.

Most travel mugs are replaced when the seals give up – not this one though. The lid is sealed and features AutoSeal technology. It can keep your drink hot for up to seven hours and cold for up to 18 hours. It runs on the ThermaLock vacuum insulation.

It allows one-handed drinking with a simple button. Maintenance is also fairly simple – the body must be hand-washed, but the lid is dishwasher safe. In terms of sizing, it will fit most cup holders out there – definitely one of the best gifts for coffee lovers.

Snoozies Slippers

These slippers are designed for women and come in a few different colors. They come with colorful patterns and a comfy design due to the soft Sherpa fleece on the inside. They are soft, warm and adorable.

The design is related to coffee – bonus there. Plus, most women like their feet comfortable in a cozy and warm set of slippers. They are machine washable, which makes them even better – throw them in and they will never shrink.

In terms of health and safety, the slippers feature nonskid soles, so they are great for hard floors – no risks at all.

Stojo On The Go Coffee Cup

This is not the average coffee cup you can get from any store, but a collapsible one. Once collapsed, it barely measures 4×2 inches. When opened up, you can get up to eight, 12, or 16 ounces, depending on the size you purchase. It works with both hot and cold beverages.

This cup is great on the go, but also suitable for environmental advocates who hate the idea of using disposable cups. Furthermore, it can be cleaned in a dishwasher – it is also microwave safe since it is made of silicone.

The food-grade silicone does not include any glue, lead, BPAs, or phthalates, so the cup is perfectly safe. Moreover, it is worth noting that apart from a few different sizes, there are more than 20 different colors to choose from.

Fjfz Coffee Books And Rain Décor Pillow Case

Fjfz is known for the appealing messages displayed on its pillowcases and cushion covers. One of them relates to coffee and it comes in neutral colors to match any environment. Obviously, you need to be familiar with the receiver’s home – maybe they need a case for the outdoor pillow or perhaps something for the sofa.

The pillowcase is based on breathable materials, so it keeps the user cool. It is durable and safe to use. Keep in mind that inserts are not included. The case can take pillows up to 18×18 inches – slightly larger or smaller sizes are also accepted.

The pattern is available on one side only. It will fully encase the pillow and comes with zipper closure. To keep maintenance easy, the pillowcase can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Wacaco Minipresso GR

Wakaco’s mini espresso machine is ideal for those who travel a lot – as well as office workaholics who need to keep their eyes open all the time. You basically get a travel mug that will also work as a coffee machine – it sounds like a dream come true for many. It is also suitable for campers and hiking enthusiasts.

The machine is manually operated and does not require any batteries or electricity. It is versatile and compact and works with any type of coffee – a bit of flexibility in trying new aromas. Simply add the ground coffee to the basket (a scoop is included), apply a bit of pressure and bring in the boiling water. Pressurize and enjoy. 

Wacaco’s masterpiece is based on hard plastic and will last for ages, making it one of the best gifts for coffee lovers. It comes in a stylish black design and it is easy to clean – no fancy requirements whatsoever.

Timemore Chestnut C2 Manual Coffee Grinder

Nothing beats freshly ground coffee and if you cannot get your ground coffee from commerce, doing it yourself is a plus. Beans are cheaper to get anyway and you can grind as much as you need at home, before doing your own beverage – every coffee lover out there will appreciate the extra aroma.

Featuring stainless steel and CNC machining, this unit is solid and well put together. It has a double central axis to ensure uniform grinding. It is not too heavy and can be carried wherever you need it – plus, it looks pretty luxurious.

A bit of customization is also handy, especially as you can work on the roughness – super fine coffee or slightly rough. There are 36 different steps. The blade will leave nothing behind, while the fine powder generation is well minimized. Compared to old machines, this one does not require too much pressure.

CRWoodCraft Traditional Wooden Chorreador

Today’s society is used to modern machines that will get the perfect beverage done in less than a couple of minutes. An avid coffee lover will love to know how people used to do it ages ago and this is when this wooden masterpiece kicks in.

The product is simple and attractive – likely to last for ages too. You boil some water, put some ground coffee into the reusable filter, put it on the wooden stand, get a cup under the filter and pour the hot water through the filter – do it slowly though.

This old-school coffee maker is handmade and environmentally friendly. Pieces are biodegradable and the filter can be reused. Costa Rica is well known across the world for its coffee, but this beautiful piece will also teach the receiver how coffee used to be made – not to mention its high portability, making it excellent for camping trips and picnics.

Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle

Everyone is focused on the actual coffee and grinders, but sometimes, people overlook the basics – such as the water. The water temperature needs perfect precision to ensure that an excellent aroma coming out at certain levels only.

This is when the right kettle kicks in. Based on premium stainless steel and features a gooseneck spout for easy pouring – quite important when making a coffee, this kettle has a triple layer base to prevent rust and work on any stovetop.

It has a built-in temperature gauge to help the receiver avoid guesswork. Coffee gets burnt when the water is too hot. When too cold, you will never actually experience its real aroma. This kettle makes it perfect.

Genuine Fred Cool Beans Coffee Ice Tray

At a first glance, this is just an ice tray coming in a nice brown color and looking like a set of large coffee beans put together – nothing special, right? As you dig a bit deeper, you realize every coffee lover will love it – yet, you might have to get something else in the gift.

Regular ice will simply dilute the iced coffee and clear some of its flavor and aroma. This tray will take actual coffee – let it cool down to room temperature first. In other words, it adds extra flavor as those cubes melt. But then, you probably tell yourself you could do the exact same thing with a regular ice tray.

The tray can make eight coffee bean-shaped cubes. This is what makes the difference. Instead of bringing plain ice, the receiver will bring in attractive, large, and frozen coffee beans. Imagine those in a glass of ice coffee. It is all about style. Other than that, the tray is made of silicone and very durable. It is also dishwasher safe.

Riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder

Nothing is more annoying than having to hold your cup in one hand and drag heavy luggage with the other hand while in an airport or a train station. It goes even worse when your phone rings or you need to show your tickets – stop, put the coffee down and do whatever you have to do. Things can get even more annoying for someone who travels with kids.

If your friend travels a lot – whether on holiday or for business purposes, this is one of the best gifts for coffee lovers. It allows people to free their hands and hold up to two different cups on the same holder. It actually has three tickets – one for the phone or passports, yet holding valuables there asks for a little attention against thieving.

The unit is simple to use and install – the magic tape can be adjusted against the luggage handle. It is made of solid oxford cloth. It is foldable, wear-resistant and machine washable.

Coffee Scoop And Bag Clip

This is an affordable and practical solution that every coffee fanatic will like. You probably imagine anyone can use a regular spoon to throw some coffee grounds into a machine, but a specialized scoop will make the whole job even better.

The package comes with two different scoops. Both of them are based on stainless steel, so they are shiny and good-looking. They are rust and corrosion-resistant, meaning they will last for a lifetime. Furthermore, they can be cleaned in a dishwasher too – yet a simple rinse will do.

Now, the best part about such a scoop is that it serves two purposes. Apart from providing the right dose of coffee for a perfect beverage, the scoop also works like a bag clip. The receiver will be able to stick it to the bag and ensure no air gets inside – just perfect.

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale And Timer

Available in a few elegant colors – including black or white, this gift is ideal for a coffee guru who wants consistency. Sure, you can eyeball quantities and scoop things into your grinder until you get the right taste, but every professional barista will agree on consistency.

With such small quantities, a regular scale will most likely provide inaccurate results. Hario’s V60 unit goes into smaller details. It measures in 0.1-gram increments for a top-notch precision and it is large enough to prevent issues – 7.4×4.7×1.1 inches. It runs with a couple of AAA batteries.

The scale also has a drip timer to ensure full control of the coffee brewing process. There is not much to worry about in terms of battery consumption either, as the unit turns on by itself within five minutes – unless the timer is on, of course.

Chemex Cream & Sugar Set 

If your friend already has a Chemex coffee maker, this is a must-have item. The accessory follows the classic shape of the coffee maker – a perfect hourglass, while the lid is made from the same type of wood used for the trim on the maker. The set looks amazing together and more importantly, it provides convenience.

The hourglass shape is split into two different parts. You can use one of the containers for sugar, while the other one can take the creamer. Use the bottom container for the creamer, as the base has a flared rim for pouring. It is well-balanced and works like a charm.

The elegant design is based on thick glass. Given its good-looking appearance, it makes a great choice for anyone who loves coffee and not just those who already own a Chemex coffee maker. In fact, they might want to buy one once they receive this gift.

Espro Flat Espresso Coffee Tamper

This is one of the best gifts for coffee lovers – or better said coffee fanatics. However, it requires a bit of attention upfront. You must ensure your friend actually has an espresso machine and the size matches. Therefore, a little research is mandatory-you could ask about the model they own and look for sizing standards online.

Tamping grinds before a shot is mandatory because it guarantees a good preinfusion, but it also prevents water channeling. According to most experts, the pressure should go up to 30 pounds – not more, not less. This tamper is calibrated and will go to 30 pounds – the handle will click once the pressure is reached for maximum precision.

Factory calibration is included, so you do not have to do it yourself – no further adjustments are needed either. Bottom line, this gift is ideal for someone with an espresso machine or a barista who understands its actual importance.

Coffee Gator Container Canister

Everyone knows it – fresh beans guarantee flavorful coffee. But once that bag is opened, the aroma starts fading little by little. An airtight jar might provide a decent experience, but nothing beats a specialized canister in terms of storing coffee for the freshest possible aroma.

The container is free from all kinds of aroma destroyers. For instance, coffee releases CO2 that must be vented away – the canister comes with valves that remove the CO2 without leaving any oxygen in. It is also BPA-free.

A few extras add to the overall convenience, as the package also comes with a four-ounce stainless steel cased travel jar – ideal for those who travel a lot. Plus, the receiver will love the stainless steel measuring cup too. What else can a coffee lover ask for?

PowerLix Milk Frother 

Some people love a strong black coffee – no milk or sugar. Some others like a bit more flavorful – a bit of milk, perhaps some foam too. They love the foamy texture of a well-done cappuccino. It may sound difficult to get those at home without a proper espresso machine with a milk frother – not anymore.

This is one of the most appropriate gifts for coffee lovers who love their cappuccinos and lattes. It comes in more colors and can turn milk into foam within seconds only. It is battery-operated – no more cord-related issues. Heat the milk, put the frother inside, and turn it on.

The unit is based on stainless steel and comes with an impressive motor for its size – 19,000RPM. The whisk will not rust or corrode over time, so it can last for ages. It is not as noisy as one might believe and it is easy to run with no experience at all.

Bialetti Mini Express Color

The truth is you do not necessarily need a special cup to enjoy a cup of great coffee. But Italian manufacturer Bialetti has come up with a fancy and good-looking set to ensure a more enjoyable experience for authentic coffee fans. On the market since 1920, the brand has become a leading name in terms of espresso and other similar beverages, so every coffee snob should know about it.

All in all, this coffee maker is great for two – partners, friends, and so on. It comes with an innovative design. The coffee is done and served directly in the cups coming with it. There is nothing to worry about if your receiver is too busy to have the coffee right away – cups are kept warm by the aluminum support plate.

Other than that, the coffee maker looks stylish and features a cup-shaped handle and a saucer appearance. It measures 24x24x11 inches and it is only available in red. Make sure the receiver does not have a better coffee maker at home and you will come up with the perfect gift.

Arte Italica Tuscan Cappuccino Cup

Shopping for someone with incredible style and taste? You better make sure you do not disappoint with kitsch then. You need the best thing, as well as quality. This is when Arte Italica kicks in – specialized in high-end tableware, the brand is a leading name on the Italian market.

Its cappuccino set will not disappoint the receiver. The set comes with a cup, a saucer, and a spoon. Expect an unusual appearance for the cup – comfortable and with an oversized handle. The set is based on ceramic and pewter, while the old fashion spoon will compliment it better than anything else.

The patina will make it look sophisticated, but it also adds a vintage appearance to the set. Whether your friend is into contemporary stuff or vintage items, this set will either become the focal point in the kitchen or it will match the décor like a glove – a bit of extravagance has never killed anyone.

IMEEA Demitasse Espresso Spoons

Sure, you can stir coffee or a bit of milk in your espresso with anything. Any spoon will work – when it is an emergency, you might as well use a straw, your finger, or a pen. But when you shop for someone with a sophisticated taste who puts the coffee on a pedestal, these espresso spoons will most likely make the difference.

You have a bunch of top-notch SUS304 stainless steel spoons, each of them with a beautiful brushed finish. The design is super simplistic, this is what makes it so elegant. Lines are clean and the finish will reduce spotting and fingerprints.

The spoons are great for espresso and other types of coffee, as well as desserts. Each of them has 5.9 inches in length. Furthermore, there are four units in the package, so there is great value for money as well.

The World Atlas Of Coffee

Coffee aficionados like to be knowledgeable. Even if your friend loves coffee but does not care about its history, this book will still make an excellent gift. It takes the reader on a worldwide tour of coffee countries, providing the differences in texture, taste, and manufacturing procedures. 

From Thailand and China to Uganda and Haiti, author James Hoffmann will help the reader understand how coffee is grown and what kind of role it has in specific cultures. The consumption and meaning are also covered.

The coverage is excellent – the book is a guide for baristas from all over the world. While details are specific, the atlas is not difficult to read, but a pleasure. There are lots of illustrations to enhance the receiver too.

Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe Kit

If your friend is also into outdoor adventures like hiking and camping, this kit is a must. It is one of the best gifts for coffee lovers and you simply cannot go wrong with it. No more fires and boiling kettles in the middle of nowhere – the kit allows preparing a cup of coffee within minutes only. 

This unit is small and lightweight – easy to cover around. It is based on silver and copper and it does not require any gas canister, kettles, or electricity. The receiver will only require some ground coffee and water. The unit comes with its own butane-powered jet torch to fire the beverage.

A great adventure requires great coffee – no doubt about it. This set can and will deliver. It comes with specific instructions on how to put everything together and use the mechanism – plus, a carrying case and a thermometer are also included in the package.

Balci Coffee Scoop Set

This set brings in quality standards that will last forever. Based on stainless steel, the set features two different scoops. They will never corrode or rust and while any spoon works for coffee, the perfect measurement ensures the perfect beverage.

The mirror finish adds to the beautiful experience. In terms of sizing, you have the ultimate precision – one tablespoon or two tablespoons. Accuracy has always been a primary purpose for Balci, so you know your coffee will be perfect.

The stunning engraved measurement is very simple to read. As for storage, the small scoop can nest inside the other one. Both of them are dishwasher safe too, so there is not much to do for care and maintenance.

Chef Craft Perfect Coffee Measuring Spoon Scoop

Different coffee lovers measure coffee in different ways. Some of them rely on specific scoops, while others use random spoons. Does it really make a difference? Not really, but style is great for one’s sophistication, while accuracy is excellent for the perfect beverage. 

This set brings a little of everything. There are four scoops in this set and each of them is made of solid black plastic. Each scoop measures 0.5 ounces. One cup is suitable for one coffee, yet small adjustments are obviously accepted.

Scoops are solid and durable. They can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but they are also small and compact to fit inside a bag or coffee kit without snapping. Despite looking basic, value for money will not disappoint.

Porlex Jp-30 Coffee Grinder

There are lots of coffee bean grinders on the market, but this one stands in the crowd as one of the best gifts for coffee lovers. It is manual and old-fashioned – it brings in some great memories from childhood, not to mention providing users with a more hands-on approach. This is basically what every coffee snob wants. 

There is a lot of customization involved. Ceramic conical burrs have a wide range and can tackle anything. The unit is based on stainless steel and will never corrode or rust – if well looked after, it will last for a lifetime. It has a static-free body, so just get to work.

The grinder is made in Osaka, Japan, and comes with a single-ounce capacity. It measures seven inches in height and 1.8 inches in diameter.

AceElite Coffee Mug Set

A mug set is ideal for a couple who loves coffee. There are two mugs in this set and each of them can take 15 ounces – ideal for more than just coffee. The set is available in a few different designs, with black being the most popular choice.

The bottom is based on cork, meaning you can also write a lovely message with a marker or a pen if you truly want a bit of customization. The rest is based on ceramic. The cork at the bottom allows the mugs to go on any surface without scratching it.

Each cup comes with its own lid – a rubber gasket at the edges to keep drinks hot for up to an hour. The receiver can also enjoy their favorite beverage through a sliding hole at the top. While easy to keep clean, they should not be placed inside a dishwasher.

Bean Box World Coffee Tour 

This world coffee tour will take any coffee aficionado through an incredible experience. There are 16 different bags of coffee – unique types that might be difficult to find in commerce. The world’s best coffee is now available in a single set. 

The bean option is more common if the receiver has a grinder. Otherwise, opt for the ground coffee – same flavors and types though. The coffee is fresh and ready to provide a brand new experience.

Not only is this an excellent gift, but it is also a bit educational. Each bag comes with tasting notes, as well as some information about the roaster.

FinalStraw Collapsible Reusable Metal Straw

This is the original reusable straw that has caused stir all over the world a few years ago. It has been featured in various magazines and TV shows and while not really handy for hot beverages, it is an excellent choice for ice coffee, frappes and other similar drinks,

The straw is fairly simple to use – no experience or screwing required. A simple snap will give you a fully usable straw – airtight, with no leaking issues whatsoever. Since it is reusable, it is also easy to clean because it has a telescoping brush to reach the inside. It is worth noting that it is dishwasher safe too, yet the interior might still need the tiny brush.

While this may not be the first reusable straw on the market, it is the leading collapsible option out there, meaning it is not bulky or rigid to carry. You can also fold it up in a case and attach it to your keychain. It is meant to last for a lifetime, so it brings in great value for money – one of the best gifts for coffee lovers.

Starbucks Variety Syrup 

No one can say no to a well-done Starbucks beverage. Believe it or not, many of those unique flavors are achieved with specific syrups specifically developed for the brand. This is your opportunity to bring Starbucks to a loved one’s home.

There are four bottles in this set – two for vanilla, one for caramel, and one for hazelnut. There are more varieties to this set though. Each bottle brings in just over 12 ounces of syrup.

Other than that, a single tablespoon is more than enough for a 12-ounce beverage, so your coffee friend should have enough for ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gift for coffee lovers?

gift next to a coffee on a tray

If you ask me about the best gift for a coffee lover in your life I will say that you should only buy things that are simple, useful and reliable. I would go for a french press coffee maker or a burr coffee grinder

What should I get for a coffee snob?

coffee snob gift

Impressing a coffee-loving snob is not easy, especially when you are not an expert, but it is possible. Just stick to the fact that all snobs like to explore. In this case, a coffee subscription where they can explore different kinds of coffees looks like a good choice.

Alternatively, you can buy something fancy that they will be able to brag about to their friends, something like Traditional Wooden Chorreador sounds like a snobby enough idea to me

What do we call a coffee lover?

Well… It’s not about how many coffees a day the person drinks or what’s her favorite one. A coffee lover wants to explore, try different coffee-related things. A person who constantly wants to learn new things. So… for example, if a vision of learning more about single-origin coffee makes you happy then you definitely are a coffee lover 🙂

Is coffee a good Christmas gift?

Yes, it is. Trust me, coffee or coffee-related accessories are a perfect gift for every occasion. There are even special Christmas blends that are available to buy only during the Christmas period. When you buy one just make sure that you buy something really exclusive and high quality and you will be good.


Bottom line, these are some of the best gifts for coffee lovers you can try out. The list includes unique gift ideas that can vary from a simple atlas to teach someone about coffee to more sophisticated coffee makers – something for everyone, regardless of how picky your friend is.

Deciding on the best gift obviously implies knowing the receiver very well, as well as their preferences, tastes, and current gear. None of these options will break the bank either, as they provide excellent value for money.

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